Photos Alsace & Basel 2012

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The old town of Ribeauville

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Passage through the butcher's tower

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An old street with the castle of St Ulric in the background

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We saw the castle for the first time, (last year it was too foggy)

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and Elisabeth decided to make the climb. I went alng too. View over Ribeauville

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The castle guard!

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Looking across to Giersberg from St. Ulric

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Looking over Ribeauville and surrounding area

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The steps up to the lookout tower

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View over the castle from the lookout tower

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Walk through the Autumn forests to Giersberg

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Looking back to St Ulric

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Looking across from Giersberg to Saint Ulric

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Basel Land, Switzerland

DSC_7272.JPG (176868 Byte)

Ruins of Burg Pfeffingen, Basel Land, Switzerland

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Location:        47 27' 12 N, 7 35' 30.92 E

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Wine from the area

Stich der Burg Pfeffingen von 1754.JPG (108630 Byte)

As it used to be. There is a lot to be read about it on Wikipedia.

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