San Diego - Hawaii


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We arrived in San Diego after a long flight from Switzerland via Chicago.

We overnighted in a small hotel in Little Italy and the next morning went for a walk along the harbour front.

DSC_2836.JPG (188025 Byte)

This was our first view of the Regatta as she was berthed in San Diego.

DSC_2841.JPG (161651 Byte)

We continued along the shore and decided to visit the aircraft carrier "Midway" which is now a museum.

DSC_2856.JPG (161492 Byte)

It was extremely interesting and we stayed on board most of the morning.

DSC_2867.JPG (112801 Byte)

View from the bridge.

DSC_2868.JPG (165156 Byte)


DSC_2873.JPG (179019 Byte)


DSC_2876.JPG (129514 Byte)

Elisabeth on the wheel!

DSC_2881.JPG (231244 Byte)

The guidance system to assist the planes landing.

DSC_2883.JPG (235112 Byte)


DSC_2910.JPG (211825 Byte)

Welcome aboard.

DSC_3020.JPG (122779 Byte)

Late morning we returned to the hotel and then checked in to our new home.

DSC_3032.JPG (130272 Byte)

Very comfortable.

After lunch on board, we returned to finish our tour of the Midway.

DSC_3048.JPG (92403 Byte)

Departing the wharf in San Diego that evening.

DSC_3054.JPG (135507 Byte)

First dinner on board. The grand dining room.

DSC_3055.JPG (94815 Byte)

This shows about half of this walkway. We were about midships.

DSC_3059.JPG (117564 Byte)

The view from our balcony.

DSC_3062.JPG (102920 Byte)

The huge Pacific Ocean, vry calm at the moment.

DSC_3064.JPG (241033 Byte)

Part of the ship's library.

DSC_3065.JPG (212469 Byte)

Mre of the library

DSC_3066.JPG (212033 Byte)

More of the library.

DSC_3067.JPG (139798 Byte)


DSC_3070.JPG (197916 Byte)

The putting green on the upper deck, nine holes.

DSC_3071.JPG (184387 Byte)

Looking back over the pool area with the walking track in blue.

DSC_3072.JPG (168000 Byte)

The Horizons Bar and Cafe forward on the ninth deck.

DSC_3073.JPG (170081 Byte)

Horizons Bar and cafe.

DSC_3074.JPG (134016 Byte)

View from the Horizons Bar looking forward.

DSC_3080.JPG (146609 Byte)

This is the Terrace Cafe where we usually had breakfast.

The rear varandah was open and a great place in good weather.

DSC_3090.JPG (166547 Byte)

Just before sunrise as we approached Hawaii

DSC_3107.JPG (147119 Byte)


DSC_3131.JPG (113652 Byte)

The sun behind Diamond Head on Oahu.

DSC_3161.JPG (208228 Byte)

Our tour bus in Hololulu

DSC_3184.JPG (161008 Byte)

Inside the Diamond Head Crater

DSC_3216.JPG (125521 Byte)


DSC_3238.JPG (151331 Byte)

A beach on the South East Coast,

DSC_3245.JPG (208061 Byte)

with a blow hole on the point.

DSC_3272.JPG (145285 Byte)

Another interesting beach. Note the driftwood.

DSC_3273.JPG (255612 Byte)

This is the reason that timber boats are expensive to maintain in the tropics.

This is the damage from Toredo Worm in the log on the beach.

DSC_3289.JPG (162676 Byte)

Barack Obama used to swim at this beach in his youth.

DSC_3311.JPG (121141 Byte)

Obviously illiterate!

DSC_3312.JPG (170525 Byte)


DSC_3317.JPG (191724 Byte)

We stopped here to see the lighthouse

DSC_3348.JPG (149815 Byte)

A huge fig tree.

DSC_3350.JPG (205607 Byte)

This is what most of the area around Honolulu used to be like before the swamps were drained.

DSC_3354.JPG (147665 Byte)


DSC_3362.JPG (86091 Byte)

Looking east from Nu'uanu Pali Lookout

DSC_3370.JPG (198691 Byte)

This was a historic place where one of the last major tribal fights took place.

DSC_3379.JPG (164576 Byte)

The losers didn't have much chance.

