Boat trip on the Rhein-Rhone Canal, Spring 2012

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DSC_0598.JPG (212208 Byte)

Harbour in Basel

DSC_0603.JPG (168292 Byte)

Ready for the great adventure

DSC_0608.JPG (207451 Byte)

Departing Basel

DSC_0619.JPG (189670 Byte)

Kembs, the first and only lock we used on the Rhein.

DSC_0627.JPG (171966 Byte)


DSC_0629.JPG (145993 Byte)

Floating bollards are a great help

DSC_0630.JPG (176328 Byte)

Lock emptying

DSC_0634.JPG (180745 Byte)

Free to exit

DSC_0635.JPG (185279 Byte)

Might is right here

DSC_0639.JPG (192964 Byte)


DSC_0647.JPG (196749 Byte)

Entering the lock at Kembs - Niffer, on the Rhein-Rhone canal. About 230 Metres altitude.

From here we are rising all the time till we reach Valdieu. Total of about 115 Meters

DSC_0651.JPG (195731 Byte)

Lock Filling

DSC_0654.JPG (185636 Byte)

Gates opening

DSC_0668.JPG (199926 Byte)

Rhein - Rhone canal between Niffer and Mulhouse

DSC_0692.JPG (187781 Byte)

Will it fit?

DSC_0712.JPG (168239 Byte)

Tight fit!

DSC_0744.JPG (189913 Byte)

Approaching the harbour at Mulhouse

DSC_0747.JPG (191636 Byte)

Harbour Mulhouse

DSC_0774.JPG (189264 Byte)

Town hall Mulhouse

DSC_0776.JPG (140341 Byte)

Cathedral Mulhouse

DSC_0820.JPG (138412 Byte)

Departing Mulhouse

DSC_0841.JPG (139078 Byte)

Entering an empty lock

DSC_0843.JPG (182791 Byte)

Lock filled

DSC_0845.JPG (198949 Byte)

Date - 1877

DSC_0852.JPG (154062 Byte)

From Mulhouse westwards the canals are considerally smaller

DSC_0853.JPG (226453 Byte)

Nature flourishes in the quiet surroundings

DSC_0855.JPG (162401 Byte)

Note the bicycle track on the left of the photo. These were once the mule paths for pulling barges.

DSC_0857.JPG (181819 Byte)

No stress

DSC_0861.JPG (157948 Byte)

No sesickness on these waters

DSC_0866.JPG (202234 Byte)


DSC_0867.JPG (172886 Byte)


DSC_0870.JPG (180421 Byte)

There were various types of opening bridges

DSC_0902.JPG (176906 Byte)

and prolific bird life.

DSC_0930.JPG (192611 Byte)

Lunch break.

DSC_0950.JPG (124426 Byte)


DSC_0962.JPG (200114 Byte)


DSC_0967.JPG (182417 Byte)

Lock Filling. Note the turbulence.

DSC_0970.JPG (174690 Byte)

I think this is Zillisheim

DSC_0973.JPG (187023 Byte)


DSC_0976.JPG (183756 Byte)

A rather old lock

DSC_0977.JPG (144006 Byte)


DSC_0978.JPG (199004 Byte)


DSC_0979.JPG (180185 Byte)


DSC_0989.JPG (167456 Byte)


DSC_0995.JPG (177859 Byte)


DSC_1003.JPG (199616 Byte)

Approaching Dannemarie,

DSC_1004.JPG (209801 Byte)

where the harbourmaster was waiting for us.

DSC_1025.JPG (225536 Byte)

A beautifully kept floating holiday home, 92 years old.

DSC_1026.JPG (213087 Byte)


DSC_1068.JPG (191934 Byte)

A canal bridge crossing a small stream

DSC_1070.JPG (205955 Byte)

Details of the bridge etc., in French.

DSC_1084.JPG (190182 Byte)

Crossing the canal bridge

DSC_1098.JPG (193930 Byte)

Approaching the chain of locks rising from Retzwiller to Valdieu-Lutran

DSC_1104.JPG (190070 Byte)

A tight fit!

DSC_1106.JPG (138833 Byte)


DSC_1108.JPG (178806 Byte)

The chain raises the canal about 40 metres in 12 closely spaced locks.

