Colorado Plateau

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The following is a selection of photos taken on a tour we made around the Colorado Plateau in Autumn 1998.

If you wish to read the description of the tour, please click HERE.

Colorado.jpg (27947 bytes)

Colorado River

Brokarch.jpg (36000 bytes)

Broken Arch, Arches National Park

Deliarch.jpg (22098 bytes)

Delicate Arch at Sunset, Arches National Park

Balrock.jpg (15928 bytes)

Balancing Rock at Sunset, Arches National Park

Dhorsept.jpg (42211 bytes)

Dead Horse Point, National Monument

Whiterim.jpg (30274 bytes)

White Rim Drive, Canyonland National Park

Nwsprock.jpg (47262 bytes)

Newspaper Rock, Canyonlands National Park

Natbridg.jpg (34627 bytes)

Owachomo Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument

Bryceamp.jpg (39100 bytes)

Bryce Amphitheatre, Bryce Canyon National Park

Grcanyon.jpg (34678 bytes)

Grand Canyon, from North Rim

Monvaley.jpg (30748 bytes)

Monument Valley

Mesverde.jpg (31073 bytes)

Cliff Palace, Anasazi cliff village, Mesa Verde National Park

Grtsndns.jpg (25467 bytes)

Great Sand Dunes National Monument

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