Annina II

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Building and cruising "Annina II"

50' Hartley Tahitian Ferrocement Motorsailer

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Laminated beams. PNG Rosewood

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Inside joinery

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Building frame removed ready for launching

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Launching day

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She floats!

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Mast stepping day

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With the help of "Entalina and crew!

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Article in Shell newspaper


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Sailing with friends off Kar Kar Island

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On the way back to Madang

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Yankee and inner Foresail

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Approaching the Hermit Atoll

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Northern Lagoon, Hermit Atoll

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Coconut Crab.  mmm!

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Anchorage between the islands, Hermit Atoll

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Following wind on the way to Heina Atoll

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Mu Mu on the beach at Heina Atoll

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Sailing through the Vitiaz Strait, Easter 1985.  Miriam & John in the corner.

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At Anchor in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia  1985

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Sailing in the Whitsundays.  Bliss!

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At anchor in Bantry Bay, Sydney Harbour

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Salon looking forward from the companionway.

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Saloon table. One piece of solid Rosewood.

29f.jpg (86617 bytes)

Galley. Washing machine under green liftout panel.

29g.jpg (27895 bytes)

Aft cabin

29h.jpg (97243 bytes)

Aft cabin with Elisabeth's desk

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Last sail, Mooloolabah to Southport, December 1985

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Last photos on her new berth

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Last glimpse as we say good-bye to a wonderful life!

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