Western Samoa


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After departing Pago Pago, we travelled overnight, arriving at Apia in Western Samoa the following morning.

There are a lot of photos here, but the album should give anyone thinking of a holiday in Samoa, a good idea of what to expect.

Westen Samoa, together with Fiji, reminded us the most of Papua New Guinea.

The difference between American Samoa and Western Samoa is remarkable.   American Samoa is really run down and urgently needing an injection of funds and initiative, whereas Western Samoa is quite tidy and the civic pride is obvious where ever you look. The villages are all relatively neat with lots of flowering shrubs lining the properties and the roads.

The people were welcoming and proud and we were positively impressed all round.

DSC_7249.JPG (100110 Byte)

Arriving in Apia with the wharf where we were to dock on the left hand side of the photo.

DSC_7254.JPG (214016 Byte)

Looking across the harbour to the town. The Cathedral is to the left of the photo.

DSC_7259.JPG (130793 Byte)

A friendly welcome waiting on the wharf.

DSC_7260.JPG (129664 Byte)

This was the shuttle bus to town, organised by the ship for those who were organising their own program.

DSC_7262.JPG (150415 Byte)

The friendly hostesses.

DSC_7295.JPG (40740 Byte)

We headed to town, expecting to see the cultural show, but it was postponed till later in the day due to bad weather.

We decided to take a taxi trip around the eastern end of the island and this driver was happy to oblige.

DSC_7297.JPG (128210 Byte)

Heading east from Apia along the northern coastal road.

DSC_7300.JPG (132067 Byte)

I didn't get much chance to take photos and some of the following are just taken through the window.

DSC_7301.JPG (188285 Byte)


DSC_7303.JPG (107265 Byte)


DSC_7317.JPG (141195 Byte)

Passing through a typical village.

DSC_7320.JPG (194522 Byte)


DSC_7325.JPG (132826 Byte)

We stopped at this small beach,

DSC_7326.JPG (160848 Byte)

for a few photos,

DSC_7328.JPG (194667 Byte)

but were disappointed to see the rubbish that had been washed up on the beach.

DSC_7331.JPG (88104 Byte)

Frangipannis, always photogenic.

DSC_7333.JPG (96933 Byte)

A pair of elderly tourists.

DSC_7343.JPG (173673 Byte)

One of many churches.

DSC_7344.JPG (122748 Byte)

They are usually in quite good condition.

DSC_7347.JPG (178819 Byte)


DSC_7351.JPG (126749 Byte)


DSC_7356.JPG (121626 Byte)

This was a line up of buses from the ship. I'd hate to see how many there would be from a large ship.

We only had 580 passengers on board, but some ships have around 3000.

DSC_7361.JPG (182831 Byte)

This was a small private park with waterfall and gardens.

DSC_7361b.JPG (163903 Byte)


DSC_7362.JPG (112365 Byte)

Hibiscus come in many forms,

DSC_7364.JPG (99646 Byte)

but are always attractive.

DSC_7382.JPG (86602 Byte)

These flowers were also common.

DSC_7383.JPG (179444 Byte)


DSC_7384.JPG (222705 Byte)

There were many types of flowering shrubs.

DSC_7385.JPG (127999 Byte)


DSC_7386.JPG (82984 Byte)

Another double hibiscus.

DSC_7390.JPG (118755 Byte)


DSC_7395.JPG (130577 Byte)

Heading south and inland there were always flower lined roads.

DSC_7396.JPG (135898 Byte)

Here we are approaching Le Mafa Pass and lookout.

DSC_7397.JPG (106839 Byte)


DSC_7399.JPG (144175 Byte)

The view from the lookout was great, despite the rainy weather. This is looking north to the ocean.

DSC_7402.JPG (153983 Byte)


DSC_7406.JPG (158044 Byte)

Our taxi.

DSC_7409.JPG (98812 Byte)

This was a freshwater storage lake.

DSC_7412.JPG (189350 Byte)

A horse at the end of his tether!

DSC_7413.JPG (125091 Byte)

The country here really reminded us of some areas around Madang, PNG.

DSC_7415.JPG (107713 Byte)

School children heading home for lunch.

DSC_7420.JPG (158841 Byte)


DSC_7422.JPG (116265 Byte)

This was either another church or a school.

DSC_7425.JPG (121127 Byte)

Another church.

DSC_7438.JPG (140497 Byte)

Here we are arriving at a tourist resort on the south east corner.

DSC_7441.JPG (89755 Byte)


DSC_7444.JPG (240691 Byte)

This is sensitive weed. When you touch it it closes up, as you can see in the photo below.

DSC_7445.JPG (234819 Byte)


DSC_7447.JPG (96497 Byte)

Another double or is it a triple hibiscus.

DSC_7448.JPG (92328 Byte)

The beach resort.

DSC_7449.JPG (92887 Byte)

White hibiscus.

DSC_7450.JPG (83134 Byte)


DSC_7452b.JPG (174991 Byte)

The resort was composed of lots of small huts around the central dining room and bar.

