Denia and the surrounding country


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Old Moorish castle at Denia

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Looking towards the mountainous hinterland.

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Piazzo St Antonio

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St. Antonio

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Looking North towards the yacht harbour.

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Mt Montgo from the harbour promenade.

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Yacht harbour

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The castle of Denia in the background to the right.

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Cape San Antonio

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Old windmills above Javea

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View from R & K's dining room.

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Driving in the hinterland from Denia

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Terraced hillsides. A legacy from the Moors a long time ago!

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The Castle of Guadalest, built into the limestone mountain.

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Looking South to the coast

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Lake of Guadalest, water reservoir.

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Looking back on Guadalest from the West

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Out in the back blocks on small roads.

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A very old olive tree!

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Eroded limestone.

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Looking down to the coast near Denia

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