Nuku Hiva


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After departing Honolulu, we headed south to the Marquesas.

This was the only ship we saw while we were away from land and it was also a long way from us.

DSC_3804.JPG (87355 Byte)


DSC_3807.JPG (95205 Byte)

Part of a lecture by Dr Dave on Dolphins and their echo location systems.

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We crossed the equator and that of course called for a ceremony.

DSC_3812.JPG (197338 Byte)


DSC_3820.JPG (145890 Byte)

Neptune arrived with entourage

DSC_3825a.JPG (145081 Byte)

and set up ready for the ceremony.

DSC_3825b.JPG (138713 Byte)


DSC_3836.JPG (105768 Byte)

Instead of slime we were doused with ice water,

DSC_3837.JPG (112690 Byte)

but we had to kiss a real fish!

DSC_3840.JPG (119758 Byte)

Elisabeth seemed to enjoy it,

DSC_3841.JPG (125066 Byte)


DSC_3847.JPG (152178 Byte)

but I was not so certain.

Equator crossing 1.jpg (62684 Byte)

That was rather cold!

DSC_3848 - cropped.JPG (134156 Byte)

The fish really did not look so inviting!

Equator crossing 2.jpg (68456 Byte)


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Elisabeth got quite friendly with Neptune.

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DSC_3894.JPG (162456 Byte)

The mermaid had a great costume.

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DSC_3902.JPG (169954 Byte)

When all was over, Neptune was doused with the rest of the ice water.

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The next day we were treated to a gala brunch and the cooks all tried to excel the others with creativeness.

There were some very artistic creations.

DSC_3935.JPG (117822 Byte)


DSC_3939.JPG (146595 Byte)


DSC_3940.JPG (149093 Byte)

The food was also delicious!

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DSC_3942.JPG (75839 Byte)


DSC_3943.JPG (114173 Byte)

How about a watermelon.

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The desert table.

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Ice sculpture.

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DSC_3965.JPG (160714 Byte)

The bread table.

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DSC_3970.JPG (122413 Byte)

Mmm!  No calories of course!

Nuku Hiva is the largest iasland in the Marquesas group and is, as are most islands here, an extinct volcano.

The caldera has emptied into the ocean to the south of the island forming two large bays. We anchored in Bae de Taohae and

went ashore in the tenders. The island is extremely rugged with a few very small beaches.

DSC_3978.JPG (97367 Byte)

Aproaching Nuku Hiva before sun rise.

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DSC_4036a.JPG (132406 Byte)

The rugged south coast.

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The pilot boat.

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DSC_4069.JPG (119643 Byte)

On final approach!

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DSC_4074a.JPG (141386 Byte)


DSC_4083.JPG (133124 Byte)


DSC_4084.JPG (139915 Byte)

Taohae bay with the steep walls of the old caldera.

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DSC_4089.JPG (137517 Byte)

Preparing the tenders and the landing platform.

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DSC_4096.JPG (133757 Byte)

Looking out of the bay towards 'Ua Pou, on the horizon about 45 km to the South.

DSC_4101.JPG (163141 Byte)

Breakfast on the aft deck before going ashore.

DSC_4117.JPG (136427 Byte)

Welcome with a Gardenia blossom.

DSC_4125.JPG (137868 Byte)


DSC_4126.JPG (179623 Byte)

Our tender.

DSC_4144.JPG (145735 Byte)


DSC_4151.JPG (169313 Byte)

Dark sand beaches.

DSC_4154.JPG (197346 Byte)

A musical welcome.

DSC_4156.JPG (171570 Byte)

Letter openers in local style.

DSC_4159.JPG (159919 Byte)

Various local carvings.

DSC_4160.JPG (143449 Byte)


DSC_4162.JPG (144799 Byte)


DSC_4165.JPG (112707 Byte)


DSC_4171.JPG (200882 Byte)

Tiki with children!

DSC_4174.JPG (199513 Byte)


DSC_4175.JPG (99902 Byte)

Carved from the bill of billfish.

