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This section covers the continuation of our trip from Trondheim to Oslo, via the fjords, islands, Alesund, the Atlantic Coast Drive, Bergen, Stavenger and the Telemark region. I hope you enjoy browsing the photos.


DSC_6707.JPG (164831 Byte)

Larger roads, even with a centre line!

DSC_6714.JPG (217003 Byte)

We followed the new outer coastal route and really enjoyed the fantastic scenery.

DSC_6715.JPG (149008 Byte)

Bridges and tunnels everywhere.

DSC_6720.JPG (180876 Byte)


DSC_6723.JPG (216742 Byte)


DSC_6724.JPG (217649 Byte)


DSC_6725.JPG (165289 Byte)

We arrived here at Tommervag just before the ferry was due to leave, but discovered that it had departed about five minutes early.

DSC_6729.JPG (239385 Byte)

We waited for the next ferry from Tommervag to Kristiansund.

DSC_6745.JPG (195180 Byte)


DSC_6757.JPG (195533 Byte)

Taken from a harbour cruise boat.

DSC_6768.JPG (184850 Byte)

The dried fish woman at Kristiansund.

DSC_6777.JPG (176073 Byte)

Part of the Atlantic coast road from Kristiansund to Molde

DSC_6781.JPG (177609 Byte)


DSC_6784.JPG (182135 Byte)

Again spectacular bridges.

DSC_6786.JPG (178579 Byte)

Imagine this in rough weather!

DSC_6791.JPG (178895 Byte)

Another impressive bridge.

DSC_6813.JPG (148176 Byte)

On the ferry from Molde to Vestnes

DSC_6817.JPG (182194 Byte)


DSC_6829.JPG (171549 Byte)

The Hurtigruten ship arrives in Alesund.

This photo was taken from the great park place for motor homes in Alesund.

DSC_6842.JPG (218679 Byte)

Alesund. The city was rebuilt after the fire of 1904.

DSC_6843.JPG (184196 Byte)

The following text is from Wikipedia

In the night of 23 January 1904, the town was the scene of the Ålesund Fire, one of the most terrible of the many conflagrations to which Norwegian towns, once built largely of wood, have been subjected. Practically the entire town was destroyed during the night, a gale aiding the flames, and the population had to leave the town in the middle of the night with only a few minutes' notice. Only one person died in the fire, the 76-year-old Ane Heen, but more than 10,000 people were left without shelter. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany had often gone on vacation to Sunnmøre. After the fire, he sent four warships with materials to build temporary shelters and barracks. After a period of planning, the town was rebuilt in stone, brick, and mortar in Jugendstil (Art Nouveau), the architectural style of the time. The structures were designed by approximately 20 master builders and 30 Norwegian architects, most of them educated in Trondheim and Charlottenburg, Berlin, drawing inspiration from all over Europe. To honor Wilhelm, one of the most frequented streets of the town is named after him.


DSC_6846.JPG (203350 Byte)


DSC_6888.JPG (190619 Byte)

Alesund from a viewpoint above the city.

DSC_6889.JPG (193911 Byte)


DSC_6891.JPG (215237 Byte)


DSC_6896.JPG (170703 Byte)

Boarding the ferry from Saebo to Slogen on one of only rainy days in seven weeks.

DSC_6901.JPG (151412 Byte)


DSC_6932.JPG (173125 Byte)

Looking up Hjørundfjord, note the hughe road!

DSC_6938.JPG (185043 Byte)

Swiss style hotel at the end of the fjord.

DSC_6946.JPG (209445 Byte)


DSC_6950.JPG (165792 Byte)

Foundations of the flooded huts.

DSC_6952.JPG (165686 Byte)

The dam formed by the mountain slide.

DSC_6953.JPG (182086 Byte)

The narrow 655 pass road at the dam site,

DSC_6965.JPG (158281 Byte)

and further up the pass.

