Bora Bora 2


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We really enjoyed Boira Bora the first time we were there so we booked the same firm "Pure Snorkeling" and the same driver/guide, Hiro.

He gave us a great guided tour around the lagoon, but this time in the opposite direction.

We were early in the morning and this time he found some manta rays so we were able to dive near them.

DSC_6591.JPG (119866 Byte)

Approaching the entrance from the North East again.

DSC_6600.JPG (151148 Byte)

Entering the lagoon.

DSC_6619.JPG (166431 Byte)


DSC_6635.JPG (159869 Byte)


DSC_6641.JPG (164606 Byte)

The remains of a once proud hotel that was destroyed by a hurricane.

DSC_6643.JPG (115521 Byte)


DSC_6660.JPG (209060 Byte)

If you look closely you can see the WW2 gun implacement and bunker.

DSC_6661.JPG (221797 Byte)

Here it is clearer.

DSC_6668.JPG (133059 Byte)

Elisabeth happy again.

DSC_6678.JPG (105131 Byte)


DSC_6680.JPG (104484 Byte)


DSC_6684.JPG (86344 Byte)

Parasailing, but not us!

DSC_6684a.JPG (71761 Byte)


DSC_6685.JPG (107859 Byte)

A Lagoon 62 Catamaran.

DSC_6687.JPG (157119 Byte)


DSC_6697.JPG (145108 Byte)


DSC_6712.JPG (141934 Byte)

I've often heard that Vitamin C is good for you, but I've apparently been spelling it incorrectly!

DSC_6713.JPG (103177 Byte)

Elisabeth in her element.

DSC_6714.JPG (136375 Byte)


DSC_6717.JPG (136517 Byte)


DSC_6723.JPG (117787 Byte)

The following photos are a few more taken by Dr Dave Plourd.

This spot was called the aquarium and there were certainly lots of fish.

Butterfly fish 2.JPG (49636 Byte)


CheckerboardWrasseIntermediatePhaseONFBoraBora2017rev.VividShare.JPG (151406 Byte)


DoubleSaddledButterfliesX4.VividShare.JPG (130947 Byte)


Fishes 1.JPG (131493 Byte)


Lautoka61DoubleSaddleButterfly.JPG (140506 Byte)


LemonpeelAngelfishX2BoraBora2017.VividShare.JPG (149325 Byte)


PacificSailfinTangCONFIRMEDBoraBora2017.JPG (124327 Byte)


DSC_6724.JPG (107698 Byte)


DSC_6729.JPG (120002 Byte)


DSC_6730.JPG (200303 Byte)


DSC_6742.JPG (140165 Byte)


DSC_6744.JPG (134739 Byte)


DSC_6745.JPG (204461 Byte)


DSC_6748.JPG (194544 Byte)


DSC_6754.JPG (136661 Byte)

Here we were looking for a group of Eagle Rays that Hiro had seen the day before

DSC_6758.JPG (81323 Byte)

and Elisabeth found them. They are beautiful to watch as they gracefully glide through the water.

When we started snorkeling here there were sixteen rays and they were later joined by another five.

EagleRayBoraBora2017b.VividShare.JPG (113791 Byte)


EagleRayBoraBora2017c.VividShare.JPG (90913 Byte)


EagleRaysX2BoraBora2017.JPG (74410 Byte)


KerryBoraBora2017.VividShare.JPG (98042 Byte)

Dave even photographed the photographer. I'm normally on the wrong side of the lens.

DSC_6760.JPG (129628 Byte)

Sofitel from our dive spot

DSC_6763.JPG (129813 Byte)

Looking back towards Raiatea

DSC_6768.JPG (116124 Byte)


DSC_6774.JPG (154715 Byte)

Our floating home.

DSC_6782.JPG (150678 Byte)

We joined Art and Ursula and organised a taxi truck for a quick trip around the island.

DSC_6783.JPG (132700 Byte)

It wasn't so comfortable, but we did have good views and I could photograph without the glass windows in the way.

DSC_6784.JPG (171722 Byte)

The road was good, but small.

DSC_6785.JPG (180396 Byte)


DSC_6795.JPG (189643 Byte)

Looking across the lagoon.

DSC_6799.JPG (160394 Byte)

Note the boats pullud out of the water on stands.

DSC_6846.JPG (189269 Byte)


DSC_6848.JPG (230533 Byte)


DSC_6849.JPG (84879 Byte)

An advertisement for Pure snorkeling. These are Eagle rays.

DSC_6850.JPG (75889 Byte)


DSC_6853.JPG (182559 Byte)

Sofitel, the walk out to the lagoon.

DSC_6868.JPG (246758 Byte)


DSC_6868a.JPG (154731 Byte)


DSC_6854.JPG (116599 Byte)

Lagoon side infinity pool.

DSC_6856.JPG (118083 Byte)

Each hut has direct access to the lagoon.

DSC_6858.JPG (166216 Byte)


DSC_6859.JPG (142713 Byte)


DSC_6860.JPG (148748 Byte)

Pool and bar.

DSC_6861.JPG (151894 Byte)

The beach.

DSC_6869.JPG (75387 Byte)


DSC_6884.JPG (181715 Byte)

Our taxi truck.

DSC_6885.JPG (157507 Byte)

Stopped at Bloody Marys to have a look. Famous from the film "South Pacific".

DSC_6887.JPG (216251 Byte)


DSC_6890.JPG (172931 Byte)

The bar at Bloody Marys.

DSC_6891.JPG (177396 Byte)


DSC_6893.JPG (223879 Byte)

The original menue from 1979.

DSC_6895.JPG (157465 Byte)


DSC_6896.JPG (155070 Byte)


DSC_6897.JPG (216184 Byte)

The pier in front of Bloody Mary's

DSC_6899.JPG (170522 Byte)


DSC_6908.JPG (163834 Byte)


DSC_6909.JPG (182426 Byte)


DSC_6912a.JPG (86809 Byte)

I thought these coconuts looked really nice,

DSC_6912b.JPG (76757 Byte)

almost worth a postcard!!

DSC_6913.JPG (271489 Byte)

Elisabeth chose the green one with gardenias, but they don't have the perfume of the original flowers.

DSC_6915.JPG (268297 Byte)

Here is a map of French Polynesia. We visited Bora Bora and Moorea twice, as well as Tahiti and Raiatea.

A really beautiful area.

DSC_6917.JPG (134750 Byte)

Advertisement for black pearls.

DSC_6922.JPG (117599 Byte)

Leaving paradise.

DSC_6925.JPG (121349 Byte)

Will we ever be back?

DSC_6936.JPG (121199 Byte)

A sad thought.

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