Photos Engadin, 2012

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We celebrated the 16th June by attending a very special concert in the Hotel Waldhaus in Sils Maria in the Engadin.

We decided to travel by motorhome and add a few days walking and cycling.

Here are a few photos to give you a small idea of the spectacular area. I hope you enjoy them.

Waldhaus summer.JPG (130766 Byte)

Photo from website.

WAldhaus 2.JPG (115344 Byte)

Looking down over the hotel to the lake of Sils

Waldhaus concert.JPG (84692 Byte)


001_2229.JPG (40207 Byte)

Parked beside the lake of Sils

002_2231.JPG (42110 Byte)

with spectacular scenery.

003_DSC_2234.JPG (183514 Byte)


004_DSC_2239.JPG (176628 Byte)

We were able to park beside the base station of the cable car for the night of the concert.

005_2012-06-17_11.17.32.jpg (46927 Byte)

Looking across the meadow to the Lake of Silvaplana

006_2243.JPG (73182 Byte)

We camped near the Lake of Sils at "Camping Maloya", in the nature a fair distance from the  main road.

We still heard the motor bikes across the lake so will make sure we are not there on the weekend next time.

007_2245.JPG (77100 Byte)

Camp place, Camping Maloya.

008_DSC_2258.JPG (180041 Byte)


2012-06-17 14.38.52.jpg (133121 Byte)


2012-06-17 14.39.03.jpg (129976 Byte)


2012-06-17 14.43.18.jpg (128802 Byte)

We first did a tour by bike towards Sils Maria.

The normal route was out due to road repairs and the top road became a bit steep and rough for normal bikes,

but the views were terrific.

2012-06-17 14.54.29.jpg (97120 Byte)


2012-06-17 14.52.12.jpg (115611 Byte)

Looking towards Sils Maria

DSC_2280.JPG (220001 Byte)

The next day we walked along the lake shore for some distance and thoroughly enjoyed the scenery.

DSC_2287.JPG (138219 Byte)


DSC_2291.JPG (138743 Byte)


DSC_2293.JPG (196178 Byte)


DSC_2301.JPG (227667 Byte)


DSC_2305.JPG (263588 Byte)


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