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DSC_0772.JPG (176312 Byte)

Lubeck, Northern Germany

DSC_0787.JPG (170283 Byte)

Holsten Gate, Lubeck

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DSC_0792.JPG (200115 Byte)

Looking through the gate to the old city.

DSC_0807.JPG (128935 Byte)

Petri Church

DSC_0814.JPG (203420 Byte)

View of Holsten Gate from the tower of the Petri Church

DSC_0817.JPG (199726 Byte)

St Mary's Church from the Petri Church

DSC_0818.JPG (196123 Byte)

City Hall

DSC_0843.JPG (178653 Byte)

City Hall

DSC_0860.JPG (152906 Byte)

The Devil!

DSC_0861.JPG (244934 Byte)


DSC_0904.JPG (179992 Byte)

Waiting for the ferry at Puttgarden

DSC_0906.JPG (159722 Byte)

On board

DSC_0915.JPG (171167 Byte)


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