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I have divided our Norwegian trip into north and south, as we travelled over 3000 km from North Cape to Stavenger and that makes for a lot of photos. This section will cover our trip from our entry into to Norway near Karasjok as far south as Trondheim.  I hope you enjoy the album. If any one would like more information on any of the areas or subjects, I have many more photos and would be pleased to oblige.

DSC_3243.JPG (209940 Byte)

Border crossing from Finland to Norway

DSC_3252.JPG (205613 Byte)


DSC_3261.JPG (187984 Byte)

The Tana River follows the border between Norway and Finland for 256 km.

DSC_3289.JPG (171883 Byte)


DSC_3298.JPG (154482 Byte)

We stopped to photograph this view and

DSC_3301.JPG (169017 Byte)

Elisabeth noticed this nice quiet picnic place,

DSC_3306.JPG (177824 Byte)

with a really great view ,

DSC_3308.JPG (183249 Byte)

so we stayed for the night.

DSC_3334.JPG (168284 Byte)

11.30 pm 27.07.2013

DSC_3347.JPG (155413 Byte)

3.00 am 28.07.3013

DSC_3352.JPG (206811 Byte)

Elisabeth looked outside in the morning and surprised this fellow.

DSC_3371.JPG (158652 Byte)


DSC_3376.JPG (168960 Byte)


DSC_3381.JPG (216308 Byte)


DSC_3382.JPG (173429 Byte)

Drying stock fish (Norwegian Cod)

DSC_3384.JPG (223106 Byte)


DSC_3385.JPG (151172 Byte)


DSC_3395.JPG (165679 Byte)

The road to the North Cape

DSC_3397.JPG (178959 Byte)


DSC_3406.JPG (144082 Byte)


DSC_3407.JPG (181406 Byte)

Reindeer sheltering from the heat of the day in the entrance to the tunnel. It was around 25° C

DSC_3409.JPG (159414 Byte)


DSC_3411.JPG (159713 Byte)


DSC_3421.JPG (164319 Byte)


DSC_3428.JPG (147961 Byte)

The sight of someone going swimming was too much for Elisabeth

DSC_3430.JPG (172042 Byte)

She decided to give it a try,

DSC_3432.JPG (152789 Byte)


DSC_3435.JPG (185359 Byte)

but she didn't stay in for long.

DSC_3449.JPG (215044 Byte)

The fresh water stream flowing into the bay was warmer than the Barent Sea.

DSC_3466.JPG (215892 Byte)

The start of the tunnel to the island of the North Cape. It is 6870 meters long and runs 212 meters below sea level.

DSC_3475.JPG (166845 Byte)

On the island.

DSC_3490.JPG (194161 Byte)

Another road hazard.

DSC_3503.JPG (178603 Byte)

Distance travelled from Romanshorn to North Cape.

DSC_3504.JPG (222761 Byte)

The artistic landmark on North Cape.

DSC_3508.JPG (165611 Byte)

Our parking place with a view of North Cape.

DSC_3606.JPG (142461 Byte)


DSC_3612.JPG (131681 Byte)

North Cape, 300 meters high.

DSC_3628.JPG (163182 Byte)


DSC_3631.JPG (137033 Byte)

Our motorhome is in the middle.

DSC_3657.JPG (141901 Byte)

Waiting for midnight.

DSC_3694.JPG (156473 Byte)

It was cooler outside.

DSC_3698.JPG (176348 Byte)


DSC_3719.JPG (162260 Byte)

1 am on the 29th.The sun had hidden in clouds on the horizon at midnight.

DSC_3744.JPG (145242 Byte)

Post card

DSC_3791.JPG (143593 Byte)

A rare moment without crouds of people.

DSC_3962.JPG (117331 Byte)

12 midnight on the 29th, eventually clear weather.

DSC_3965.JPG (159650 Byte)


DSC_3967.JPG (155409 Byte)

We were much warmer than these tourists.

DSC_3976.JPG (168497 Byte)

Morning of the 30th.

DSC_3980.JPG (119931 Byte)

North Cape as it can be.

