Norfolk Island


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DSC_8260.JPG (126467 Byte)

Aproaching Norfolk Island fron the East

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These cliffs are not very welcoming for boats, so it would have been difficult for the convicts to escape.

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Passing to the North of Phillip Island with erosion exposing the red earth or rock.

DSC_8281.JPG (131036 Byte)

Phillip Island is just off the south coast of Norfolk Island

DSC_8317.JPG (114552 Byte)

Panorama of the southern shore of Norfolk Island

DSC_8318.JPG (145925 Byte)

Site of the first settlement.

DSC_8319.JPG (139015 Byte)

Slaughter Bay to the left and Emily Bay to the right.

DSC_8325.JPG (160155 Byte)

Our tenders shuttling the passengers ashore.

DSC_8335.JPG (149450 Byte)

Tourist busses lined up on the wharf.

DSC_8338.JPG (166199 Byte)

The Regatta anchored offshore.

DSC_8343.JPG (139730 Byte)

Looking east towards Emily Bay

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The foreshore here is aproximately where the Sirius came to grief on the reef. More on that later.

DSC_8347.JPG (213208 Byte)

An old whale boat.

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Inside one of the original buildings.

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DSC_8352.JPG (135609 Byte)

The new gaol.

DSC_8356.JPG (204634 Byte)

Corner of the old government house.

DSC_8357.JPG (197822 Byte)

Site of the original government house.

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DSC_8365.JPG (125389 Byte)

Royal engineer's office.

DSC_8377.JPG (124846 Byte)

"Burnt Pine",  the new settlement. This reminded us of a Queensland country town about 60 years ago.

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Craft shop.

DSC_8392.JPG (153611 Byte)

Trent Christian selling CD's. He must be one of Fletcher Christian's decendents. There are lots of Christians in the cemetry.

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DSC_8397.JPG (161118 Byte)

Poster of Emily Bay, with the tide a bit higher than we had it.

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DSC_8405.JPG (148460 Byte)

Elisabeth at the Edge of the World

DSC_8406.JPG (124423 Byte)

Movie Theatre

DSC_8433.JPG (179166 Byte)

Tropical plants.

DSC_8439.JPG (212158 Byte)

A bit of everything.

DSC_8444.JPG (190749 Byte)

Almost Pigin English!

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Back at the beach and the tide is even lower.

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Slaughter Bay with Emily Bay behind.

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DSC_8464 cropped.JPG (212861 Byte)


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The new gaol again.

DSC_8482.JPG (141611 Byte)

The entrance.

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DSC_8485.JPG (191099 Byte)


DSC_8488.JPG (168553 Byte)


DSC_8490.JPG (170474 Byte)

Inside the new gaol. The cells have been removed and used for building materials.

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Looking across Slaughter Bay to the Regatta

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DSC_8506.JPG (247361 Byte)

Remnants of the lime kiln.

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DSC_8511.JPG (154937 Byte)


DSC_8513.JPG (166596 Byte)

Remnants of the salt house.

DSC_8515.JPG (245099 Byte)


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DSC_8524.JPG (164668 Byte)

Emily Bay.

DSC_8530.JPG (95869 Byte)

At low tide the beach is quite wide.

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Looking back towards the first settlement.

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The golf course.

DSC_8565.JPG (154904 Byte)

The club house is an old government building.

DSC_8573.JPG (159765 Byte)

This was government house but is now privately owned.

DSC_8576.JPG (202854 Byte)

A very large Norfolk Island Pine

DSC_8579.JPG (228497 Byte)


DSC_8583.JPG (161024 Byte)

Government house again.

DSC_8592.JPG (261092 Byte)

Looking up Quality Row

DSC_8594.JPG (125909 Byte)

The golf course again.

DSC_8595.JPG (187193 Byte)

No. 3 Quality Row.

DSC_8596.JPG (212369 Byte)


DSC_8598.JPG (161632 Byte)

The cemetry. Lots of Christians buried here, decendents of Fletcher Christian of the mutiny of the Bounty.

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DSC_8606.JPG (118107 Byte)

Beach behind the cemetry.

DSC_8607.JPG (159408 Byte)

Looking south from the same spot.

DSC_8611.JPG (162000 Byte)

Looking back across the cemetry.

DSC_8614.JPG (216346 Byte)

Looks like Cassidys were in the military too.

DSC_8617.JPG (139870 Byte)

Quality Row again.

DSC_8622.JPG (210749 Byte)

The shuttle boats back to the Regatta

DSC_8624.JPG (143794 Byte)

Emily Bay again

DSC_8635.JPG (129125 Byte)

Elisabeth and Ursula walking the deck.

DSC_8636.JPG (101262 Byte)


DSC_8640.JPG (196680 Byte)

Farewell Norfolk Island.

DSC_8641.JPG (106926 Byte)

Departing Norfolk.

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DSC_8678.JPG (212858 Byte)

Presentation from the Hula dance class.

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