DSC_6977.JPG (184881 Byte)


DSC_6987.JPG (192587 Byte)

Looking up to glaciers to the South of the 655 pass road.

DSC_6997.JPG (187983 Byte)

Looking up Geiranger fjord from Sunnylvs Fjord

DSC_7007.JPG (205758 Byte)

Taking the early morning ferry to travel up the Geiranger fjord. We left the motorhome at the campground in Hellesylt.

DSC_7025.JPG (212689 Byte)


DSC_7051.JPG (177077 Byte)


DSC_7055.JPG (152464 Byte)


DSC_7062.JPG (176927 Byte)

The seven sisters.

DSC_7065.JPG (179409 Byte)


DSC_7082.JPG (162536 Byte)

Geiranger Tollstigen. (The road winding up the hill in the background.)

DSC_7092.JPG (179141 Byte)


DSC_7097.JPG (177126 Byte)

View from above Geiranger

DSC_7139.JPG (213590 Byte)

Cruise ship in the end of Geiranger fjord.

DSC_7150.JPG (184989 Byte)

The seven sisters again.

DSC_7203.JPG (182157 Byte)

Briksdalbreen glacier

DSC_7219.JPG (129718 Byte)

Briksdalbreen glacier

DSC_7220.JPG (203778 Byte)

Briksdalbreen glacier

DSC_7234.JPG (203118 Byte)


DSC_7238.JPG (168353 Byte)

Cruise ship in Nord fjord

DSC_7244.JPG (309225 Byte)


DSC_7246.JPG (199887 Byte)

Another part of the Jostedalbreen Glacier

DSC_7248.JPG (151995 Byte)


DSC_7257.JPG (230639 Byte)


DSC_7261.JPG (141241 Byte)

Kaupanger stave church

DSC_7263.JPG (184341 Byte)


DSC_7267.JPG (138357 Byte)


DSC_7269.JPG (169888 Byte)


DSC_7274.JPG (156528 Byte)


DSC_7276.JPG (163930 Byte)


DSC_7295.JPG (338698 Byte)

Sognefjord, the longest fjord in Norway at 205 km and 1308 m deep.


DSC_7299.JPG (163859 Byte)

We crossed the Sognefjord from North to South around the middle, from Hella to Vangsnes.

DSC_7300.JPG (165586 Byte)

Vangsnes in the distance.

DSC_7317.JPG (196470 Byte)

Stave church at Vik

DSC_7354.JPG (180664 Byte)


DSC_7382.JPG (160198 Byte)

Stone church at Hove

DSC_7385.JPG (136296 Byte)


DSC_7387.JPG (217094 Byte)


DSC_7396.JPG (172707 Byte)

Grass covered rooves.

DSC_7397.JPG (193473 Byte)

Looking down over Vikøyri where the last two churches are.

DSC_7406.JPG (167005 Byte)

Pass road above Vikøyri

DSC_7410.JPG (169427 Byte)

The road we came down!

DSC_7414.JPG (189444 Byte)

Ski resort, Norwegian style.    Fjellandsby

DSC_7416.JPG (192577 Byte)

Closer view of the houses.

DSC_7417.JPG (142167 Byte)

The road beside Hardanger fjord.

DSC_7419.JPG (128716 Byte)


DSC_7421.JPG (170051 Byte)

Hardanger fjord, not much room for the road on the right hand side of the photo.

DSC_7424.JPG (168439 Byte)


DSC_7437.JPG (176601 Byte)

Fyksesund bridge

DSC_7444.JPG (179518 Byte)


DSC_7446.JPG (128393 Byte)

Steindalsfossen near Norheimsund

DSC_7457.JPG (184478 Byte)

Park in Bergen

DSC_7458.JPG (149962 Byte)

Edvard Grieg Statue

DSC_7461.JPG (183424 Byte)

Museum of Art

DSC_7463.JPG (149496 Byte)

Memorial to Ole Bull

lDSC_7469.JPG (148439 Byte)

Downtown Bergen

DSC_7489.JPG (137319 Byte)

A bear hug!

