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We were scheduled to visit Fakarava Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipeligo on the 16th, but were behind schedule due to our late departure from Honolulu and we had to miss out on that highlight as well.

We visited Bora Bora twice. The first time we arived late morning on the 17th and only had the afternoon available, but we had organised an outing with "Pure Snorkeling" to see some of the local highlights. We had a great driver and guide named Hiro and really enjoyed the afternoon.

Here is a selection of photos of our circumnavigation of the lagoon at Bora Bora.

DSC_4482.JPG (169383 Byte)


DSC_4488.JPG (152911 Byte)


DSC_4514.JPG (97301 Byte)

Entering the lagoon.

DSC_4521.JPG (97222 Byte)


DSC_4522.JPG (155407 Byte)

Some of the reef beside the passage.

DSC_4547.JPG (161829 Byte)

Inside the lagoon.

DSC_4551.JPG (145085 Byte)


DSC_4555.JPG (126683 Byte)

On the wharf in Vaitape.

DSC_4557.JPG (200958 Byte)


DSC_4558.JPG (158440 Byte)

The tourist information office on the wharf.

DSC_4559.JPG (186604 Byte)


DSC_4566.JPG (256862 Byte)


DSC_4568.JPG (108806 Byte)

The next tender coming ashore.

DSC_4569.JPG (157235 Byte)

Waiting for our Puresnorkeling boat.

DSC_4570.JPG (166071 Byte)

Gardenias again.

DSC_4578.JPG (184504 Byte)

Hiro with the bowrider.

DSC_4585.JPG (129895 Byte)


DSC_4603.JPG (126914 Byte)

Elisabeth really enjoying the ride.

DSC_4639.JPG (119369 Byte)

We first went to a spot to try to see Manta Rays, but they had gone out to sea in the afternoon.

Here Hiro was showing us some of the luxury hotels.

DSC_4642.JPG (184764 Byte)


DSC_4652.JPG (116052 Byte)

Looking back to the Regatta.

DSC_4662.JPG (92396 Byte)

A view if the central plug of the old volcano of Bora Bora.

DSC_4664.JPG (93162 Byte)

Cleaqr shallow water.

DSC_4675.JPG (151912 Byte)

More hotels.

DSC_4692.JPG (246499 Byte)


DSC_4695.JPG (167943 Byte)

We stopped near here to snorked and saw quite an abundence of colourful fishes.

DSC_4711.JPG (78932 Byte)

A large catamaran.

DSC_4739.JPG (106366 Byte)


In this spot we were snorkelling above a group of Eagle rays.

DSC_4740.JPG (103620 Byte)


DSC_4786.JPG (89215 Byte)


DSC_4793.JPG (88512 Byte)

This guy was sailing rather well.

DSC_4801.JPG (86364 Byte)


DSC_4812.JPG (151315 Byte)


DSC_4825.JPG (110183 Byte)

Elisabeth still happy.

DSC_4836.JPG (182954 Byte)

This islant is for rent, complete with service, but not cheap.

DSC_4841.JPG (174996 Byte)

This is a coral head with the soft parts floating above it.

DSC_4842.JPG (113307 Byte)

Local housing near the outer reef.

DSC_4843.JPG (126085 Byte)


DSC_4849.JPG (114451 Byte)

Our group ready for the water.

DSC_4853.JPG (84750 Byte)


DSC_4856.JPG (107990 Byte)

This was a fantastic dive spot known as the coral gardens and it lived up to it's name.

DSC_4865.JPG (167732 Byte)

Dave snorkelling and photographing.

DSC_4869.JPG (147388 Byte)

Here we were diving on the coral garden. The following are a few of Dave's underwater photos.

ChristmasTreeWormDarkGolden2017BESTEVERCLOSE.JPG (129348 Byte)

Christmas tree worm.

ClamBlueNeonBoraBora2017a.VividShare.JPG (159079 Byte)

Blue clam.

Lautoka66CrownOfThornsBEST.JPG (204043 Byte)

Crown of thorns starfish.

DSCN9174.JPG (168546 Byte)

Another beautiful clam.

DSC_4879.JPG (117552 Byte)

Elisabeth and Dave looking over the bow as we depart the coral gardens.

DSC_4890.JPG (95883 Byte)

Heading back to the Regatta.

DSC_4903.JPG (124381 Byte)


DSC_4907.JPG (141210 Byte)


DSC_4913.JPG (141071 Byte)


DSC_4915.JPG (291828 Byte)

This is a map of the lagoon showing where the Regatta came in and also the route where we toured with Hiro, anticlockwise around the island.

DSC_4920.JPG (113489 Byte)


DSC_4921.JPG (141491 Byte)


DSC_4927.JPG (122049 Byte)

The shuttle service to and from the ship.

DSC_4929.JPG (93828 Byte)


DSC_4931.JPG (105986 Byte)

Last light!

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