Pics Finland 2013

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This is a contiuation from Sweden. If you haven't viewed Sweden as yet, I suggest you do so first.

DSC_2241.JPG (212890 Byte)

Roughing it aboard the Viking Grace

DSC_2250.JPG (176032 Byte)

A smaller Viking Line ferry.

DSC_2251.JPG (153575 Byte)


DSC_2257.JPG (170195 Byte)

The first of the many Finnish islands.

DSC_2260.JPG (128806 Byte)


DSC_2263.JPG (161087 Byte)


DSC_2265.JPG (138779 Byte)

Elisabeth and Maja

DSC_2274.JPG (163656 Byte)

No comment.

DSC_2281.JPG (186242 Byte)

Anders, Hanna and Maja.

DSC_2283.JPG (205404 Byte)

Ritva, Elisabeth and Anders.

DSC_2307.JPG (199671 Byte)


DSC_2309.JPG (124853 Byte)

Najad under way with fewer reefs than the last yacht.

DSC_2315.JPG (183144 Byte)

Park place in Turku

DSC_2324.JPG (207447 Byte)


DSC_2336.JPG (158417 Byte)

Cathedral in Turku

DSC_2339.JPG (233080 Byte)

Finnish signs are a problem for foreigners.

DSC_2341.JPG (151241 Byte)


DSC_2342.JPG (145615 Byte)


DSC_2346.JPG (219040 Byte)

Obviously a Down Under Bar!

DSC_2359.JPG (143815 Byte)

Sigyn on the dry dock in the maritime museum.

DSC_2361.JPG (221830 Byte)


DSC_2362.JPG (215229 Byte)


DSC_2363.JPG (149536 Byte)


DSC_2367.JPG (172336 Byte)

Elisabeth loves daisies, but this was too big to take along!

DSC_2370.JPG (180496 Byte)


DSC_2380.JPG (204468 Byte)

Turku Castle

DSC_2383.JPG (182925 Byte)


DSC_2394.JPG (185112 Byte)


DSC_2401.JPG (182500 Byte)


DSC_2444.JPG (190784 Byte)

Looking up the hill to the Art Museum

DSC_2445.JPG (193672 Byte)

Finnish signs again

DSC_2446.JPG (175926 Byte)

and again

DSC_2447.JPG (189777 Byte)


DSC_2448.JPG (167943 Byte)


DSC_2449.JPG (196879 Byte)


DSC_2451.JPG (205209 Byte)

Down town Turku

DSC_2455.JPG (197571 Byte)

Old Market building in Turku

DSC_2456.JPG (240732 Byte)

Inside the market

DSC_2462.JPG (206952 Byte)


DSC_2463.JPG (179033 Byte)


DSC_2464.JPG (183930 Byte)


DSC_2467.JPG (180846 Byte)

Restaurant area set up like an old train carriage.

DSC_2468.JPG (169672 Byte)

Even the closed area of the restaurant.

DSC_2473.JPG (152165 Byte)

What would you like?

DSC_2475.JPG (175218 Byte)

A picnic place we found just off the road heading North.

DSC_2476.JPG (172264 Byte)


DSC_2480.JPG (159873 Byte)

Here we met two semi trailers loaded with the blades for a wind turbine. Anders said that they now have then even bigger than these.

DSC_2486.JPG (137991 Byte)

Our vehicle is 6.75 meters long so you can work it out from there what the size of the propeller would be.

DSC_2490.JPG (180538 Byte)

Overnight park place at a hotel in Seinäjoki where we shared the last dinner with the Karlstrom family.

DSC_2491.JPG (175569 Byte)


DSC_2494.JPG (166083 Byte)

We have a little more comfort than this fellow.

DSC_2498.JPG (195863 Byte)


DSC_2499.JPG (193425 Byte)


DSC_2524.JPG (169413 Byte)

Lunch break at a nice little beach and picnic place on the way to Oulu

DSC_2528.JPG (175101 Byte)

We didn't use the sauna, but note the wind generator for power.

DSC_2530.JPG (170801 Byte)


DSC_2531.JPG (165061 Byte)


DSC_2539.JPG (201286 Byte)

Parked at the harbour in Oulu

DSC_2542.JPG (209820 Byte)

Old wooden buildings beside the harbour in Oulu

DSC_2545.JPG (195226 Byte)


DSC_2546.JPG (198326 Byte)

Old market hall similar to the one in Turku.

DSC_2547.JPG (193981 Byte)


DSC_2548.JPG (149506 Byte)


DSC_2549.JPG (209414 Byte)


DSC_2550.JPG (188279 Byte)


DSC_2560.JPG (186246 Byte)

Down town Oulu

DSC_2563.JPG (143810 Byte)

with many Finnish clothes shops.

DSC_2564.JPG (218322 Byte)


DSC_2567.JPG (207366 Byte)

City hall

DSC_2568.JPG (123162 Byte)

Oulu Cathedral

DSC_2571.JPG (174658 Byte)


DSC_2572.JPG (145849 Byte)


DSC_2574.JPG (146560 Byte)


DSC_2575.JPG (162186 Byte)


DSC_2576.JPG (202698 Byte)


DSC_2583.JPG (203128 Byte)

Some more elegant buildings down near the harbour.

DSC_2597.JPG (171643 Byte)

View from a park near the harbour.

