Moorea 2


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After Tahiti, we returned to Moorea as we had about 400 new passengers on board who had not seen it.

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Here we are approaching Moorea from the North East and the Rainbow to the right is ending on Tahiti. It is very close.

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There were again a few showers around. Here one can already see the twin bays on the north coast.

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We didn't mind at all as we had hoped to be able to go snorkelling there too.

DSC_5860.JPG (108835 Byte)

This lady organised the snorkelling tour for us with a local operator.

DSC_5865.JPG (220162 Byte)

Local hand craft on sale.

DSC_5876.JPG (162250 Byte)

Our boat and snorkelling trip with a local tour group.

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When it started raining, Bob was happy to share my umbrella.

DSC_5884.JPG (173715 Byte)

We were taken to their private island

DSC_5886.JPG (125172 Byte)


DSC_5893.JPG (120912 Byte)

and were offered various local fruits and drinks.

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We were provided with comfortable deck chairs on the beach,

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then transferred to an outrigger canoe to go snorkelling with the friendly stingrays and black tipped reef sharks.

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The water was shallow, warm and very clear.

DSC_5909.JPG (111449 Byte)

I first photographed the sea life from the canoe.

DSC_5915.JPG (122675 Byte)

The driver had thrown some food to the sharks and they circled it while eating.

DSC_5943.JPG (232174 Byte)


DSC_5926.JPG (225776 Byte)

Dave Plourd meeting the rays.

DSC_5938.JPG (195480 Byte)

This is Dr. Dave Plourd, one of the lecturers on board the Regatta and the following photos are the ones he is taking here.

Thank you Dave!

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Sharks everywhere, we were pleased that they were friendly.

DSCN8368.JPG (111241 Byte)

A close up of one of the rays.

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Here I'm being introduced to the stingrays. These photos were taken by Mary Kuopus for me. Thank you Mary.

IMG_5192.JPG (239597 Byte)

Here they are getting really friendly. They seem to enjoy being petted.

DSC_5949.JPG (132242 Byte)

Now we are back to my photos, taken from above water. Here Elisabeth is being introduced to the rays.

DSC_5950.JPG (155793 Byte)

The driver held up the nose of the ray to show the mouth.

DSC_5957.JPG (105475 Byte)


DSC_5960.JPG (156447 Byte)

After a while Elisabeth gained more courage.

IMG_5193.jpg (194928 Byte)

Wow, I did it!

DSC_5962.JPG (131994 Byte)

Another tourist boat with quite a crowd. The sharks and rays are obviously used to people.

DSC_5963.JPG (132845 Byte)

Here Elisabeth swam away to view the sharks

DSC_5964.JPG (167770 Byte)

and the friendly ray followed her to get a bit more petting.

DSC_5973.JPG (109280 Byte)

Heading back to the island.

DSC_5977.JPG (166135 Byte)

Preparing to go snorkelling on our own.

DSC_5987.JPG (210448 Byte)

We passed acouple of sailing canoes on our way home.

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DSC_5990.JPG (96955 Byte)


DSC_5992.JPG (141139 Byte)

A hotel complex on the main island.

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Home again.

DSC_6022.JPG (96052 Byte)

Looking down over the bay.

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That evening we had a ceremony in teh Regatta Lounge to introduce the new captain. He had been on holidays and rejoined the ship in Papeete.

DSC_6047.JPG (71666 Byte)

A Norwegian Sea Bear!

DSC_6049.JPG (110070 Byte)

Late evening in Moorea lagoon.

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