DSC_4178.JPG (139278 Byte)


DSC_4182.JPG (144966 Byte)


DSC_4183.JPG (145073 Byte)


DSC_4185.JPG (240284 Byte)


DSC_4194.JPG (165872 Byte)

The local council chambers

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DSC_4234.JPG (181764 Byte)

The new church and the remains of the old one.

DSC_4241.JPG (133810 Byte)


DSC_4243.JPG (163110 Byte)


DSC_4245.JPG (122142 Byte)

Biblical carvings in the local style.

DSC_4246.JPG (106378 Byte)


DSC_4247.JPG (160538 Byte)


DSC_4248.JPG (119186 Byte)


DSC_4249.JPG (128168 Byte)


DSC_4250.JPG (128182 Byte)


DSC_4251.JPG (175132 Byte)


DSC_4253.JPG (131690 Byte)


DSC_4254.JPG (173079 Byte)


DSC_4256.JPG (179285 Byte)


DSC_4264.JPG (309084 Byte)


DSC_4270.JPG (236668 Byte)


DSC_4271.JPG (129101 Byte)

White bougainvillea.

DSC_4273.JPG (279359 Byte)


DSC_4274.JPG (248753 Byte)


DSC_4283.JPG (93696 Byte)

Similar to frangipanni but a different species.

DSC_4285.JPG (178488 Byte)


DSC_4286.JPG (109448 Byte)


DSC_4287.JPG (218416 Byte)


DSC_4291.JPG (204991 Byte)


DSC_4293.JPG (135438 Byte)


DSC_4294.JPG (180326 Byte)


DSC_4296.JPG (146570 Byte)


DSC_4299.JPG (227853 Byte)

The ancient ceremonial area. This table would have been for serving up the meat. They were canibals!

DSC_4300.JPG (214702 Byte)


DSC_4301.JPG (250839 Byte)

Note the three sitting at the table eating with their hands!

DSC_4305.JPG (168614 Byte)

Sharpening stone.

DSC_4306.JPG (177044 Byte)


DSC_4308.JPG (252862 Byte)

One has to imagine what the ceremonies here were like.

DSC_4328.JPG (203867 Byte)

The ceremonial area.

DSC_4329.JPG (183967 Byte)


DSC_4332.JPG (165757 Byte)

We have seen these seeds floating in other parts of the Pacific. They are quite large.

DSC_4337.JPG (172614 Byte)


DSC_4338.JPG (127892 Byte)

The first stop for yachts on the trip west across the Pacific.

DSC_4343a.JPG (152512 Byte)

A large Tiki to welcome or scare off visitors!

DSC_4343b.JPG (202682 Byte)


DSC_4345.JPG (165551 Byte)


DSC_4348.JPG (205517 Byte)

Time to head back to the ship.

DSC_4349.JPG (147028 Byte)


DSC_4352.JPG (123403 Byte)

Beautiful weather.

DSC_4353.JPG (155859 Byte)


DSC_4355.JPG (122109 Byte)

A lecture on Captian Cook by Joe Kess. He gave some very interesting presentations.

DSC_4354.JPG (79466 Byte)


DSC_4366.JPG (197255 Byte)


DSC_4373.JPG (124724 Byte)

Playing shuffle board with new friends from Germany. Our shoulders were sore afterwards.

DSC_4385.JPG (121882 Byte)

Dinner in the French restaurant, the Polo Grill.

DSC_4397.JPG (142774 Byte)

After dinner, we attended the show in the Regatta Lounge

DSC_4402.JPG (131623 Byte)


DSC_4408.JPG (165622 Byte)

and the farewell from our first captain.

DSC_4417.JPG (99025 Byte)

He had been relieving while the regular captain of the Regatta was on holidays.

DSC_4424.JPG (152546 Byte)

This is quite a line up, but it is a good portion of the crew.

Some of the cooks to the left, some of the waiters etc to the right and other staff behind in the middle.

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