Pics of our visit to Anthony in Intanbul, May-June 2014

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CSC_2865.JPG (215541 Byte)

Flying over Asia Minor from the South East before crossing the Bosphorus, while approaching the airport in Istanbul.

Note the traffic on the expressway.

CSC_2866.JPG (217341 Byte)

High rises on the southern side of the Bosphorus

CSC_2870.JPG (193944 Byte)

New motorways under construction.

CSC_2873.JPG (173898 Byte)

At this point we have just crossed the Bosphorus and would be directly over Anthony's house.

CSC_2875.JPG (198045 Byte)

Looking down on the Bosphorus Bridge

DSC_0638.JPG (190745 Byte)

The dean's house at Robert College

DSC_0641.JPG (134262 Byte)

Anthony taking us on a guided tour of the college.

DSC_0643.JPG (186277 Byte)

Front view of the Gould Hall at Robert College

DSC_0645.JPG (201934 Byte)

The new section.

DSC_0646.JPG (202823 Byte)

This was the original building on the farm when Mr Robert bought the property to build the college.

DSC_0649.JPG (199314 Byte)

The sports oval.

DSC_0651.JPG (183959 Byte)

Looking South from the end of the sports oval.

DSC_0653.JPG (188933 Byte)


DSC_0654.JPG (195458 Byte)

The Bosporus with the western bridge to the right.

DSC_0659.JPG (224872 Byte)

This is the easterly bridge.

DSC_0662.JPG (190773 Byte)

This part of Robert college used to be a girl's school. The security fence is still in use.

DSC_0671.JPG (141091 Byte)

Gould Hall again.

DSC_0673.JPG (145368 Byte)

Mr. Robert.

DSC_0674.JPG (103582 Byte)


DSC_0679.JPG (239816 Byte)

The college library.

DSC_0683.JPG (139059 Byte)

The walk in front of the various buildings.

DSC_0685.JPG (133808 Byte)

Reinforcement on the window frames as earthquake protection.

DSC_0689.JPG (225309 Byte)

This evacuation plan shows the layout of the college.

DSC_0699.JPG (231573 Byte)

Boats moored on the shore of the Bosporus.

DSC_0700.JPG (224053 Byte)


DSC_0703.JPG (190206 Byte)


DSC_0704.JPG (178074 Byte)

Another cruise ship.

DSC_0705.JPG (181542 Byte)


DSC_0709.JPG (226409 Byte)

Australian Bottlebrush in Anthony's garden.

DSC_0714.JPG (192857 Byte)


DSC_0716.JPG (189995 Byte)


DSC_0718.JPG (119218 Byte)

The eastern approach to the airport is directly overhead.

DSC_0721.JPG (182005 Byte)

We celebrated our 39th Wedding anniversary with Anthony.

DSC_0724.JPG (213275 Byte)


DSC_0726.JPG (134050 Byte)


DSC_0735.JPG (160607 Byte)

The next day we took a bus down town to explore the old city of Istanbul/Constantinople.

DSC_0739.JPG (204635 Byte)

We started out with visiting the Topkapi Palace.

DSC_0742 cut.jpg (205284 Byte)


DSC_0743.JPG (196147 Byte)

This is a poster of the Ayasofya Church/Mosque which is now a museum, with the palace in the background.

DSC_0746.JPG (194537 Byte)

The entrance to the palace.

DSC_0753.JPG (215564 Byte)


DSC_0755.JPG (136065 Byte)


DSC_0759.JPG (18889 Byte)

The gate of Felicity

DSC_0758.JPG (205748 Byte)


DSC_0764.JPG (195155 Byte)

The throne room.

DSC_0762.JPG (221967 Byte)

The treasury building.

DSC_0767.JPG (215331 Byte)


DSC_0766.JPG (189009 Byte)


DSC_0770.JPG (190706 Byte)

Balcony adjoining the treasury with view over the harbour.

DSC_0775.JPG (191535 Byte)

Looking down from the balcony with the harbour and part of the old walls of Constantinople.

DSC_0773.JPG (195825 Byte)

Part of the old walls

DSC_0780 cut.jpg (308204 Byte)


DSC_0781.JPG (191251 Byte)


DSC_0800.JPG (199925 Byte)


DSC_0819.JPG (205646 Byte)

The Baghdad pavilion

DSC_0803.JPG (147106 Byte)


DSC_0813.JPG (195885 Byte)

The circumcision room.

