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Raiatea is certainly a beautiful Island and not quite as touristic as some of the others.

It must have impressed me as I have a lot of photos here, but we also did see and do a lot. Enjoy the album!

DSC_6099.JPG (150213 Byte)

Approaching the entrance passage to the harbour on the left.

DSC_6101.JPG (136948 Byte)


DSC_6108.JPG (122847 Byte)


DSC_6112.JPG (149059 Byte)

Looking north to the neighbouring island of Tahaa

DSC_6114.JPG (147027 Byte)

Aproaching the harbour at 'Uturoa

DSC_6146.JPG (138288 Byte)


DSC_6148.JPG (140663 Byte)

Looking to Tahaa again. Lots of reef joining the two islands.

DSC_6149.JPG (160220 Byte)

On the wharf at 'Uturoa

DSC_6150.JPG (214071 Byte)

The welcoming committee.

DSC_6154.JPG (195187 Byte)

Native style huts for the people selling their wares.

DSC_6155.JPG (211294 Byte)

An entertainment area.

DSC_6165.JPG (217248 Byte)

Gardenias again

DSC_6167.JPG (117412 Byte)

Another offer of snorkelling.

DSC_6168.JPG (124610 Byte)

The old chief blowing his triton horn.

DSC_6170.JPG (136450 Byte)


DSC_6172.JPG (118463 Byte)

Two young ladies.

DSC_6174.JPG (98261 Byte)

A drewing board, but he looks happy.

DSC_6178.JPG (89633 Byte)


DSC_6181.JPG (96154 Byte)

Now you know the reason for the mutiny on the Bounty!

DSC_6182.JPG (102700 Byte)


DSC_6183.JPG (141027 Byte)

Some more beautiful floral head dresses.

DSC_6184.JPG (166716 Byte)

A musical welcome

DSC_6190.JPG (148916 Byte)

and more Gardenias.

DSC_6194.JPG (241265 Byte)


DSC_6196.JPG (157937 Byte)

These people had been ashore and already bought flowers.

DSC_6197.JPG (178393 Byte)

The tags state that they are tourist people in training.

DSC_6198.JPG (167474 Byte)

Lots of nice young people.

DSC_6199.JPG (117746 Byte)

This frangipani was just lying on the ground, but still looked beautiful.

DSC_6200.JPG (192894 Byte)

The flower market

DSC_6203.JPG (171772 Byte)

and the fruit and vegetable market.

DSC_6205.JPG (150689 Byte)


DSC_6206.JPG (159319 Byte)


DSC_6209.JPG (162519 Byte)

More fruit

DSC_6210.JPG (155007 Byte)

These are taro  plants which are one of the staple foods of the Pacific Islands.

DSC_6211.JPG (139052 Byte)

A fish seller on the footpath.

DSC_6212.JPG (142803 Byte)


DSC_6216.JPG (229662 Byte)

This pool was in the middle of the market complex.

DSC_6383.JPG (29943 Byte)


DSC_6222.JPG (225907 Byte)

Looking across part of the small boat harbour. We organised a trip down the east coast on the red and white outrigger canoe in the middle.

DSC_6226.JPG (96962 Byte)

First Elisabeth had to quench her thirst and had found a coolau (PNG for a fresh drinking coconut)

DSC_6229.JPG (175234 Byte)

Aboard the outrigger.

DSC_6231.JPG (118443 Byte)

Passing under the bow of the Regatta.

DSC_6240.JPG (125471 Byte)

The owner skipper blowing the triton horn.

DSC_6241.JPG (260193 Byte)

Looking towards the centre of the island.

DSC_6244.JPG (175896 Byte)

We came back later to snorkel on the island in the background.

DSC_6247.JPG (167663 Byte)


DSC_6249.JPG (124450 Byte)

Art and Ursula enjoying themselves.

DSC_6253.JPG (146225 Byte)


DSC_6258.JPG (35369 Byte)

We first visited a black pearl farm. This is a pearl oyster cut open to show the inside.

DSC_6259.JPG (84065 Byte)


DSC_6265.JPG (134186 Byte)

Here he is showing a pearl developing.

DSC_6268.JPG (117578 Byte)

These are samples of the basic form that is inserted into the oyster to start a pearl.

DSC_6269.JPG (183512 Byte)

This lady is preparing the oyster for the implant.

DSC_6270.JPG (207013 Byte)


DSC_6274.JPG (201797 Byte)

and here it is being inserted.

DSC_6281.JPG (73562 Byte)

Samples of some of the local jewellery. Prices are in CFP Francs. 1 US$ = approx 100 Franc

DSC_6282.JPG (67882 Byte)


DSC_6286.JPG (152359 Byte)

Putting the seeded pearls back in the water to grow for two years.