DSC_3404.JPG (213758 Byte)

Back to the ship after the tour, then after lunch we went for a long walk to Waikiki Beach, following the coast the whole way.

DSC_3420.JPG (133834 Byte)

Looking towards Diamond Head again.

DSC_3424.JPG (207893 Byte)

We saw seven bridal couples on this beach, just in the time we walked along it.

DSC_3429.JPG (107976 Byte)

A grandmother on the beach

DSC_3430.JPG (137263 Byte)

and a local grandmother with grandchild.

DSC_3438.JPG (152692 Byte)

Polynesian canoes training for races.

DSC_3446.JPG (167437 Byte)

Looking across the bay towards the yacht harbour.

DSC_3448.JPG (236976 Byte)

More canoes. Each has a crew of six.

DSC_3451.JPG (220273 Byte)

Hi tech paddles

DSC_3458.JPG (128544 Byte)

A rather large Maserati!

DSC_3461.JPG (153418 Byte)

Two more canoes beside the lagoon.

DSC_3462.JPG (181251 Byte)


DSC_3471.JPG (122652 Byte)

Back on the beach after bypassing the yacht harbour.

DSC_3483.JPG (112580 Byte)

The sun setting from the beach.

DSC_3486.JPG (125593 Byte)

Waikiki Beach late afternoon.

DSC_3488.JPG (208123 Byte)

Tropical flowers.

DSC_3490.JPG (192055 Byte)


DSC_3493.JPG (186942 Byte)

Ukeleles are popular here.

DSC_3500.JPG (190023 Byte)

A local Hula dance group on board the Regatta in the Regatta Lounge.

DSC_3514.JPG (168554 Byte)


DSC_3551.JPG (97296 Byte)


DSC_3554.JPG (86574 Byte)


DSC_3574.JPG (201159 Byte)

The whole group.

DSC_3584.JPG (132391 Byte)

We departed Honolulu late at night, but were pulled out of bed very early the next morning, by the captain advising us that we had a complete loss of power and that we should proceed to one of the upper deck restaurants, as there would soon be no more emergency power.

We joined friends on the aft deck of the Terrace Cafe and remained there for the rest of the morning.

We were towed back to Honolulu arriving about 8:30, but could not dock until about 11:00 am as the dock was occupied.

Regatta tow.JPG (65670 Byte)


DSC_3594.JPG (175997 Byte)

Being towed back.

DSC_3611.JPG (174244 Byte)

We then took a walk through the old town and took a bus to visit the Bishop Museum.

DSC_3615.JPG (172939 Byte)


DSC_3617.JPG (189171 Byte)


DSC_3629.JPG (207106 Byte)

The Bishop Museum

DSC_3630.JPG (173461 Byte)


DSC_3632.JPG (143741 Byte)

This museum has a very interesting display of the history of the cultures of the Pacific Islanders.

DSC_3636.JPG (102979 Byte)

Ancient fish hooks.

DSC_3639.JPG (106568 Byte)

A Polynesian double hulled canoe.

DSC_3648.JPG (109516 Byte)

A proa.

DSC_3653.JPG (174983 Byte)

Great white shark

DSC_3667.JPG (180763 Byte)

A sperm whale. The other side was open to show the skeleton.

DSC_3671.JPG (137823 Byte)

A dislay of various types of canoes and sailing canoes.

DSC_3677.JPG (144866 Byte)

The whale again.

DSC_3682.JPG (157181 Byte)


DSC_3695.JPG (128550 Byte)

A painting by George Carter depicting the death of Captain James Cook.

DSC_3697.JPG (77061 Byte)


DSC_3737.JPG (164223 Byte)

Departing the museum and heading back down town.

DSC_3773.JPG (157464 Byte)

We spent more time looking around town and eventually departed for Nuku Hiva two days late.

We missed out on visiting Kauai Island and Maui.

We were very disappointed as we had booked special outings on both Islands and will not get another chance to go back.

DSC_3781.JPG (80697 Byte)

Departing Honolulu, looking back to the town.

DSC_3787.JPG (168884 Byte)

The pilot leaving the ship.

DSC_3789.JPG (175657 Byte)


DSC_3793.JPG (70643 Byte)

Last views of Honolulu.

DSC_3797.JPG (191475 Byte)

We then headed to the Regatta Lounge for some entertainment.

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