DSC_4011.JPG (204167 Byte)

More reindeer

DSC_4018.JPG (217248 Byte)


DSC_4022.JPG (192365 Byte)

A river on the way to Alta

DSC_4023.JPG (202223 Byte)

With a fly fisher trying his luck.

DSC_4028.JPG (199702 Byte)

We settled for berries.

DSC_4030.JPG (211509 Byte)


DSC_4034.JPG (200131 Byte)


DSC_4044.JPG (150557 Byte)

Looking North across Altafjord from the museum.

DSC_4050.JPG (157304 Byte)

Elisabeth with an audio guide at the Alta Museum

DSC_4060.JPG (176049 Byte)


DSC_4061.JPG (189246 Byte)

Boardwalk, Alta Museum

DSC_4072.JPG (179882 Byte)

Rock etchings up to 7000 years old.

DSC_4083.JPG (173214 Byte)

Link to museum:

DSC_4225.JPG (170831 Byte)

Brand new Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta, clad with titanium. The landscaping was not finished when we were there..

DSC_4227.JPG (190122 Byte)


DSC_4238.JPG (191933 Byte)

Modern inside and out.

DSC_4259.JPG (178973 Byte)


DSC_4261.JPG (184265 Byte)

We parked overnight at the museum and this was the view over the fjord.

DSC_4292.JPG (200534 Byte)

Langfjord looking West

DSC_4299.JPG (172185 Byte)


DSC_4301.JPG (148248 Byte)


DSC_4314.JPG (186328 Byte)

Jøkelfjord with the calving Øksfjordjøkel glacier.

DSC_4322a.JPG (186097 Byte)


DSC_4323.JPG (169807 Byte)


DSC_4326.JPG (187436 Byte)

View from our rolling home at Arctic Fjord Camping

DSC_4331.JPG (157138 Byte)


DSC_4393.JPG (197090 Byte)

View from a high vantage point a bit further West.

DSC_4394.JPG (169199 Byte)

Note the Øksfjordjøkel glacier in the background.

DSC_4402.JPG (153986 Byte)


DSC_4404.JPG (225689 Byte)

Further West on the E6 Looking over Lyngenfjord.

DSC_4410.JPG (234422 Byte)

Lyngen Fjord

DSC_4416.JPG (212245 Byte)

Crossing Lyngen Fjord from Olderdalen to Lyngseidet.

DSC_4417.JPG (142616 Byte)


DSC_4422.JPG (207315 Byte)


DSC_4451.JPG (178744 Byte)

We found tis nice quiet place 3 km West of Lyngseidet beside a fjord on the 91.

DSC_4452.JPG (203032 Byte)


DSC_4455.JPG (185859 Byte)


DSC_4456.JPG (141371 Byte)


DSC_4460.JPG (181386 Byte)


DSC_4461.JPG (127287 Byte)


DSC_4462.JPG (184281 Byte)


DSC_4467.JPG (194112 Byte)


DSC_4478.JPG (200779 Byte)

Crossing the next fjord -

DSC_4486.JPG (177018 Byte)

to get to Tromsø.  Arctic Cathedral at Tromso

DSC_4487.JPG (215669 Byte)

DSC_4493.JPG (152830 Byte)


DSC_4496.JPG (132345 Byte)


DSC_4497.JPG (138978 Byte)


DSC_4508.JPG (128820 Byte)


DSC_4521.JPG (182678 Byte)

Meeting Joruun and Henning in their new car, one hour old!

DSC_4524.JPG (194869 Byte)

Hürtigruten ship.

DSC_4533.JPG (198075 Byte)

Lunch aboard.

DSC_4536.JPG (173372 Byte)


DSC_4537.JPG (191784 Byte)


DSC_4538.JPG (212838 Byte)


DSC_4540.JPG (167466 Byte)

View of the cathedral from the ship.

DSC_4550.JPG (168422 Byte)


DSC_4555.JPG (212638 Byte)


DSC_4589.JPG (189544 Byte)

Old part of Tromso

DSC_4606.JPG (147906 Byte)


DSC_4610.JPG (180290 Byte)

Library Tromso

DSC_4639.JPG (184865 Byte)

Admiring the view from the small hill at the back of Joruun and Henning's house on Someroy Island.