DSC_7508.JPG (219672 Byte)

The fish market in Bergen

DSC_7510.JPG (204012 Byte)


DSC_7547.JPG (158072 Byte)

Fish soup.

DSC_7552.JPG (193455 Byte)

Old German Hansa buildings including the museum on the corner.

DSC_7555.JPG (193407 Byte)


DSC_7558.JPG (154774 Byte)


DSC_7559.JPG (149580 Byte)


DSC_7561.JPG (177056 Byte)


DSC_7580.JPG (143788 Byte)

Maria church, under renovation.

DSC_7581.JPG (159982 Byte)


DSC_7582.JPG (173953 Byte)


DSC_7585.JPG (212871 Byte)


DSC_7590.JPG (149673 Byte)

Path and gate leading to the Rosenkrantz Tower

DSC_7591.JPG (140457 Byte)

Rosenkrantz Tower  

Renaissance monument and royal residence

Close to Håkon’s Hall you will find the Rosenkrantz Tower, which is considered one of the most important renaissance monuments in Norway. Parts of the tower are from the 1270s, but it has been extended on several occasions for the purpose of fortification and as a demonstration of power to the independent-minded Hanseatic traders. If you climb up the narrow and dark flights of steps you can climb right up on to the roof, which still provides impressive views.

The tower was the residence of King Eirik Magnusson, who was the last king to hold court in Bergen, until he died in 1299. Subsequently the tower housed less fortunate residents – the cellar contains the notorious dungeon, which was probably in use from the end of the 15th century until well into the 19th century.

DSC_7593.JPG (191579 Byte)

View from the tower.

DSC_7603.JPG (127039 Byte)


DSC_7609.JPG (120406 Byte)


DSC_7612.JPG (157121 Byte)


DSC_7614.JPG (137476 Byte)

Håkon's Hall

DSC_7615.JPG (184480 Byte)


DSC_7628.JPG (176621 Byte)

Model of how the buildings looked after a German amunition boat exploded next to it in 1944.

DSC_7629.JPG (130223 Byte)


DSC_7731.JPG (188783 Byte)

This little fellow-

DSC_7734.JPG (151652 Byte)

doesn't look very happy.

DSC_7743.JPG (170101 Byte)

Edvard Grieg museum.

DSC_7745.JPG (172847 Byte)

View from the garden.

DSC_7749.JPG (189731 Byte)

His summer house.

DSC_7753.JPG (130825 Byte)

Back of the museum with an auditorium.

DSC_7754.JPG (189107 Byte)

This was his work room.

DSC_7788.JPG (192655 Byte)

Cable car to the Belleview, 320 m above sea level.

DSC_7791.JPG (186830 Byte)

On the way up

DSC_7810.JPG (194416 Byte)


DSC_7812.JPG (178127 Byte)

View from the top.

DSC_7814.JPG (180890 Byte)


DSC_7884.JPG (181196 Byte)

Hansa buildings and wharf from a harbour cruise.

DSC_7887.JPG (191283 Byte)


DSC_7888.JPG (159399 Byte)


DSC_7894.JPG (205034 Byte)


DSC_7896.JPG (157427 Byte)

Håkon's Hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower from the tour boat.

DSC_8002.JPG (169336 Byte)

Heading South on the next ferry, again powered by LNG.

DSC_8004.JPG (141618 Byte)


DSC_8005.JPG (161544 Byte)

A sister ship.

DSC_8031.JPG (170292 Byte)

The picnic place where we overnighted.

DSC_8043.JPG (148747 Byte)

An old fire watch tower in Stavanger.

DSC_8047.JPG (201656 Byte)

View from the tower.

DSC_8054.JPG (157820 Byte)


DSC_8057.JPG (141810 Byte)

St Peter's church Stavanger

DSC_8061.JPG (187773 Byte)


DSC_8062.JPG (136400 Byte)


DSC_8110.JPG (205717 Byte)

Old wooden houses Stavanger.