DSC_0814.JPG (200987 Byte)


DSC_0820.JPG (196906 Byte)


DSC_0824.JPG (147214 Byte)


DSC_0825.JPG (146004 Byte)


DSC_0827.JPG (212409 Byte)


DSC_0829.JPG (227217 Byte)


DSC_0830.JPG (123984 Byte)


DSC_0841.JPG (192596 Byte)


DSC_0853.JPG (193664 Byte)


DSC_0854.JPG (143801 Byte)


DSC_0856.JPG (201060 Byte)

Inside the harem.

DSC_0864.JPG (199734 Byte)


DSC_0866.JPG (200492 Byte)


DSC_0869.JPG (185041 Byte)


DSC_0871.JPG (199148 Byte)


DSC_0878.JPG (141272 Byte)


DSC_0879.JPG (205728 Byte)


DSC_0893.JPG (146725 Byte)


DSC_0894.JPG (166707 Byte)


DSC_0895.JPG (181837 Byte)


DSC_0901.JPG (195472 Byte)


DSC_0914.JPG (177473 Byte)

Looking towards the Blue Mosque

DSC_0919.JPG (119694 Byte)

The Obelisk of Theodosius is the ancient Egyptian obelisk of Pharaoh Thutmose III,

re-erected in the Hippodrome of Constantinople by the Roman Emporor Theodosius I, in the 4th century AD.

DSC_0918.JPG (49209 Byte)


DSC_0924.JPG (234683 Byte)

The covered bazaar in Istanbul.

DSC_0925.JPG (225773 Byte)


DSC_0926.JPG (161198 Byte)


DSC_0930.JPG (212924 Byte)


DSC_0931.JPG (221197 Byte)


DSC_0932.JPG (212616 Byte)


DSC_0941.JPG (222669 Byte)


DSC_0943.JPG (162720 Byte)


DSC_0944.JPG (220517 Byte)


DSC_0945.JPG (166634 Byte)


DSC_0948.JPG (211429 Byte)


DSC_0951.JPG (234794 Byte)


DSC_0956.JPG (242949 Byte)


DSC_0957.JPG (213012 Byte)


DSC_0958.JPG (200903 Byte)


DSC_0963.JPG (209763 Byte)


DSC_0969.JPG (220353 Byte)


DSC_0970.JPG (128996 Byte)

View looking across to the Galata Tower

DSC_0973.JPG (205197 Byte)

The obelisk again.

DSC_0974.JPG (133199 Byte)


DSC_0977.JPG (161975 Byte)

Entering the Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmet Mosque

DSC_0978.JPG (190256 Byte)


DSC_0979.JPG (149743 Byte)


DSC_0980.JPG (222712 Byte)


DSC_0988.JPG (184359 Byte)


DSC_0993.JPG (199111 Byte)


DSC_0996.JPG (150511 Byte)


DSC_0997.JPG (132671 Byte)

Inside the Blue Mosque

DSC_0999.JPG (195426 Byte)


DSC_1000.JPG (142709 Byte)


DSC_1001.JPG (193361 Byte)


DSC_1008.JPG (181393 Byte)


DSC_1012.JPG (204001 Byte)

Looking back on the Blue Mosque

DSC_1014.JPG (175804 Byte)

Ayasofya, (Hagia Sophia) now a museum.

Hagia Sophia is the one of the most visited museums and most prominent monuments in the world in terms of art and the history of architecture. It has also been called “the eighth wonder of the world” by East Roman Philon as far back as the 6th century. The current Hagia Sophia is the third construction, done in a different architectural style, even though it occupies the same location as the previous two. The original building was constructed by the most important architects of the period (527-565), Anthemios (Tralles) and Isidoros (Miletus), under the order of Emperor Justinianos. It is mentioned in the resources that during its construction period, the two prominent architects each had 100 architects working under them, who in turn had 100 workers each working under them.¨

It was used as a church for 916 years, but following the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmed, the Hagia Sophia was converted to a mosque.

It was then used as a mosque for 483 years. Under the order of Atatürk and the decision of the Council of Ministers, it was converted to a museum in 1935.


DSC_1015.JPG (195106 Byte)


DSC_1016.JPG (146721 Byte)

Traces of the Christian origin.

