Pics Sweden 2013

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DSC_0984.JPG (175985 Byte)

Approaching the Oresund Bridge

DSC_0985a.JPG (172746 Byte)

Crossing the bridge.

DSC_1026.JPG (159060 Byte)

The Twisted Torso, Malmö

DSC_1062.JPG (209745 Byte)

Ales stenar, The old stones, SE Sweden

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DSC_1141.JPG (179428 Byte)

On the beach at Stenshuvud National Park

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DSC_1198.JPG (183201 Byte)

Overnighting in a camp ground for a change.

DSC_1230.JPG (193547 Byte)

Kalmar Castle

DSC_1234.JPG (158479 Byte)


DSC_1241.JPG (201212 Byte)

Draw bridge to the castle.

DSC_1280a.JPG (212716 Byte)

Brand new rest area just off the main road with all services for motor homes etc.

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DSC_1293.JPG (163737 Byte)

It certainly wasn't crowded.

DSC_1319.JPG (188380 Byte)

Old Boatswains cottages at Västervik

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DSC_1321.JPG (194213 Byte)


DSC_1338.JPG (180503 Byte)

St. Peters church, Västervik

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DSC_1369.JPG (186713 Byte)

Lock on the Göta Canal at Soderkoping

DSC_1371.JPG (181007 Byte)

Göta Canal, Soderkoping

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DSC_1435a.JPG (191888 Byte)

Parked in the garden at Karlstroms place East of Stockholm.

DSC_1435b.JPG (204464 Byte)

Going for an early morning swim.

DSC_1438.JPG (192078 Byte)


DSC_1440.JPG (194771 Byte)

The sun was warm,

DSC_1444.JPG (207500 Byte)

but the water was rather cool!

DSC_1462.JPG (143807 Byte)

Heading out to the archipeligo in Anders' boat.

DSC_1464.JPG (221125 Byte)

Ritva and Anders

DSC_1501.JPG (191576 Byte)

Idyllic bays like this every where.

DSC_1548.JPG (193542 Byte)


DSC_1574.JPG (160421 Byte)

Foredeck hand.

DSC_1580.JPG (197392 Byte)

The boat club sauna.

DSC_1589.JPG (150164 Byte)

Prepare your own wood for the fire,

DSC_1594.JPG (222310 Byte)

get it heated up,

DSC_1602.JPG (184624 Byte)

then enjoy the warmth,

DSC_1606.JPG (212494 Byte)

before the cold dip.

DSC_1622.JPG (140337 Byte)

The bar-b-que that followed.

DSC_1636.JPG (179629 Byte)

Maja and Elisabeth got on very well.

DSC_1640.JPG (221184 Byte)


DSC_1656.JPG (193348 Byte)

Heading home.

DSC_1813.JPG (190719 Byte)

The boat club

DSC_1814.JPG (149157 Byte)


DSC_1816.JPG (180988 Byte)


DSC_1819.JPG (196997 Byte)

Evening light on our home.

DSC_1827.JPG (131760 Byte)

Birds eye view.

DSC_1872.JPG (192118 Byte)

Heading for a tour of Stockholm by boat.

DSC_1880.JPG (189611 Byte)


DSC_1920.JPG (171649 Byte)

Water landing.

DSC_1926.JPG (202220 Byte)


DSC_1944.JPG (166731 Byte)


DSC_1947.JPG (190381 Byte)


DSC_1971.JPG (119168 Byte)


DSC_1999.JPG (151238 Byte)

Amusement park.

DSC_2003.JPG (96732 Byte)


DSC_2007.JPG (167702 Byte)


DSC_2034.JPG (172339 Byte)


DSC_2044.JPG (124263 Byte)

Giraffe crane.

DSC_2058.JPG (172912 Byte)

A little boat coming around the corner.

DSC_2063.JPG (179036 Byte)


DSC_2093.JPG (183042 Byte)


DSC_2097.JPG (153340 Byte)

New helmswoman.

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DSC_2128.JPG (185474 Byte)


DSC_2131a.JPG (183717 Byte)

The Viking Grace coming in to pick us up!


DSC_2131c Viking Grace introduction.JPG (66256 Byte)


DSC_2131d Viking Grace spec.JPG (42129 Byte)


DSC_2132.JPG (176813 Byte)

Fuel tanker bringing LNG to fuel the ship.

DSC_2164.JPG (153782 Byte)

Heading out through the archipeligo, with a grandstand view.

DSC_2167.JPG (163383 Byte)


DSC_2182.JPG (179613 Byte)

Plenty of deck space

DSC_2183a.JPG (137971 Byte)

and clean exhaust.

DSC_2183b.JPG (133630 Byte)

Fuel tanks are on the aft deck for ventilation.

DSC_2202.JPG (158920 Byte)


DSC_2224.JPG (178389 Byte)


DSC_2234.JPG (140284 Byte)

Elisabeth with a Summer haircut.

DSC_2236.JPG (121825 Byte)

Note the carpet on the floor in the passageways.

DSC_2239.JPG (220331 Byte)

Stocking up, at a reasonable price.

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