DSC_8113.JPG (221946 Byte)


DSC_8129.JPG (186077 Byte)

On the ferry crossing from Lauvvika to Oanes

DSC_8134.JPG (194989 Byte)

The start of our hike to see Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen),

DSC_8136.JPG (149916 Byte)

and it goes up!

DSC_8138.JPG (163007 Byte)


DSC_8139.JPG (183224 Byte)


DSC_8140.JPG (178449 Byte)

Looking back down on the park place.

DSC_8145.JPG (136429 Byte)

Board walk over a swampy area.

DSC_8150.JPG (177073 Byte)

The walk goes up the hill and through the pass in the distance.

DSC_8152.JPG (142911 Byte)

Not too easy going.

DSC_8160.JPG (191253 Byte)


DSC_8175.JPG (127207 Byte)


DSC_8176.JPG (135629 Byte)

Eventually there, or almost.

DSC_8197.JPG (183411 Byte)

604 metres above the fjord!

DSC_8198.JPG (117925 Byte)

Straight down, quite a feeling,

DSC_8229.JPG (172730 Byte)

and what a view! Looking East up Lyse fjord.

DSC_8257.JPG (203122 Byte)

Another two hours to get down again.

DSC_8259.JPG (154894 Byte)

Late evening view over the archipeligo.

DSC_8262.JPG (177880 Byte)

We overnighted on this wharf on Frafjord,

DSC_8272.JPG (187223 Byte)

with little holiday huts on both sides. Note the access road on the cliff behind.

DSC_8314.JPG (180578 Byte)

We then continued East via the Sirdal -     (Dal = Tal = valley)

DSC_8316.JPG (181641 Byte)

with its many lakes,

DSC_8317.JPG (345373 Byte)


DSC_8324.JPG (187067 Byte)

then down a rather steep slope to Dalen.

DSC_8326.JPG (173900 Byte)


DSC_8327.JPG (182848 Byte)


DSC_8332.JPG (134941 Byte)

Noe the two whip backs of the road just below.

DSC_8334.JPG (194468 Byte)

Dalen Hotel

DSC_8336.JPG (201072 Byte)

Hotel bus, not as old as it looks.

DSC_8344.JPG (166557 Byte)


DSC_8347.JPG (202705 Byte)

Coffe and cake

DSC_8349.JPG (170112 Byte)


DSC_8360.JPG (152678 Byte)

Quite a trout at 15.5 kg and a meter long!

DSC_8382.JPG (331026 Byte)

From Dalen we followed the Telemark canal for some distance, through beautiful country.

DSC_8395.JPG (167291 Byte)


DSC_8397.JPG (169847 Byte)


DSC_8404.JPG (167162 Byte)


DSC_8407.JPG (166947 Byte)


DSC_8409.JPG (178505 Byte)


DSC_8414.JPG (198221 Byte)

One of the locks, which are still operated by hand.

DSC_8422.JPG (149684 Byte)


DSC_8434.JPG (250573 Byte)


DSC_8435.JPG (182555 Byte)


DSC_8440.JPG (198282 Byte)

Another wonderful overnighting place.

DSC_8448.JPG (168702 Byte)


DSC_8452.JPG (174363 Byte)

Early morning mist.

DSC_8465.JPG (171779 Byte)

Heddal stave chuch

DSC_8468.JPG (145197 Byte)


DSC_8469.JPG (132485 Byte)


DSC_8507.JPG (153295 Byte)


DSC_8518.JPG (184480 Byte)


DSC_8530.JPG (202140 Byte)

Down town Oslo

DSC_8531.JPG (205175 Byte)

Nationaltheater Oslo

DSC_8533.JPG (126523 Byte)

City hall Oslo

DSC_8541.JPG (177963 Byte)

Nicer inside than out!

