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Harbours and Anchorages

North Coast

Csardo-w.jpg (156206 bytes)

Castelsardo Harbour with the medieval town on top of the hill behind.

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CSARDO11.JPG (226300 bytes)

Castelsardo, View of the harbour from the old town.


Rosaharb.jpg (13642 bytes)

New harbour at Isola Rossa (while under construction)


ROSSAPAN.JPG (634761 bytes)

Panorama of Isola Rossa looking from the south  (taken 2005)

East Coast, Maddalena - Costa Smeralda

Stteresa.jpg (24062 bytes)

S. Teresa gallura, Porto Longonsardo


Stteres2.jpg (45389 bytes)

S.teresa, Porto Longonsardo


porpozzo.jpg (37483 bytes)

Porto Pozzo, anchorage.


Madelena.jpg (27623 bytes)

Madelena harbour  View from hill.


Madalhfn.jpg (24519 bytes)



Poltqatu.jpg (22332 bytes)

Poltu Quatu


Ptcervo.jpg (153082 Byte)

Porto Cervo


Rotondo.jpg (30726 bytes)

Porto Rotondo


Rotondow.jpg (29592 bytes)

Golf di Cugnana, Porto Rotondo in the centre foreground

East Coast from Cape Carbonara to Olbia

P8215911.JPG (56312 bytes)

Harbour Villasimius West

P8215912.JPG (47210 bytes)

Harbour Villasimius East, with office, restaurant and shops in background.

P8215913.JPG (51652 bytes)

Southern beach, Villasimius

P8215922.JPG (52668 bytes)

Looking South to Cape Carbonara

P8215924.JPG (54140 bytes)

Cape Carbonara. Lighthouse is on an island.

P8235945-wide.jpg (44870 bytes)

Porto Corallo

P8235947.JPG (50993 bytes)

Beaches South of Porto Corallo

P8235950.JPG (48958 bytes)

Watch tower, Porto Corallo

P8235959.JPG (42588 bytes)

View looking South from Tower

P8255968.JPG (35347 bytes)

Harbour of Porto Corallo looking from North. Entrance almost in line with tower on left.

P8255969.JPG (48478 bytes)

Heading North from Santa Maria Navarrese, Arbatax is behind the Island in background.

P8255974.JPG (38570 bytes)

Rugged coast north of Santa Maria Navarrese

P8255977.JPG (51699 bytes)

Closer view of coast

P8265992.JPG (37803 bytes)

Harbour entrance La Caletta

P8265989.JPG (45194 bytes)

La Caletta.  Very good Pizzerea - Restaurant in NE corner near tower.

P8265993.JPG (31156 bytes)

Approaching La Caletta from NE. Tower to right and harbour entrance to left of breakwater.


Ottiharb.jpg (127365 Byte)



Paldia1.jpg (139950 Byte)Paldia2.jpg (124240 Byte)


P8265999.JPG (50597 bytes)

Approaching Cape Coda with Tavolara Island in background.

P8266004.JPG (41764 bytes)

At anchor, Porto Brandichi, Tavolara in background.

P8266022.JPG (27774 bytes)


P8276039.JPG (37274 bytes)

Sunset - Porto Brandichi

P82860581.JPG (11056 bytes)P8286062.JPG (12246 bytes)

Wally ? at entrance to Olbia

P8286064.JPG (38969 bytes)

Entrance to Olbia Harbour

P8296077.JPG (49717 bytes)

Yacht club marina, Olbia.

P8286071.JPG (84870 bytes)

Fish school in harbour, Olbia.

West Coast

PA110054.JPG (789312 bytes)

Asinara Island, Cala Reale - Buoy Field


Stintino, last harbour before Fornelli Passage to the West Coast

STINENTR.JPG (594410 bytes)

Entrance to Stintino Harbour


STINT-WD.JPG (571005 bytes)

Stintino harbour from the harbour entrance


stintino.jpg (143384 bytes)

Stintino.  Yacht club marina.


stinttrd.jpg (119294 bytes)

Stintino. Traditional boats in inner harbour


FORNELI1.JPG (901092 bytes)

Approaching Fornelli Passage from Stintino


FORNELI2.JPG (640920 bytes)

Fornelli Passage


seglsard.JPG (28386 bytes)

Aboard "Letizia" with Bernd and Margit


ApprCCaccia.JPG (536147 bytes)

Approaching Capo Caccia from the North


CapoCaccia.JPG (954439 bytes)

Capo Caccia


PA120141.JPG (761787 bytes)

Capo Caccia from East


PortoConto.JPG (601809 bytes)

Approaching Porto Conto


algehro.jpg (33004 bytes)

Alghero (Visitors wharf)


algnight.jpg (16800 bytes)

Alghero at night


Alghero-2.jpg (1562205 bytes)

Panorama -Alghero Harbour.   Work continues on left side of picture


Bosamarina4.JPG (747099 bytes)

Approaching Bosamarina


Bosawharf.JPG (788107 bytes)

Bosamarina  town and wharf


Torregrande1.JPG (288738 bytes)

Approaching Torregrande tourist harbour


Tharros.JPG (419692 bytes)


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