Photos German trip 2011


The following is a series of photos taken on our tour through northern Germany in August 2011.

DSC_5567.JPG (123503 Byte)

Campingplatz am Naturbad, Schnaittenbach

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Beautiful camp ground and natural swimming pool East of Nurnburg.

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Basilika of St John the Evangelist and Maria Ascention built 1689-1704

DSC_5600.JPG (161865 Byte)

Entrance to the library

DSC_5601.JPG (218303 Byte)

The library. Most of the fantastic book collection were sold or scrapped!

DSC_5602.JPG (204593 Byte)O

Interesting wood carving.


DSC_5619.JPG (218171 Byte)

Dresden old city.

DSC_5647.JPG (180281 Byte)

The Semper Opera in Dresden

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DSC_5663.JPG (188879 Byte)

Church of our lady. Restoration just completed following WW2 damage.

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DSC_5691.JPG (184132 Byte)

Semper opera

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Park place Dresden, just across the river from the old city.

DSC_5747.JPG (217973 Byte)

View from our park place.

DSC_5756.JPG (141038 Byte)

View from the Bastei, Sachsische Schweiz, SE from Dresden

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DSC_5837.JPG (189008 Byte)

Reconstruction of a stone thrower. Bastei

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DSC_5884.JPG (180423 Byte)

The following photos were taken on Usedom Island.

DSC_5914.JPG (205440 Byte)

Historical wharf and restaurant, Uhlbeck, Usedom Island.

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DSC_5918.JPG (200582 Byte)


DSC_5921.JPG (184822 Byte)

Elisabeth Geser?

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DSC_6070.JPG (145002 Byte)

Waiting for a very nice dinner.

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DSC_6086.JPG (157696 Byte)


DSC_6089.JPG (143143 Byte)

The following photos were taken on and around the Müritz Lake.

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DSC_6187.JPG (247106 Byte)


DSC_6210.JPG (196997 Byte)

Hotel Schloss Klink

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DSC_6244.JPG (173740 Byte)


DSC_6258.JPG (202799 Byte)

A rather boisterous day.

DSC_6315.JPG (147816 Byte)


DSC_6325.JPG (162399 Byte)


The following photos were taken in Rostock

DSC_6379.JPG (226848 Byte)

where we happened to see the boats ready for the tall ships regatta the following day.

DSC_6400.JPG (183166 Byte)


DSC_6430.JPG (185109 Byte)


DSC_6447.JPG (201879 Byte)

Leeboarder having just crossed the bar at Warner Munde.

DSC_6487.JPG (186300 Byte)


DSC_6490.JPG (152025 Byte)


DSC_6526.JPG (206807 Byte)

This is a particularly interesting reconstruction of an old Hanse Kogge.

These were the boats used by the Hanse merchants to transport their merchandise. In this way they were

able to avoid road transport taxes and tolls and so sold their goods at very competitive but profitable prices.

DSC_6529.JPG (215670 Byte)


DSC_6535.JPG (209717 Byte)


DSC_6542.JPG (212283 Byte)

Ther helmsman could not see where he was going and relied on instructions from the bridge above him.

DSC_6544.JPG (203817 Byte)


DSC_6548.JPG (147717 Byte)


DSC_6551.JPG (113713 Byte)


DSC_6559.JPG (149953 Byte)


DSC_6577.JPG (189550 Byte)


DSC_6801.JPG (199966 Byte)

Town hall and church in Stralsund

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DSC_6833.JPG (258165 Byte)

Wharf and restaurant in Sellin on the island of Rugen

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DSC_6869.JPG (253605 Byte)


DSC_6889.JPG (177431 Byte)

One of the old grand hotels on Rugen.

DSC_6908.JPG (147792 Byte)

Dismal weather again!

DSC_6925.JPG (183826 Byte)

Park place at Jasmund National Park

DSC_7001.JPG (178698 Byte)

Here there was a very informative audio visual presentation.

DSC_7037.JPG (186337 Byte)

The chalk cliffs of Rugen

DSC_7039.JPG (179693 Byte)

Note the white chalk sediment in the water following the heavy rain.

DSC_7041.JPG (190649 Byte)


DSC_7060.JPG (199466 Byte)


DSC_7064.JPG (141589 Byte)


DSC_7068.JPG (191622 Byte)

A green lake in the National Park.

DSC_7078.JPG (223233 Byte)

Evening snack on the beach at "Camping Ostseeblick", Dranske, NW coast of Rugen Island

DSC_7085.JPG (180360 Byte)

with Hiddensee Island in the background.

DSC_7091.JPG (132593 Byte)

Looking due north.

DSC_7100.JPG (204094 Byte)

Our park place one row back from the beach,

DSC_7117.JPG (139935 Byte)

and the full moon rising to the south east.

DSC_7148.JPG (181629 Byte)

Cycling along the north coast to Cape Arcona.

DSC_7149.JPG (140155 Byte)


DSC_7158.JPG (150773 Byte)


DSC_7173.JPG (174111 Byte)


DSC_7179.JPG (117919 Byte)

Cape Arcona lighthouse.

DSC_7204.JPG (192152 Byte)


DSC_7211.JPG (121744 Byte)

Chalk cliffs at Cape Arcona.

DSC_7214.JPG (177353 Byte)


The following series of photos was taken in Berlin.