DSC_7453.JPG (177688 Byte)

All was located directly on the beach.

DSC_7457.JPG (116960 Byte)

Looking east towards the island.

DSC_7460.JPG (144937 Byte)


DSC_7462.JPG (137492 Byte)

The restaurant, with an ocean view.

DSC_7467.JPG (132056 Byte)

Some huts had walls and windows, but some just had railings.

DSC_7471.JPG (152200 Byte)

Elisabeth with another lady from the Regatta. We shared the taxi with them.

DSC_7478.JPG (149813 Byte)

The south coast road heading west.

DSC_7479.JPG (144523 Byte)


DSC_7485.JPG (147213 Byte)

Passing another beach with a fringing reef and lagoon.

DSC_7491.JPG (116677 Byte)


DSC_7492.JPG (143467 Byte)

Looking back towards to resort.

DSC_7497.JPG (126379 Byte)


DSC_7498.JPG (123391 Byte)


DSC_7502.JPG (125341 Byte)


DSC_7504.JPG (201544 Byte)


DSC_7505.JPG (162928 Byte)


DSC_7507.JPG (137870 Byte)


DSC_7508.JPG (91772 Byte)


DSC_7513.JPG (233314 Byte)

This was a more upscale resort, but we dd not go down to it.

DSC_7515.JPG (172084 Byte)

I googled this and it looks quite nice.

DSC_7518.JPG (183328 Byte)

Another home made bus, but it seemed to be in better shape than the one we had in Pago Pago.

DSC_7525.JPG (153554 Byte)

This lad didn't seem to be wearing a seat belt!

DSC_7528.JPG (267203 Byte)

We crossed the island in the middle travelling north on the Cross Island Road, then visited the Robert Louis Stevenson museum.

DSC_7529.JPG (227382 Byte)


DSC_7530.JPG (152513 Byte)


DSC_7532b.JPG (119756 Byte)

Villa Vailima, Stevenson's original home in Samoa.

DSC_7536.JPG (154909 Byte)

It is now a museum.

DSC_7537.JPG (151630 Byte)


DSC_7541.JPG (165385 Byte)

The fireplaces were never lit, they were just to make the family feel at home.

DSC_7542.JPG (212971 Byte)

This may have been from Robinson Crusoe.

DSC_7543.JPG (160296 Byte)

The gardens are extensive and well kept.

DSC_7544.JPG (122210 Byte)


DSC_7545.JPG (137507 Byte)

We had a whirlwind private guided tour of the villa.

DSC_7546.JPG (126931 Byte)


DSC_7547.JPG (171913 Byte)


DSC_7548.JPG (182126 Byte)


DSC_7549.JPG (115125 Byte)


DSC_7550.JPG (129883 Byte)


DSC_7551.JPG (109524 Byte)


DSC_7552.JPG (116476 Byte)


DSC_7553.JPG (115251 Byte)


DSC_7554.JPG (242840 Byte)


DSC_7555.JPG (165052 Byte)


DSC_7557.JPG (82059 Byte)


DSC_7558.JPG (118815 Byte)


DSC_7559.JPG (120539 Byte)


DSC_7560.JPG (157483 Byte)


DSC_7561.JPG (142594 Byte)

The house appeared to be quite comfortable. It is a shame that he was so sick and couldn't really enjoy it for long.

DSC_7562.JPG (127671 Byte)


DSC_7563.JPG (126638 Byte)

The misic room.

DSC_7564.JPG (145587 Byte)


DSC_7565.JPG (145577 Byte)


DSC_7566.JPG (205435 Byte)


DSC_7567.JPG (134759 Byte)


DSC_7568.JPG (190877 Byte)


DSC_7571.JPG (191253 Byte)


DSC_7572.JPG (83835 Byte)


DSC_7574.JPG (112622 Byte)


DSC_7575.JPG (139069 Byte)


DSC_7577.JPG (153691 Byte)


DSC_7580.JPG (187861 Byte)


DSC_7581.JPG (213583 Byte)


DSC_7582.JPG (140242 Byte)


DSC_7584.JPG (205438 Byte)


DSC_7584a.JPG (174612 Byte)

After the R.L.S. museum, we returned to Apia and visited the cultural centre.

DSC_7585.JPG (235994 Byte)

This was quite an impressive building.

DSC_7586.JPG (218183 Byte)

A display of various tapa cloths.

DSC_7587.JPG (201461 Byte)

They had already had their performance, much earlier than they had told us, but when we showed our dismay they agreed to do it again for us.

We then rounded up a few other peaple for our private show.

DSC_7590.JPG (166103 Byte)


DSC_7591.JPG (218713 Byte)

It had been pouring rain and the floor was wet, but they didn't seem to mind.

DSC_7594.JPG (217610 Byte)


DSC_7601.JPG (216536 Byte)


DSC_7605.JPG (118291 Byte)

Note the tattoos on this fellow.

