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Davoswde.jpg (79813 bytes)

Davos Valley looking towards Monstein

Dvsleigh.jpg (104106 bytes)

Davos, looking across to Pischa on the right.

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Elisabeth (left) with American ski group, 1999

Davmonst.jpg (94225 bytes)

Davos,  Alp above Monstein,

Dviaduct.jpg (79217 bytes)

Railway Viaduct,   Davos.

Sertig1.jpg (96575 bytes)

Sertig Valley


Davsumer.jpg (78884 bytes)

Rinerhorn from our balcony


Davclalp.jpg (88420 bytes)

View from Clavadeleralp


El-alp.jpg (110341 bytes)

Elisabeth,  Jakobshorn


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Sertig.jpg (68088 bytes)

Sertig Valley


Dbodsumm.JPG (584163 bytes)Dbodwint.JPG (708517 bytes)















Durrboden, Winter and Summer


P7161651.JPG (1215017 bytes)

High walking trails with great views:


P7161655.JPG (1341954 bytes)

Davosersee with Fluela Pass road.


P7161658.JPG (1342483 bytes)

Davos Platz from above

P7161663.JPG (1106415 bytes)

View towards Arosa from Strela Pass

Link to photos of Davos December 2012

Photos of Jazz festival in Davos

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