DSC_6296.JPG (153191 Byte)


DSC_6308.JPG (116460 Byte)

Entering the only navigable river on the island.

DSC_6313.JPG (175012 Byte)

Getting smaller

DSC_6317.JPG (271122 Byte)

and smaller.

DSC_6325.JPG (167488 Byte)

Other traffic.

DSC_6327.JPG (160150 Byte)


DSC_6333.JPG (234030 Byte)


DSC_6339.JPG (191546 Byte)

Here we stopped at a local farm and the guide brought a vanilla plant to show us.

DSC_6341.JPG (121236 Byte)

This is the vanilla bean

DSC_6342.JPG (109525 Byte)

and a closer photo.

DSC_6343.JPG (147734 Byte)

Larger traffic in the other direction. He had to back up to make room as we were wide with the outrigger.

DSC_6350.JPG (144843 Byte)

Ursula and Art trying the horn

DSC_6351.JPG (142891 Byte)

and the headdresses.

DSC_6359.JPG (176759 Byte)

We stopped at this outer island for a swim on the way home.

We had also brought our snorkelling gear.

DSC_6365.JPG (199527 Byte)


DSC_6367.JPG (190533 Byte)

The reef was not so interesting near the island and we did not have enough time to head further out.

DSC_6373.JPG (120399 Byte)

Back on board the Regatta looking towards Tahaa Island.

DSC_6380.JPG (149804 Byte)

In the distance we could see Bora Bora.

DSC_6384.JPG (154427 Byte)

We then went for a walk around town.

DSC_6387.JPG (228088 Byte)

Beautiful flowering trees.

DSC_6388.JPG (232004 Byte)


DSC_6389.JPG (152095 Byte)

Another church.

DSC_6394.JPG (196236 Byte)

These trees are commonly used for shade and for erosion protection.

DSC_6398.JPG (146429 Byte)


DSC_6399.JPG (136136 Byte)

Another shingle roofed building. They always looked good.

DSC_6401.JPG (176639 Byte)

Golden rain.

DSC_6402.JPG (122806 Byte)

This is called "Le Truck". A locally made bus with rather hard seats.

DSC_6403.JPG (173690 Byte)


DSC_6409.JPG (229346 Byte)


DSC_6410.JPG (150705 Byte)

This really caught my eye. The Regatta beside the Shell Tanking Station! I bet she emptied the storage tanks.

DSC_6411.JPG (228481 Byte)

Her is reality.

DSC_6416.JPG (223174 Byte)

Back at the wharf.

DSC_6417.JPG (95784 Byte)

Elisabeth with the head Chef Friedrich. A very important person on board. There were 66 cooks on board.

DSC_6423a.JPG (98506 Byte)

Evening looking towards Bora Bora.

DSC_6423b.JPG (93102 Byte)

Bora Bora in the setting sun.

DSC_6438.JPG (139556 Byte)


DSC_6441.JPG (119497 Byte)

Here Elisabeth is with Roberto. He made the best coffee on the ship!

DSC_6442.JPG (138629 Byte)

Enjoying ourselves again.

DSC_6446.JPG (224396 Byte)

That evening we had a local dance group perfirming the Tamure on the swimming pool deck.

DSC_6450.JPG (174542 Byte)


DSC_6452.JPG (110080 Byte)

One can get an idea of the movement by the waves in the grass skirt.

DSC_6469.JPG (140965 Byte)


DSC_6476.JPG (167657 Byte)

The men were also dancing.

DSC_6479.JPG (188338 Byte)

This was the band.

DSC_6485.JPG (177807 Byte)

This woman was performing something like the Hula.

DSC_6494.JPG (106220 Byte)

Here she was demonstrating various ways to wear a sarong.

DSC_6495.JPG (104246 Byte)


DSC_6497.JPG (99095 Byte)


DSC_6504.JPG (125729 Byte)

This elderly woman asked for a volunteer to show how a man can wear the sarong.

DSC_6510.JPG (116928 Byte)


DSC_6517.JPG (123125 Byte)

He was very cooperative.

DSC_6530.JPG (189971 Byte)

Some of the passengers joined in the festivities.

DSC_6531.JPG (102078 Byte)


DSC_6533.JPG (116700 Byte)

This necklace would have smelled great.

DSC_6536.JPG (107759 Byte)


DSC_6537.JPG (96408 Byte)


DSC_6542.JPG (99212 Byte)

This is Julie the cruise director joining in the fun.

DSC_6567.JPG (224062 Byte)


DSC_6572.JPG (170814 Byte)


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