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Papeete was actually the end of the first half of our cruise and while some people disembarked, we were able to take a bus tour around the sland of Tahiti.

After lunch, about 400 new guests embarked.

DSC_5448.JPG (212566 Byte)

This was a group of "young" musicians on the wharf to welcome us

DSC_5450.JPG (134469 Byte)

and this building was erected to take the exchange of luggage.

DSC_5471.JPG (132335 Byte)

Venus Point was our first stop. This is the place where Captain Cook was to observe the passage of Venus across the Sun in 1769.

DSC_5472.JPG (191320 Byte)

Our tour guide was from France, but he had been many years in Tahiti and did a very good job.

DSC_5487.JPG (140617 Byte)

Venus Point

DSC_5494.JPG (169975 Byte)


DSC_5497.JPG (121316 Byte)

A description of the event.

DSC_5498.JPG (109282 Byte)


DSC_5506.JPG (144759 Byte)

Monument to the crew of the Bounty

DSC_5507.JPG (205379 Byte)


DSC_5510.JPG (180115 Byte)

Message tree. The guide struck the tree with a stone to demonstrate the noise it makes.

DSC_5512.JPG (171473 Byte)

It was traditionally used as a drum.

DSC_5533.JPG (117662 Byte)

Looking North North West from Venus Point to Moorea.

DSC_5537.JPG (117483 Byte)

Looking inland, but unfortunately the mountains were schrouded in clouds.

DSC_5549.JPG (169450 Byte)

Map of the main island of Tahiti. The small part of the island is to the lower right.

DSC_5552.JPG (224189 Byte)

Looking inland from the bus as we drove clockwise arouind the island.

DSC_5568.JPG (112693 Byte)

It reminded us very much of parts of Papua New Guinea.

DSC_5582.JPG (123725 Byte)


DSC_5612.JPG (149993 Byte)

Boarding the bus after visiting a restaurant and museum to Gauguin

DSC_5617a.JPG (80408 Byte)

Here we have just arrived at a very interesting botanical garden.

DSC_5617b.JPG (239596 Byte)

Our guide told us a lot about the various plants.

DSC_5632.JPG (186476 Byte)

The Pagoda Flower

DSC_5635.JPG (148757 Byte)


DSC_5638.JPG (67236 Byte)

Wild Ginger

DSC_5641.JPG (248985 Byte)

This is known as the walking tree.

DSC_5643.JPG (202967 Byte)

Demonstrating the characteristics of the Pandanas palm.

The Polynesians even used the leaves to make sails for their sailing canoes. It is amazinly tough but flexible.

DSC_5645.JPG (112589 Byte)

Another intriguing flower.

DSC_5647.JPG (165017 Byte)


DSC_5652.JPG (246583 Byte)


DSC_5655.JPG (180528 Byte)


DSC_5656.JPG (154271 Byte)


DSC_5660.JPG (156182 Byte)

Blue fern.

DSC_5662.JPG (146552 Byte)


DSC_5665.JPG (224596 Byte)

Alpinia Purpurata (double)

DSC_5666.JPG (128649 Byte)


DSC_5670a.JPG (155334 Byte)


DSC_5670b.JPG (67805 Byte)


DSC_5675.JPG (261161 Byte)

This one was endemic to Tahiti

DSC_5679.JPG (142702 Byte)


DSC_5681.JPG (92059 Byte)


DSC_5685.JPG (68146 Byte)


DSC_5685b.JPG (140928 Byte)


DSC_5687.JPG (89277 Byte)


DSC_5689.JPG (241212 Byte)


DSC_5706.JPG (308055 Byte)

A good example of a bread fruit tree,

DSC_5707.JPG (148320 Byte)

with a young shoot

DSC_5708.JPG (182907 Byte)

and the fruit.

DSC_5710.JPG (197086 Byte)


DSC_5711.JPG (143993 Byte)

This was really exotic, like a Tiger's Claw

DSC_5712.JPG (148422 Byte)


DSC_5721.JPG (264737 Byte)


DSC_5743.JPG (122351 Byte)

Sunday at the beach

DSC_5744.JPG (130473 Byte)

and the locals are enjoying the surf.

DSC_5748.JPG (135528 Byte)


DSC_5754.JPG (142361 Byte)


DSC_5762.JPG (90167 Byte)


DSC_5766.JPG (121287 Byte)


DSC_5789.JPG (104631 Byte)

Back at the Regatta

DSC_5792.JPG (182378 Byte)


DSC_5802.JPG (119760 Byte)

where a bottle of Champagne was welcoming us to the the next leg of our voyage.

DSC_5802b.JPG (88271 Byte)

We brought the frangipani flowers ourselves.

DSC_5805.JPG (237834 Byte)

The local station

DSC_5806.JPG (133774 Byte)

and the train!

DSC_5808.JPG (133014 Byte)

We went for a walk along the harbour and had a look around the town of Papeete.

DSC_5810.JPG (126353 Byte)


DSC_5814.JPG (99112 Byte)

This box fish was swimming in the harbour

DSC_5821.JPG (161301 Byte)

and this catamaran was a long way from home.

DSC_5822.JPG (126562 Byte)


DSC_5824.JPG (225708 Byte)

The harbour side park

DSC_5826.JPG (208836 Byte)

and some more Polynesian canoes.

DSC_5828.JPG (188087 Byte)


DSC_5831.JPG (185044 Byte)

An interesting mural.

DSC_5832.JPG (71600 Byte)

The local Catholic church.

DSC_5835.JPG (121778 Byte)


DSC_5837.JPG (100330 Byte)

A madonna with Polynesian features.

DSC_5838.JPG (113978 Byte)

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