DSC_1019.JPG (190486 Byte)


DSC_1020.JPG (160538 Byte)


DSC_1022.JPG (173080 Byte)


DSC_1023.JPG (135967 Byte)


DSC_1027.JPG (129187 Byte)


DSC_1026.JPG (191820 Byte)


DSC_1030.JPG (205828 Byte)

Looking up into the dome.

DSC_1038.JPG (187078 Byte)

Beautifil mozaics.

DSC_1040.JPG (184544 Byte)


DSC_1041.JPG (188882 Byte)

The round signs with arabic symbols are from the time as a mosque.

DSC_1043.JPG (156314 Byte)


DSC_1046.JPG (147824 Byte)


DSC_1050.JPG (170731 Byte)


DSC_1062.JPG (146178 Byte)

View from the Ayasofya looking across to the Blue Mosque.

DSC_1066.JPG (155127 Byte)


DSC_1064.JPG (223792 Byte)


DSC_1068.JPG (128153 Byte)


DSC_1067.JPG (200940 Byte)


DSC_1072.JPG (135646 Byte)

Detail of the mozaic in the semi dome above the altar.

DSC_1078.JPG (207246 Byte)


DSC_1080.JPG (211025 Byte)

Copies of some of the moziacs on display.

DSC_1082.JPG (204653 Byte)


DSC_1083.JPG (141323 Byte)


DSC_1084.JPG (182833 Byte)


DSC_1086.JPG (149489 Byte)


DSC_1088.JPG (168005 Byte)


DSC_1089.JPG (212966 Byte)


DSC_1107.JPG (117733 Byte)


DSC_1106.JPG (198256 Byte)


DSC_1111.JPG (125169 Byte)


DSC_1113.JPG (154209 Byte)



DSC_1118.JPG (198769 Byte)


DSC_1119.JPG (114558 Byte)


DSC_1120.JPG (191044 Byte)


DSC_1121.JPG (224377 Byte)


DSC_1123.JPG (224404 Byte)


DSC_1124.JPG (184976 Byte)

This cistern is remarkable!

It was lost for a good time and rediscovered when people were found to be drawing water from holes in the ground.

DSC_1133.JPG (135074 Byte)


DSC_1134.JPG (185635 Byte)


DSC_1135.JPG (137835 Byte)


DSC_1139.JPG (146154 Byte)

Medusa head built under one of the columns.

DSC_1144.JPG (135959 Byte)


DSC_1154.JPG (217952 Byte)

Süleymaniye Mosque or Pink Mosque

DSC_1156.JPG (213372 Byte)


DSC_1161.JPG (198863 Byte)


DSC_1162.JPG (199244 Byte)


DSC_1167.JPG (134650 Byte)


DSC_1170.JPG (151836 Byte)


DSC_1171.JPG (219278 Byte)


DSC_1175.JPG (142056 Byte)


DSC_1177.JPG (208717 Byte)


DSC_1178.JPG (202300 Byte)


DSC_1179.JPG (182211 Byte)


DSC_1180.JPG (196519 Byte)


DSC_1181.JPG (190510 Byte)


DSC_1186.JPG (201953 Byte)


DSC_1187.JPG (201133 Byte)


DSC_1190.JPG (214648 Byte)

The tomb of the Sultan Suleyman

DSC_1192.JPG (154485 Byte)


DSC_1194.JPG (201305 Byte)


DSC_1196.JPG (207519 Byte)

Who needs a Porsche in the is traffic?

DSC_1197.JPG (171017 Byte)


DSC_1201.JPG (212919 Byte)

Looking bach to the Suleyman Mosque

DSC_1203.JPG (173130 Byte)

View of the harbour with many ferries.

DSC_1205.JPG (182751 Byte)

Looking back to the palace.

DSC_1206.JPG (190917 Byte)

Note the salesman in a dangerous position.

DSC_1209.JPG (201615 Byte)

Back beside the Bosporus, walking to dinner with Anthony.

DSC_1210.JPG (200854 Byte)


DSC_1211.JPG (215160 Byte)

This is a local area just behind the tourist venues.

DSC_1213.JPG (220723 Byte)

A local restaurant.

DSC_1216.JPG (190205 Byte)

On the walk home.

DSC_1221.JPG (174845 Byte)

The next day on the way to the airport.

DSC_1224.JPG (225011 Byte)

Looking down on a football arena from our aircraft.

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