DSC_7261.JPG (166894 Byte)


DSC_7264.JPG (187032 Byte)


DSC_7265.JPG (157450 Byte)


DSC_7271.JPG (160021 Byte)


DSC_7272.JPG (210387 Byte)

The line where the Berlin Wall was situated.

DSC_7273.JPG (124888 Byte)


DSC_7274.JPG (135078 Byte)

One segment of the wall.

DSC_7277.JPG (201749 Byte)


DSC_7282.JPG (160592 Byte)


DSC_7287.JPG (208982 Byte)


DSC_7307.JPG (218078 Byte)

The Brandenburger Door

DSC_7319.JPG (151982 Byte)


DSC_7357.JPG (141836 Byte)


DSC_7401.JPG (199962 Byte)


DSC_7413.JPG (264832 Byte)


DSC_7421.JPG (184555 Byte)


DSC_7426.JPG (125785 Byte)


DSC_7446.JPG (139560 Byte)


DSC_7458.JPG (225006 Byte)


DSC_7459.JPG (121602 Byte)


DSC_7474.JPG (231239 Byte)

The Jewish Museum

DSC_7475.JPG (179731 Byte)

designed by Daniel Liebeskind

DSC_7476.JPG (191741 Byte)


DSC_7479.JPG (141589 Byte)


DSC_7489.JPG (196908 Byte)


DSC_7483.JPG (130946 Byte)


DSC_7528.JPG (184638 Byte)

Downtown Berlin at night

DSC_7538.JPG (184799 Byte)


DSC_7540.JPG (120026 Byte)


DSC_7541.JPG (194236 Byte)


DSC_7722.JPG (187314 Byte)

Boat tour on the canals.

DSC_7564.JPG (183175 Byte)

New Berlin railway station.

DSC_7565.JPG (177256 Byte)

Modern architechture

DSC_7621.JPG (182494 Byte)

and old.

DSC_7627.JPG (209743 Byte)

Canal lock

DSC_7636.JPG (182031 Byte)


DSC_7668.JPG (175518 Byte)


DSC_7673.JPG (210676 Byte)

The pilot house of our boat.

DSC_7710.JPG (201691 Byte)

The holocaust memorial Berlin

DSC_7713.JPG (150176 Byte)


DSC_7742.JPG (133431 Byte)


The following photos were taken in Rothenburg on the Tauber

DSC_7750.JPG (200717 Byte)

Our parkplace.

DSC_7757.JPG (130881 Byte)

One entrance to the town

DSC_7758.JPG (154234 Byte)


DSC_7762.JPG (148961 Byte)


DSC_7783.JPG (215459 Byte)

The town hall

DSC_7799.JPG (197820 Byte)


DSC_7814.JPG (215683 Byte)


DSC_7818.JPG (173550 Byte)


DSC_7850.JPG (162561 Byte)


DSC_7851.JPG (165804 Byte)


DSC_7870.JPG (147773 Byte)

The night watchman

DSC_7876.JPG (197932 Byte)

and his company. A very informative tour.

DSC_7888.JPG (166134 Byte)

The town hall at night

DSC_7894.JPG (130521 Byte)

St. Jakob's Church

DSC_7912.JPG (194709 Byte)


DSC_7915.JPG (159371 Byte)

The camper parking area.

DSC_7931.JPG (138095 Byte)

Part of the town wall.

DSC_7942.JPG (153476 Byte)


DSC_7948.JPG (208474 Byte)


DSC_7966.JPG (120826 Byte)

The steps to the tower of the town hall

DSC_7968.JPG (206937 Byte)

and the view from the top.

1DSC_7970.JPG (179572 Byte)


DSC_7971.JPG (183712 Byte)


DSC_7985.JPG (257927 Byte)


DSC_7991.JPG (194946 Byte)


DSC_8043.JPG (154160 Byte)

The holy blood altar carved by T. Riemenschneider

DSC_8057.JPG (158868 Byte)


DSC_8063.JPG (221229 Byte)

The Altar of the Holy Blood is located upstairs in the west gallery of St. Jakob's Church in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is the masterpiece of the famous Würzburg sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider. This altar was commissioned by the Rothenburg Council in the Middle Ages and it was carved by Riemenschneider between 1499 and 1505. At the top of the altar, there is a rock crystal capsule which holds the Reliquary of the Holy Blood set in the reliquary cross which dates back to 1270

DSC_8063b.JPG (202410 Byte)

A close-up of the Altar of the Holy Blood, shown in the photo below, shows the scene of the Last Supper where Jesus Christ is giving Judas a morsel of bread, which marks him as the traitor. The Apostle John is leaning on Jesus.

DSC_8087.JPG (171189 Byte)


DSC_8092.JPG (211022 Byte)


DSC_8095.JPG (157434 Byte)

The entrance to a very impressive museum. This included a very comprehensive weapons collection as well as details of the original building.

DSC_8098.JPG (214566 Byte)

Sketch of Rothenburg.

DSC_8110.JPG (183958 Byte)


DSC_8170.JPG (226416 Byte)

Part of the weapon collection.

DSC_8187.JPG (177653 Byte)

An extremely interesting globe. Note the date and also the detail on New Holland

DSC_8188.JPG (162796 Byte)


DSC_8189.JPG (194009 Byte)

- detected 1644?

DSC_8193.JPG (189381 Byte)


DSC_8211.JPG (195809 Byte)


DSC_8213.JPG (186464 Byte)


DSC_8235.JPG (141492 Byte)

Interesting spiral staircase.

DSC_8239.JPG (200955 Byte)