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Here are a few photos of our Exsis. It is the smallest fully integrated motor home from Hymer

This will give you an idea of our little rolling holiday home.

The basic vehicle is a Ford Transit with a 2.2 litre Common Rail Diesel and a six speed manual transmission.

It is relatively economical, achieving around ten and a half litres per 100 km., and will cruise at 130 kmh on the autobahn if required.

As it is under 3.5 ton fully loaded, it is regarded as a car and one does not require a truck drivers licence.

This is great as Elisabeth can also drive it when required.

DSC_4751.JPG (53921 Byte)


DSC_4805.JPG (245177 Byte)

Front seats in driving position.

DSC_4806.JPG (183407 Byte)

Rear beds

DSC_4808a.JPG (21298 Byte)


DSC_4808b.JPG (23671 Byte)


DSC_4809.JPG (15021 Byte)

Bathroom. The mirror and basin open to form the shower cubicle.

DSC_4811.JPG (196133 Byte)


DSC_4812.JPG (205611 Byte)


DSC_4813.JPG (202158 Byte)

Guest bed lowered but not extended.

DSC_4815.JPG (190173 Byte)

Guest bed, not fully extended

DSC_4818.JPG (165395 Byte)

First outing,  Mosen on the  Hallwilersee

DSC_4848.JPG (180946 Byte)

The cockpit

DSC_5048.JPG (176578 Byte)

Rhinerhorn, Davos

DSC_5050.JPG (191309 Byte)

Rhinerhorn, Davos

DSC_5750.JPG (228001 Byte)

Park place central Dresden

DSC_6924.JPG (184628 Byte)

Jasmund National Park, Rugen east coast

DSC_7100.JPG (205820 Byte)

Transke, Rugen north coast.

DSC_8241.JPG (210051 Byte)

La Pichette, Lake of Geneva

DSC_8306.JPG (192221 Byte)

La Tour-de-Peilz 2011

DSC_8329.JPG (201154 Byte)

La Tour-de-Peilz

DSC_8354.JPG (167928 Byte)

La Tour-de-Peilz

DSC_8356.JPG (146752 Byte)

La Tour-de-Peilz

DSC_1827.JPG (35079 Byte)

In 2012 I installed an airconditioner, a solar panel, a 2000 watt inverter and a security alarm.

The first two can be seen on the roof in this photo.

Here the Exsis is parked in Karlstrom's garden near Stockholm.

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