DSC_8542.JPG (181752 Byte)


DSC_8543.JPG (181041 Byte)


DSC_8545.JPG (185695 Byte)


DSC_8546.JPG (191965 Byte)

View over Oslo fjord from the city hall.

DSC_8557.JPG (143390 Byte)

Front view.

DSC_8563.JPG (126970 Byte)

Oslo Cathedral

DSC_8564.JPG (129883 Byte)


DSC_8566.JPG (177697 Byte)


DSC_8573.JPG (188055 Byte)


DSC_8602.JPG (183953 Byte)

University Aula

DSC_8604.JPG (178468 Byte)


DSC_8605.JPG (180049 Byte)

Wall paintings by Edvard Munch

DSC_8609.JPG (164995 Byte)


DSC_8621.JPG (208158 Byte)

New area near the Opera

DSC_8622.JPG (165593 Byte)


DSC_8624.JPG (158584 Byte)


DSC_8625.JPG (150718 Byte)

Oslo opera house

DSC_8630.JPG (155799 Byte)


DSC_8631.JPG (151395 Byte)


DSC_8635.JPG (166088 Byte)


DSC_8661.JPG (151039 Byte)


DSC_8663.JPG (186790 Byte)


DSC_8666.JPG (106996 Byte)


DSC_8667.JPG (177690 Byte)


DSC_8668.JPG (206478 Byte)


DSC_8670.JPG (158742 Byte)


DSC_8671.JPG (158029 Byte)


DSC_8674.JPG (169110 Byte)


DSC_8687.JPG (162613 Byte)

Viking boat museum

DSC_8695.JPG (188833 Byte)

All three boats exhibited were buried with their owners and all one would need for the afterlife.

DSC_8727.JPG (177369 Byte)


DSC_8734.JPG (185762 Byte)

Decorated sled

DSC_8780.JPG (175209 Byte)


DSC_8787.JPG (176659 Byte)

Kontiki Museum

DSC_8801.JPG (120507 Byte)

The Kontiki Raft

DSC_9005.JPG (196520 Byte)

Aker Brygge area early evening.

DSC_9008.JPG (209098 Byte)

Original!  Italian restaurant.

DSC_9023.JPG (189137 Byte)

Aker Brygge

DSC_9055.JPG (156536 Byte)

Taken from a harbour ferry.

DSC_9056.JPG (139888 Byte)

City hall from the harbour

DSC_9061.JPG (154683 Byte)


DSC_9064.JPG (189602 Byte)


DSC_9069.JPG (168193 Byte)


DSC_9076.JPG (181126 Byte)

Bronze statues at Vigeland Park

DSC_9096.JPG (130785 Byte)

Stone sculptures at Vigeland

DSC_9103.JPG (119547 Byte)


DSC_9123.JPG (128026 Byte)


DSC_9126.JPG (120352 Byte)


DSC_9165.JPG (165379 Byte)

Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Ski Museum

DSC_9170.JPG (162346 Byte)


DSC_9171.JPG (194010 Byte)

This is the landing area!

DSC_9172.JPG (166045 Byte)

and they come from up there!

DSC_9178.JPG (187210 Byte)


DSC_9179.JPG (178110 Byte)


DSC_9187.JPG (163233 Byte)

Old skis and sleds etc.

DSC_9205.JPG (176125 Byte)


DSC_9208.JPG (171220 Byte)

Starting young, very young!

DSC_9211.JPG (179060 Byte)

Saving the crown prince.

DSC_9212.JPG (145169 Byte)


DSC_9219.JPG (144516 Byte)

The inclinator to the top of the ski jump.

DSC_9227.JPG (191162 Byte)

View from the starting point.

DSC_9233.JPG (198730 Byte)

The view over Oslo and Oslo Fjord from the top of Holmenkollen

DSC_9258.JPG (141521 Byte)


DSC_9262.JPG (187209 Byte)

Hotel at Holmenkollen.

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