Photos Davos, 2012


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We had extremely good snowfalls last Winter. This is a walking path above our apartment.

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The church in Sertig Dorf

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Snow spilling between the roofs of two barns near the church in Sertig Dorf

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Looking towards Sertig Sand from Sertig Dorf, Restaurant Walserhaus in the middle.

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Houses near the Restaurant Bergfuhrer, Sertig Dorf

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The entrance to our apartment block in Davos Platz

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The path!

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View from our balcony, 11th January, 2012

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What do you do with all the snow that is removed from the roads. Tip it in the Lake of Davos or in the stream.

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The small harbour on the Lake of Davos, devoid of boats.

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Tina and Elisabeth with Liam and Elaine.

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Snowing again!

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Compare with the photo from the 11th. This was on the 26th, Australia Day,

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and this is how it looks in Summer

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Sertig Valley in Autumn

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The Sertig valley in Autumn. This was 24th October

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Liam was with us and was excited about the goats.

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Sertig Sand from the Church, but in Autumn. Note the yellow of the larch trees in the forests.

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Reflections on the Lake of Davos

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A squirrel eating a nut that Liam fed to him.

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Looking back towards the Parsenn ski area

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Here again the yellow of the Larch trees.

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View of Jacobshorn from our balcony.

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