American Samoa


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We booked a bus tour on line with "Aiga Bus Scienic Tour" and were rather surprised when we saw the bus.

The guides were very friendly and helpful but the weather let us down.

The sky opened, half way through the tour and we saw very little for the next half an hour.

DSC_6945.JPG (167480 Byte)

Arriving at Pago Pago, American Samoa

DSC_6950.JPG (92961 Byte)

Looking down the end of the airport runway.

DSC_6954.JPG (98320 Byte)


DSC_6960.JPG (145074 Byte)

Entering the harbour.

DSC_6967.JPG (99169 Byte)


DSC_6974.JPG (171777 Byte)

Pilot boat and tug boat.

DSC_6981.JPG (155418 Byte)


DSC_6986.JPG (192030 Byte)

Part of Pago Pago

DSC_6993.JPG (134952 Byte)

We were on the commercial wharf at Pago Pago.

DSC_6995.JPG (80992 Byte)

This was Terry, one of the tour guides on our bus tour. She was working part time while studying.

DSC_6999.JPG (207793 Byte)

The road leading up to the old cable car base station, which was the first site that we visited.

DSC_7000.JPG (135222 Byte)


DSC_7002.JPG (131872 Byte)

We drove up to a viewpoint above the harbour.

DSC_7005.JPG (128274 Byte)


DSC_7007.JPG (143847 Byte)


DSC_7011.JPG (270767 Byte)

This had been the base station of a cable car to give access to the TV transmitters on Mount Alava on the other side of the harbour.

DSC_7012.JPG (232660 Byte)

Our new bus. The bus part was newly made locally in timber, but the chassis was far from new.

DSC_7013.JPG (170098 Byte)

The old cabin.

DSC_7014.JPG (180771 Byte)

Information board.

DSC_7019.JPG (126266 Byte)

Looking across to Mt. Alava

DSC_7020.JPG (68924 Byte)

and the remains of the cable car and TV transmitters.

DSC_7021.JPG (136216 Byte)


DSC_7022.JPG (153120 Byte)

The cable car was damaged in a hurracane and never rebuilt.

DSC_7024.JPG (103210 Byte)


DSC_7028.JPG (134356 Byte)

Covered lookout.

DSC_7029.JPG (135907 Byte)

Looking across the harbour to Rainmaker Mountain.

DSC_7031.JPG (122089 Byte)

Elisabeth with Art and Ursula.

DSC_7035.JPG (168123 Byte)

The WW II Heritage Trail

DSC_7036.JPG (169762 Byte)


DSC_7037.JPG (213003 Byte)

The start of the trail.

DSC_7038.JPG (226402 Byte)

Our bus again.

DSC_7039.JPG (195501 Byte)

Left front wheel - No comment!

DSC_7041.JPG (105285 Byte)

Special architecture, built to resemble a turtle.

DSC_7044.JPG (141826 Byte)

The turtle again.

DSC_7056.JPG (173772 Byte)

This fellow seems to have been parked here for a while.

DSC_7057.JPG (153895 Byte)

The inside of our super bus.

DSC_7059.JPG (136489 Byte)

The coachwork was built like a boat.

DSC_7061.JPG (150230 Byte)


DSC_7069.JPG (205462 Byte)

This ketch had been moored here for a while too.

DSC_7071.JPG (177863 Byte)

The local fish cannery.

DSC_7072.JPG (129718 Byte)

Looking back across the harbour to the Regatta.

DSC_7089.JPG (124079 Byte)

A nice little beach.

DSC_7090.JPG (124350 Byte)


DSC_7091.JPG (169972 Byte)

One of many churches.

DSC_7092.JPG (173149 Byte)

Real estate would be hard to move here. The grandparents are buried in the garden and not cremated!

DSC_7093.JPG (194637 Byte)

More family graves.

DSC_7095.JPG (132424 Byte)

Looking up to Rainmaker Mountain. Our drive will pass to the left below the cliff face.

DSC_7099.JPG (189678 Byte)

The view of Pago Pago Harbour from Alfono Pass, 250 meters above sea level.

DSC_7100.JPG (142603 Byte)

The Americans took over the island, mainly for the harbour, but little has been invested here in the last decades!

DSC_7102.JPG (163241 Byte)

Rainmaker Mountain from the pass.

DSC_7106.JPG (220439 Byte)


DSC_7108.JPG (126836 Byte)

Terry doing a bit of advertising.

DSC_7111.JPG (199181 Byte)

Just to be sure!

DSC_7114.JPG (131122 Byte)

From the pass looking north to the ocean on the other side.

DSC_7117.JPG (143998 Byte)

Wild Ginger

DSC_7119.JPG (176402 Byte)

Our group returning to the bus.

DSC_7123.JPG (73840 Byte)

Rainmaker Mountain living up to it's name.

DSC_7127.JPG (215868 Byte)

We travelled down to the north coast and were to view this island, but due to heavy rain, we saw nothing.

DSC_7137.JPG (129203 Byte)

We then arrived at Vatia on Vatia Bay.

DSC_7145.JPG (136281 Byte)

When we returned to Pago Pago it seemed that they had also had quite a bit of rain.

DSC_7148.JPG (160033 Byte)

Two special islands at Fatumafuti

DSC_7150.JPG (138682 Byte)

Again no comment!

DSC_7157.JPG (109631 Byte)

Terry and Elisabeth

DSC_7161.JPG (243487 Byte)

We were able to sample some local fruit, including breadfruit.

DSC_7164.JPG (165449 Byte)

Another polynesian canoe.

DSC_7165.JPG (147785 Byte)

Another interesting shingled roof.

DSC_7170.JPG (100220 Byte)

Our guides.

DSC_7173.JPG (165859 Byte)

Good bye and good luck.

DSC_7174.JPG (198576 Byte)

We then visited the Jean P. Hayden Museum, which was small but had a few interesting exhibits.

DSC_7177.JPG (183470 Byte)


DSC_7179.JPG (215383 Byte)


DSC_7180.JPG (183869 Byte)


DSC_7181.JPG (226506 Byte)


DSC_7182.JPG (189840 Byte)


DSC_7183.JPG (134177 Byte)

The shark catchers.

DSC_7197.JPG (120536 Byte)

A bamboo instrument. We had similar in PNG, but with many more tubes.

DSC_7201.JPG (90023 Byte)

These were caved from whales teeth.

DSC_7202.JPG (132204 Byte)

Another interesting carving.

DSC_7204.JPG (102221 Byte)


DSC_7205.JPG (210401 Byte)

This governent building had been damaged in a hurricane and not yet repaired.

DSC_7207.JPG (185871 Byte)


DSC_7209.JPG (128139 Byte)

Another church

DSC_7211.JPG (121193 Byte)


DSC_7212.JPG (109767 Byte)


DSC_7219.JPG (150314 Byte)

This type of gong was also familiar from PNG.

DSC_7220.JPG (160939 Byte)

A trade store.

DSC_7221.JPG (127414 Byte)

Inside another church.

DSC_7224.JPG (147684 Byte)


DSC_7225.JPG (205484 Byte)


DSC_7234.JPG (111371 Byte)

It is American Samoa after all!

DSC_7235.JPG (143019 Byte)

Sadie Thompson Inn, historically significant for its association with Somerset Maugham.

DSC_7241.JPG (121181 Byte)

Elisabeth with the head waiter from the Toscana Restaurant on the Regatta.

He looked very different in civi's.

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