DSC_4640.JPG (167579 Byte)

The view! This island was the inspiration for the cathedral in Tromso.

DSC_4649.JPG (165967 Byte)


DSC_4655.JPG (186575 Byte)

Lokoing back to the house.

DSC_4657.JPG (201774 Byte)

Henning took us out to try for some Norwegian Cod

DSC_4658.JPG (212822 Byte)


DSC_4669.JPG (184135 Byte)


DSC_4690.JPG (149579 Byte)

with success.

DSC_4739.JPG (154138 Byte)

Elisabeth also tried -

DSC_4756.JPG (129267 Byte)


DSC_4826.JPG (183549 Byte)

The bridge to the island of Someroy.

DSC_4832.JPG (150892 Byte)

Evening view from the bridge.

DSC_4844.JPG (147700 Byte)

10.37 pm

DSC_4896.JPG (149855 Byte)

11.20 pm.

DSC_4923.JPG (145567 Byte)


DSC_4930.JPG (161290 Byte)

11.47 pm.

DSC_4931a.JPG (127428 Byte)

This is cheating, as it was taken in the museum at Tromso, but the island is familiar.

DSC_4957.JPG (156324 Byte)


DSC_4959.JPG (149267 Byte)


DSC_5159.JPG (156748 Byte)

Sommeroy from the mainland late afternoon.

DSC_5252.JPG (160447 Byte)

The ferry we took to cross to Senja Island en route to the Westeralen.

DSC_5263.JPG (158625 Byte)


DSC_5266.JPG (162675 Byte)

Birds eye view of our home.

DSC_5274.JPG (171567 Byte)


DSC_5280.JPG (159050 Byte)

On Senja

DSC_5283.JPG (168977 Byte)

Very narrow roads,

DSC_5304.JPG (160925 Byte)

and nice beaches.

DSC_5312.JPG (179845 Byte)

Rugged coastlines.

DSC_5320.JPG (155381 Byte)


DSC_5334.JPG (163303 Byte)


DSC_5341.JPG (203238 Byte)


DSC_5356.JPG (208913 Byte)


DSC_5361.JPG (138468 Byte)


DSC_5384.JPG (163335 Byte)

Thze next ferry from Gryllefjord on Senja to Andenes on Andoya Island.

DSC_5429.JPG (163285 Byte)


DSC_5431.JPG (177719 Byte)


DSC_5434.JPG (171063 Byte)


DSC_5456.JPG (209795 Byte)

Hürtigruten Museum at Stokmarknes

DSC_5469.JPG (181257 Byte)


DSC_5471.JPG (208486 Byte)

This is your captain speaking!

DSC_5586.JPG (187520 Byte)

Raft Sound, Lofoten

DSC_5619.JPG (173854 Byte)

Hürtigruten leaving Trollfjord.

DSC_5637.JPG (173048 Byte)


DSC_5647.JPG (216628 Byte)

Near Henningsvaer

DSC_5654.JPG (217061 Byte)


DSC_5695.JPG (176976 Byte)

Henningsvaer harbour

DSC_5711.JPG (201121 Byte)

Cod drying

DSC_5717.JPG (173927 Byte)

Sorting dried cod

DSC_5722.JPG (181513 Byte)

More of Henningsvaer.

DSC_5747.JPG (170928 Byte)

Parked by the beach at Haukland

DSC_5749.JPG (180996 Byte)

Haukland beach.

DSC_5754.JPG (172379 Byte)


DSC_5766.JPG (174363 Byte)


DSC_5769.JPG (169858 Byte)

9.08 pm

DSC_5779.JPG (177169 Byte)


DSC_5784.JPG (200791 Byte)

Tunnel through the hill to Uttakleiv

DSC_5787.JPG (237723 Byte)

The green dotted line 1, is the original trackfrom 1850, then they built the road 2 in 1947, before the tunnel 3.

DSC_5794.JPG (171664 Byte)

Uttakleiv beach

DSC_5795.JPG (168405 Byte)

The old road round the point, now a walking and biking track.

DSC_5823.JPG (174351 Byte)

Heading South through the Lofonens.