DSC_7608.JPG (114700 Byte)


DSC_7611.JPG (132893 Byte)


DSC_7615.JPG (202995 Byte)


DSC_7627.JPG (167388 Byte)


DSC_7638.JPG (88256 Byte)


DSC_7641.JPG (121191 Byte)


DSC_7646.JPG (177929 Byte)

This was quite special, but we didn't try it out.

DSC_7648.JPG (163810 Byte)

This fellow was having his leg tattooed.

DSC_7649.JPG (241308 Byte)

Trees in the garden at the cultural centre.

DSC_7650.JPG (208010 Byte)


DSC_7651.JPG (86802 Byte)


DSC_7653.JPG (287331 Byte)

The wood carver's hut.

DSC_7654.JPG (209999 Byte)

These fellows were carving Kava Bowls.

DSC_7655.JPG (195513 Byte)


DSC_7656.JPG (162727 Byte)


DSC_7659.JPG (138250 Byte)


DSC_7661.JPG (225859 Byte)

Looking back on the hall where the dance performance was held.

DSC_7663.JPG (202684 Byte)


DSC_7664.JPG (155552 Byte)

An unusual palm in seed.

DSC_7665.JPG (134567 Byte)


DSC_7667.JPG (134104 Byte)

Here are a few nice posters in the visitors centre.

DSC_7667a.JPG (94515 Byte)


DSC_7667b.JPG (106424 Byte)


DSC_7668.JPG (94253 Byte)


DSC_7671.JPG (101975 Byte)


DSC_7671b.JPG (201539 Byte)

Here you can trace our round trip, starting in Apia heading east and crossing the Le Mafa Pass, then east around the point passing the islands to the Beach Resort.

We then followed the south coast road to the west before crossing on the Cross Island Road back to Apia.

DSC_7672.JPG (200776 Byte)

We were on Upolu Island, but Savai'i Island also looks interesting.

DSC_7674.JPG (128921 Byte)

This is the cathedral in Apia.

DSC_7675.JPG (145163 Byte)


DSC_7676.JPG (202172 Byte)

The inside was rather spectacular with the mosaic timber ceilings,

DSC_7678.JPG (189395 Byte)

the stained glass windows

DSC_7679.JPG (162482 Byte)


DSC_7680.JPG (171039 Byte)

and an impressive dome.

DSC_7682.JPG (193306 Byte)


DSC_7687.JPG (182968 Byte)


DSC_7689.JPG (192130 Byte)


DSC_7692.JPG (242025 Byte)

The red stone floor.

DSC_7694.JPG (125670 Byte)

DSC_7695.JPG (119939 Byte)


DSC_7696.JPG (135283 Byte)

Looking back across the harbour towards the Regatta.

DSC_7698.JPG (240241 Byte)

Down town Apia.

DSC_7699.JPG (180924 Byte)

The harbour foreshore.

DSC_7700.JPG (216924 Byte)

Flowering trees again.

DSC_7701.JPG (157097 Byte)


DSC_7703.JPG (117250 Byte)

This is the rebuilt "Aggie Grey Hotel"

DSC_7705.JPG (140961 Byte)

Pert of the older section.

DSC_7708.JPG (116818 Byte)

The foyer.

DSC_7709.JPG (130373 Byte)


DSC_7710.JPG (83956 Byte)

Aggie Grey.

DSC_7711.JPG (154021 Byte)

Looking out the back towards the pool and the small huts.

DSC_7712.JPG (197963 Byte)


DSC_7713.JPG (213667 Byte)


DSC_7714.JPG (227504 Byte)


DSC_7716.JPG (101168 Byte)


DSC_7717.JPG (181653 Byte)

Part of the dining room near the pool.

DSC_7718.JPG (151988 Byte)

The pool with bar and some of the new buildings.

DSC_7719.JPG (154353 Byte)


DSC_7725.JPG (113221 Byte)

A photo of the original hotel, taken quite a while ago. The original hotel was sold after it was severely damaged in a hurricane.

DSC_7729.JPG (200583 Byte)


DSC_7731.JPG (122135 Byte)

Part of the new yacht marina.

DSC_7732.JPG (144707 Byte)

The harbourside restaurant. "The Edge"

DSC_7733.JPG (131818 Byte)


DSC_7735.JPG (193732 Byte)

The Edge, Marina View Restaurant.

DSC_7737.JPG (133447 Byte)

Heading back to the Regatta.

DSC_7738.JPG (131454 Byte)


DSC_7744.JPG (97227 Byte)

Looking down from the upper deck as we depart Apia.

DSC_7745.JPG (149658 Byte)

The cathedral with the cultural centre on our side of it.

DSC_7749.JPG (116239 Byte)


DSC_7750.JPG (163968 Byte)


DSC_7751.JPG (114705 Byte)

Ursula and Elisabeth found each other again on the upper deck.

DSC_7753.JPG (171337 Byte)


DSC_7758.JPG (173388 Byte)

The pilot boat and tug accompanying us out of the harbour


DSC_7763.JPG (86525 Byte)


DSC_7767.JPG (103918 Byte)

and then heading out to the next customer who was waiting.

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