Photos Tour of southern France 2012

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DSC_4948.JPG (197029 Byte)

Parked on the Quay at Avignon in France.

DSC_4949.JPG (176034 Byte)

Preparations for an early morning departure.

DSC_4960.JPG (217471 Byte)

Departure for Port Napolean, 07.58.

DSC_4964.JPG (40158 Byte)

Early morning light effects.

DSC_4969.JPG (180076 Byte)


DSC_4971.JPG (197469 Byte)

Ready to follow by land.

DSC_4987.JPG (145232 Byte)

The large lock at Beaucaire Tarascon just north of Arles.

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DSC_4989.JPG (176277 Byte)


DSC_4999.JPG (155384 Byte)

The white dot in the distance is Roland's yacht Camira.

DSC_5005.JPG (159098 Byte)


DSC_5010.JPG (206830 Byte)

Waiting for a large comercial boat to pass therough the lock travelling upstream

DSC_5019.JPG (190957 Byte)


DSC_5023.JPG (129843 Byte)

Full lock

DSC_5027.JPG (114870 Byte)


DSC_5031.JPG (140426 Byte)

exiting the lock.

DSC_5032.JPG (132821 Byte)


DSC_5033.JPG (137297 Byte)


DSC_5040.JPG (147349 Byte)

Acording to the harbour master in Avignon there was a mistral (wind) forecast, the only Mistral we saw that day was this one.

DSC_5050.JPG (179167 Byte)

Parking directly on the beach

DSC_5051.JPG (198524 Byte)DSC_5057.JPG (153916 Byte)

Not as nice as Australian beaches, but the best we have seen in Europe so far.

DSC_5058.JPG (161567 Byte)


DSC_5062.JPG (198672 Byte)

Passing the last lock before the Med. at Port St Louis du Rhone

DSC_5063.JPG (123827 Byte)


DSC_5073.JPG (169188 Byte)


DSC_5078.JPG (171470 Byte)

Entering the Med for the first time.

DSC_5079.JPG (199454 Byte)

The skipper and crew in Port Napoleon

DSC_5080.JPG (150134 Byte)


DSC_5089.JPG (152258 Byte)

A well earned beer!

DSC_5091.JPG (202459 Byte)

Roland's mate!

DSC_5092.JPG (198031 Byte)

Evening mood in Port Napoleon

DSC_5094.JPG (184378 Byte)

Roman Amphitheatre in Arles

DSC_5104.JPG (233084 Byte)


DSC_5109.JPG (128674 Byte)

Detail of the amphitheatre.

DSC_5114.JPG (195662 Byte)


DSC_5135.JPG (209934 Byte)


DSC_5136.JPG (194070 Byte)


DSC_5137a.JPG (195470 Byte)


DSC_5137b.JPG (175179 Byte)


DSC_5154.JPG (138594 Byte)

A very good restaurant we tried in Arles.

DSC_5156.JPG (233111 Byte)


DSC_5167.JPG (181061 Byte)

Walking beside the river in Arles.

DSC_5168.JPG (148102 Byte)

Small boats in Arles. There was no other place to dock in Arles.

DSC_5173.JPG (127079 Byte)

Old church in Arles.

DSC_5175.JPG (195884 Byte)


DSC_5207.JPG (204938 Byte)

Ready to step the mast in Port Napoleon.

DSC_5270.JPG (139799 Byte)


DSC_5296.JPG (219888 Byte)


DSC_5364.JPG (129230 Byte)

Back on the berth with the mast in place.

DSC_5368.JPG (122632 Byte)

Semi gimballed radome mounting.

DSC_5378.JPG (211479 Byte)

Deck entry for mast cables.

DSC_5381.JPG (191095 Byte)

Vincent van Van Gogh painting of an opening bridge near Arles

DSC_5383.JPG (189765 Byte)

The bridge today.

DSC_5393.JPG (184123 Byte)

The Abbey of mont Major

DSC_5394.JPG (141862 Byte)


DSC_5395.JPG (186481 Byte)


DSC_5468.JPG (178716 Byte)


DSC_5415.JPG (126103 Byte)


DSC_5424.JPG (170878 Byte)



DSC_5444.JPG (130944 Byte)


DSC_5464.JPG (124135 Byte)

Climbing the tower

DSC_5445.JPG (174056 Byte)

View from the tower

DSC_5446.JPG (172776 Byte)

Looking down on the original tombs.