DSC_5827.JPG (174933 Byte)


DSC_5829.JPG (161446 Byte)


DSC_5853.JPG (193142 Byte)

Park place at Nussfjord.

DSC_5854.JPG (206199 Byte)


DSC_5896.JPG (172195 Byte)


DSC_5907.JPG (149016 Byte)


DSC_5912.JPG (164705 Byte)


DSC_5913.JPG (164637 Byte)


DSC_5934.JPG (154961 Byte)


DSC_5937.JPG (176822 Byte)


DSC_5945.JPG (170558 Byte)


DSC_5951.JPG (180149 Byte)


DSC_5952.JPG (180208 Byte)

Dried fish museum at Å

DSC_5953.JPG (213558 Byte)


DSC_5955.JPG (185782 Byte)


DSC_5961.JPG (181286 Byte)


DSC_5966.JPG (179269 Byte)


DSC_5972.JPG (157337 Byte)


DSC_5976.JPG (186539 Byte)

Back at Uttakleiv to overnight

DSC_5995.JPG (145753 Byte)

00.20, but the sun is behind the mountain.

DSC_6009.JPG (179779 Byte)

Viking festival at the Viking Museum in Borg

DSC_6010.JPG (159679 Byte)

Reconstructed Viking longhouse

DSC_6013.JPG (189911 Byte)

Old instruments, but no as old as the Vikings.

DSC_6030.JPG (194706 Byte)


DSC_6033.JPG (212174 Byte)


DSC_6067.JPG (159433 Byte)


DSC_6069.JPG (211390 Byte)

Part of the Viking festival.

DSC_6071.JPG (181133 Byte)


DSC_6077.JPG (173960 Byte)

Reconstructed viking boat,

DSC_6080.JPG (189116 Byte)

with willing crew.

DSC_6095.JPG (180450 Byte)


DSC_6108.JPG (180869 Byte)


DSC_6112.JPG (190273 Byte)

My last photo!!

DSC_6126.JPG (186945 Byte)


DSC_6156.JPG (173050 Byte)

Our next overnight was by the beach at Borga Eggum

DSC_6159.JPG (177234 Byte)


DSC_6160.JPG (161273 Byte)

Which had been a German radar station in the second world war.

DSC_6161.JPG (184703 Byte)


DSC_6165.JPG (204572 Byte)

After this we took the ferry back to the mainland.

DSC_6245.JPG (171045 Byte)

This was arather impressive mountain on the road south.

DSC_6246.JPG (185599 Byte)


DSC_6250.JPG (212126 Byte)

We then visited the Saltstraumen just South of Bodø.

DSC_6255.JPG (190989 Byte)

This is the bridge that spans the straight with the current.

DSC_6297.JPG (182109 Byte)


DSC_6299.JPG (179109 Byte)

Currents with speeds of up to twenty knots,

DSC_6301.JPG (171168 Byte)

and huge whirlpools.

DSC_6329.JPG (154529 Byte)


DSC_6368.JPG (175992 Byte)

Svartisen Glacier

DSC_6405.JPG (178603 Byte)

Fly Fishing World Championships at Mosjøen

DSC_6407.JPG (224517 Byte)


DSC_6422.JPG (135573 Byte)

A big seat!

DSC_6431.JPG (193496 Byte)

Rapids in a river just south of Mosjøen

DSC_6436.JPG (135496 Byte)

Where we met Barbara again just by chance!

DSC_6441.JPG (192415 Byte)

One championship area,

DSC_6446.JPG (206272 Byte)

and a participant.

DSC_6494.JPG (196646 Byte)

Cathedral at Trondheim.

DSC_6503.JPG (149229 Byte)


DSC_6509.JPG (174611 Byte)

View of Trondheim and fjord from Cathedral.

DSC_6523.JPG (192087 Byte)

Old wharf buildings from Cahedral.

DSC_6551.JPG (148049 Byte)

The hat trick.

DSC_6610.JPG (204060 Byte)


DSC_6612.JPG (183596 Byte)


DSC_6624.JPG (187935 Byte)

Old opening bridge.

DSC_6632.JPG (197319 Byte)


DSC_6637.JPG (150328 Byte)


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