DSC_2601.JPG (188255 Byte)


DSC_2607.JPG (170868 Byte)

We tried to get a camping place at Toppilansalmi just North of Oulu, but they were fully occupied, so we overnighted on the public parkplace beside the beach.

It was much more beautiful anyway.

DSC_2608.JPG (185958 Byte)


DSC_2610.JPG (189186 Byte)


DSC_2611.JPG (155276 Byte)

We were buzzed several times by this drone with a camera.

DSC_2618.JPG (197074 Byte)


DSC_2621.JPG (141123 Byte)

Looking back across the bay to a hotel near where we were parked.

DSC_2661.JPG (153288 Byte)

Sunset, 22.53

DSC_2682.JPG (188985 Byte)


DSC_2683.JPG (193810 Byte)

Parked beside a river on the way to Rovaniemi

DSC_2684.JPG (209164 Byte)


DSC_2685.JPG (166340 Byte)


DSC_2687.JPG (155670 Byte)


DSC_2688.JPG (175056 Byte)


DSC_2690.JPG (196533 Byte)

Midday pause on a quiet spot beside the river.

DSC_2692.JPG (211608 Byte)

Arctikum, Museum in Rovaniemi

DSC_2697.JPG (203031 Byte)

Photo in the museum.

DSC_2702.JPG (185184 Byte)


DSC_2703.JPG (140983 Byte)

Interesting architecture in the museum.

DSC_2704.JPG (176740 Byte)


DSC_2708.JPG (162284 Byte)


DSC_2735.JPG (208314 Byte)

We made a diversion to Ranua, about 75 kn SE from Rovaniemi to the the local wildlife park at Ranua Zoo

This was our camp place at the camp grounds in Ranua.

DSC_2743.JPG (162911 Byte)


DSC_2748.JPG (216763 Byte)


DSC_2750.JPG (182280 Byte)


DSC_2754.JPG (130368 Byte)

Entrance to the zoo the next morning.

DSC_2869.JPG (174548 Byte)

Polar bear

DSC_2888.JPG (132034 Byte)

One would not want to meet one in the wild!

DSC_2923.JPG (183211 Byte)

Brown bear

DSC_2936.JPG (216042 Byte)


DSC_2947.JPG (196029 Byte)

Wild forest reindeer

DSC_2965.JPG (187795 Byte)

White tailed deer

DSC_2974.JPG (209118 Byte)

Fallow deer

DSC_2981.JPG (153302 Byte)

Poro Reindeer

DSC_2986.JPG (186279 Byte)


DSC_2987.JPG (191340 Byte)

Parked at Santaclaus Village in Rovaniemi

DSC_2990.JPG (204859 Byte)

Yes, 27° Celcius on the Arctic Circle. Santa was on Summer holidays.

DSC_2992.JPG (138169 Byte)


DSC_2994.JPG (197058 Byte)


DSC_2998.JPG (130441 Byte)


DSC_3004.JPG (150982 Byte)

Reindeer pelts

DSC_3007.JPG (149785 Byte)


DSC_3011.JPG (175656 Byte)

This place looked great for an overnight, but we were inundated with tiny flying insects that made it through the insect screens, so we moved on -

DSC_3014.JPG (162085 Byte)

and found this place a bit further North. No insects.

DSC_3028.JPG (204310 Byte)


DSC_3033.JPG (183938 Byte)

On the main road to Inari, a meeting?

DSC_3035.JPG (185929 Byte)

I suppose they were here before the road!

DSC_3039.JPG (209877 Byte)


DSC_3040.JPG (213841 Byte)


DSC_3042.JPG (235246 Byte)

Super roads when they are free from reindeer.

DSC_3045.JPG (206822 Byte)

Outside the Sami museum at Inari

DSC_3046.JPG (168426 Byte)

The museum is very comprehensive and includes an outside section with examples of old buildings and survival techniques.

DSC_3058.JPG (124983 Byte)

Snow owl

DSC_3061.JPG (148276 Byte)


DSC_3062.JPG (129580 Byte)

Old Electrolux outboard.

DSC_3064.JPG (220882 Byte)

I didn't take this, it was exhibited in the museum!

DSC_3065.JPG (174575 Byte)

So were these two photos.

DSC_3066.JPG (147542 Byte)

Northern lights

DSC_3090.JPG (165747 Byte)

and an explanation.

DSC_3091.JPG (237423 Byte)


DSC_3092.JPG (217549 Byte)


DSC_3102.JPG (184331 Byte)

Sami boots made from reindeer skin.

DSC_3103.JPG (153786 Byte)


DSC_3105.JPG (151079 Byte)


DSC_3107.JPG (194967 Byte)


DSC_3111.JPG (244502 Byte)


DSC_3112.JPG (154183 Byte)

Mixing the cultures.

DSC_3114.JPG (192189 Byte)


DSC_3115.JPG (171248 Byte)


DSC_3125.JPG (212399 Byte)


DSC_3126.JPG (176742 Byte)


DSC_3133.JPG (191035 Byte)


DSC_3157.JPG (201654 Byte)

Fireplace for heating and cooking.

DSC_3170.JPG (186314 Byte)


DSC_3171.JPG (217859 Byte)

Boat building and sled tecniques

DSC_3227.JPG (183793 Byte)

We found a lovely resting place beside the road West towards Norway.

DSC_3234.JPG (207555 Byte)

Norway is at the end of the road. No bends, but lots of ups and downs.

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