DSC_5587a.JPG (249249 Byte)

The Chateau des Baux, sketch of castle and village as it is today.

DSC_5587b.JPG (212190 Byte)


DSC_5587c.JPG (177208 Byte)


DSC_5589.JPG (187163 Byte)


DSC_5592.JPG (193292 Byte)

Looking down over the village

DSC_5593.JPG (182845 Byte)


DSC_5612.JPG (168820 Byte)


DSC_5638.JPG (164943 Byte)


DSC_5640.JPG (169087 Byte)


DSC_5643.JPG (179648 Byte)

View of the beautiful surroundings.

DSC_5654.JPG (145013 Byte)


DSC_5655.JPG (190863 Byte)

How the castle looked before it was destroyed by order of the king.

DSC_5659.JPG (241283 Byte)


DSC_5660.JPG (178576 Byte)


DSC_5668.JPG (164570 Byte)

The chapel today.

DSC_5675.JPG (146011 Byte)

Part of the village.

DSC_5753.JPG (194524 Byte)

Palace of the Popes in Avignon

DSC_5771.JPG (187626 Byte)

The old bridge at Avignon

DSC_5813.JPG (178356 Byte)


DSC_5821.JPG (173067 Byte)


DSC_5864.JPG (190141 Byte)

The Fountain of Vauclause

DSC_5868.JPG (184883 Byte)

The depth markers on the right hand side are to indicate the depth of the water in Spring.

DSC_5881.JPG (189134 Byte)

In October there was little water flowing.

DSC_5878.JPG (186176 Byte)

Castle on cliff beside the river.

DSC_5879.JPG (130606 Byte)


DSC_5895.JPG (179611 Byte)

Old water wheel and boat.

DSC_5911.JPG (189827 Byte)

The River Sorgue just below the town.

DSC_5915.JPG (201965 Byte)

The Roman theatre in Orange

DSC_5922.JPG (228344 Byte)


DSC_5928.JPG (243986 Byte)

How it used to be.

DSC_5928b.JPG (205392 Byte)


DSC_5940.JPG (194122 Byte)

How it is today.

DSC_5953.JPG (188913 Byte)

Visiting singer.

DSC_5955.JPG (146580 Byte)

Unfortunately there were too many visitors around for Elisabeth to try out the acoustics.

DSC_5957.JPG (131350 Byte)


DSC_5989.JPG (173739 Byte)

This was a lucky parking spot. I only got it as I saw another motor home departing.

The front does not poke out far,

DSC_5991.JPG (188824 Byte)

and the back is over a segment of pavement.

DSC_5996.JPG (196514 Byte)

The arch of triumph in Orange. (Roman)

DSC_6004.JPG (166249 Byte)


DSC_6037.JPG (184635 Byte)

View from the road on a drive up Mount Ventoux.

DSC_6041.JPG (176250 Byte)

Really great views.

DSC_6047.JPG (165417 Byte)

The Tour de France gous over here!

DSC_6056.JPG (176519 Byte)

Turn off to a ski resort

DSC_6077.JPG (159292 Byte)


DSC_6074.JPG (39774 Byte)

The summit in view but still a bit to go.

DSC_6085.JPG (175987 Byte)

Moonscape like area East of the summit.

DSC_6087.JPG (175728 Byte)

Looking back down where we came from. The curve visibil below is wher the motor home was parked in the picture two above.

DSC_6090.JPG (169724 Byte)

The last part of the road up.

DSC_6096.JPG (109835 Byte)

The summit.

DSC_6097.JPG (235737 Byte)

Entering a winery.

DSC_6098.JPG (169128 Byte)


DSC_6099.JPG (179708 Byte)

The cave we visited to taste and buy some wine.

DSC_6100.JPG (187529 Byte)


DSC_6101.JPG (182281 Byte)

DSC_6116.JPG (175553 Byte)

We travelled on national roads on the way home instead of the toll highways and the scenery was spectacular.

DSC_6121.JPG (169165 Byte)


DSC_6124.JPG (165173 Byte)


DSC_6125.JPG (161217 Byte)


DSC_6143.JPG (182868 Byte)

Our last camp place before heading for home.

DSC_6152.JPG (218238 Byte)

View of the mountains from near our camp place.

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