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Welcome to our Web site!

The idea of this web site is to allow our friends to keep up with our latest news and to be able to share in some of our adventures, both in text and photos. The "Photo Album" is indexed to simplify the search for photos of various areas. Those that could not be precisely catagorised and maybe covered a few different areas, have been filed under extras.

I have also written "Tips for travellers" so that others may benefit from our experiences, mainly in Australia, but also in other areas of the world.  If you know of any further good tips about a certain area, from your own experiences, please e-mail them to me and I will be glad to publish them.  You are welcome to pass this web address on to anyone who may be interested.

The Links section is intended to help anyone planning a trip, mainly in Australia, but also has many interesting links related to my hobbies such as yachting, weather forecasting and navigation for yachtsmen utilising a notebook computer.     (scroll down to continue)

More about these subjects on my private page.       

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The links will be regularly updated as more interesting ones come to hand.  If you know of any other useful links, please pass them on to me and if you notice that any links no longer work, please inform me! It is more convenient to open links with the right mouse button and select "open in a new tab". When you close the link, you will then return to this site.

If you would like to be informed by e-mail when we make an update, please send me your e-mail address confirming your wish.  

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This page was last updated 01.01.17    New are: pictures of our activities for 2016 and some family photos.

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