DSC_1115.JPG (181063 Byte)

Looking back down the chain of locks

DSC_1125.JPG (182712 Byte)

Stinking company. This fellow always left his old diesel running, in case he couldn't start it.

DSC_1126.JPG (190056 Byte)


DSC_1128.JPG (172350 Byte)

Looking down from Valdieu

Lock chain Valdieu.jpg (243671 Byte)

A satellite view of the lock chain from Google Earth, 10 locks shown.

DSC_1135.JPG (162712 Byte)

Valdieu, the highest part of the Rhein- Rhone canal, about 345m elevation

DSC_1143.JPG (171290 Byte)

A popular spot.

DSC_1151.JPG (175250 Byte)


DSC_1154.JPG (189536 Byte)


DSC_1158.JPG (129757 Byte)


DSC_1159.JPG (161609 Byte)

A really beautiful area.

DSC_1160.JPG (191047 Byte)


DSC_1162.JPG (176125 Byte)


DSC_1169.JPG (194702 Byte)

Overnight berth at Montreux-Chateau.

DSC_1174.JPG (151607 Byte)

Elisabeth ready for all weather!

DSC_1188.JPG (229349 Byte)

Sign on the European cycling route No. 6

DSC_1208.JPG (170829 Byte)

Another type of opening brige.

DSC_1212.JPG (177411 Byte)

Ready to pass.

DSC_1217.JPG (198523 Byte)

This is our lock attendant passing on the way to prepare the next lock, having just closed the bridge again.

DSC_1224.JPG (179768 Byte)

An industrial area.

DSC_1228.JPG (152998 Byte)


DSC_1240.JPG (199355 Byte)


DSC_1268.JPG (169104 Byte)

The small canal going straight ahead was to go to Belfort, but it was never finished.

DSC_1274.JPG (173922 Byte)

We turned left to cross another bridge. We are now operating the locks ourselves, using a remote control.

Green means we may now enter the lock after crosing the bridge.

DSC_1276.JPG (174786 Byte)

Crossing the bridge.

DSC_1283.JPG (192014 Byte)

A few spectators on the bike route.

DSC_1290.JPG (180410 Byte)

Ready to enter.

DSC_1291.JPG (157174 Byte)


DSC_1292.JPG (150405 Byte)

The blue rod closes the lock gate and automatically opens the bottom gate when the lock has emptied.

We have been going down hill since Montreux-Chateau

DSC_1293.JPG (139870 Byte)

Preparing the next lock

DSC_1305.JPG (212539 Byte)


DSC_1312.JPG (168792 Byte)

Change of steerman (or woman).

DSC_1323.JPG (169446 Byte)

Red and Green means the lock is being prepared for us.

DSC_1366.JPG (154298 Byte)

Flying boat taking off!

DSC_1367.JPG (175931 Byte)


DSC_1369.JPG (177808 Byte)

Ground effect!

DSC_1371.JPG (177605 Byte)


DSC_1388.JPG (167114 Byte)

Elisabeth trying her hand at operating the lock.

DSC_1400.JPG (196210 Byte)


DSC_1405-cut2.jpg (152402 Byte)

Our final harbour, Montbéliard

DSC_1408.JPG (123565 Byte)


DSC_1411.JPG (120228 Byte)

Our route on the chart plotter. The square is Basel, then the crosses are our stops at Mulhouse,

Dannemarie and Montreux-Chateau and the Boat is at Montbéliard

DSC_1448.JPG (187076 Byte)

Castle at Montbéliard

DSC_1449.JPG (204042 Byte)


DSC_1512.JPG (133852 Byte)

The lion of Belfort

DSC_1521.JPG (166079 Byte)

The citadelle at Belfort

DSC_1536.JPG (140077 Byte)

Two bells at Belfort

DSC_1537.JPG (197638 Byte)


DSC_1541.JPG (132667 Byte)

The lion again

DSC_1554.JPG (171543 Byte)

Part of the Citadelle. It was unfortunately closed.

DSC_1562.JPG (168836 Byte)


DSC_1599.JPG (200344 Byte)

Farewell dinner aboard.

DSC_1608.JPG (196466 Byte)

Back at Basel to pick up our car.

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