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Harbours and interesting places

P1010288.JPG (1259177 bytes)

Marmaris Yacht Marine

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P1010295.JPG (817653 bytes)

Sunset Marmaris Yacht Marine


P1010241.JPG (860413 bytes)

Marmaris harbour


P1010270.JPG (864388 bytes)

Charter boats Marmaris


P1010326.JPG (802717 bytes)

Sailing aboard "Samoa"


P1010352.JPG (872803 bytes)

At Anchor - Orhaniye Koyu


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P1010357.JPG (780500 bytes)

Peaceful evening - Orhaniye Koyu


P1010371.JPG (924143 bytes)P1010370.JPG (784894 bytes)










Next morning


P10103771.JPG (791250 bytes)

Next leg - Sailing:  Hisarönü Körfezi


P1010380.JPG (677815 bytes)

The admiral


P1010432.JPG (865526 bytes)

Knidos - ancient harbour


P1010408.JPG (831318 bytes)

Knidos harbour with ruins in background


P1010436.JPG (831194 bytes)

Knidos overview


P1010445.JPG (880630 bytes)

Ancient building - Knidos


P1010448.JPG (860929 bytes)

Fortifications from around 200 BC - Harbour entrance Knidos

Further info:  http://www.archaeology-classic.com/turkey/knidos.html


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P1010035.JPG (800353 bytes)

"Sea Cloud" at anchor before Bodrum


P1010042.JPG (836268 bytes)

Bodrum harbour and St Peter's Castle


P1010066.JPG (837022 bytes)

K. and E.  Bodrum


bodrum-harb.JPG (20550 bytes)

Bodrum harbour from castle


P1010088.JPG (855882 bytes)

Bodrum harbour


P1010095.JPG (812808 bytes)

Departing Bodrum


P1010100.JPG (793344 bytes)

St Peter's Castle


P1010104.JPG (737721 bytes)

Hydrofoil:  Kos - Bodrum


P1010119.JPG (2322305 bytes)

Rough weather tactics!


P1010120.JPG (796852 bytes)

Turgutreis Marina (North West from Bodrum)


P1010151.JPG (778794 bytes)

Looking towards the Greek Islands from Turgutreis


P1010171.JPG (793516 bytes)

Approaching Kusadasi


S1010174.JPG (786722 bytes)

Kusadasi -  Harbour entrance


S1010176.JPG (856303 bytes)

Sunset - Kusadasi marina


P1010185.JPG (1760542 bytes)

A hand full of peace - Kusadasi


P1010204.JPG (1682386 bytes)

From Bird Island Kusadasi looking towards Samos


S1010225.JPG (807722 bytes)

Evening view of Bird Island


P1010242.JPG (874061 bytes)

Ephesus, small amphitheater


Library-Ephasus.JPG (71596 bytes)

Ephesus, library


P1010320.JPG (2196596 bytes)

Library fassade


P1010325.JPG (833281 bytes)

Ephesus, Large amphitheater and avenue to harbour


S1010331.JPG (890598 bytes)

Large amphitheatre from harbour avenue

Further info: http://www.archaeology-classic.com/turkey/ephesus.html


P1010356.JPG (794720 bytes)

Goat herd


P1010384.JPG (856596 bytes)

Bazaar, Kusadasi


P1010433.JPG (760925 bytes)

Pumakale - ruins


P1010442.JPG (2574287 bytes)

Ancient statue - Pumakale


P1010456.JPG (852943 bytes)

Pumakale - Calcium terraces


P1010462.JPG (1791899 bytes)

Elisabeth - Pumakale


P1010469.JPG (781329 bytes)

Terraces,  Pumakale


P1010473.JPG (895606 bytes)

Pumakale, Cleopatra's pool with amphitheater in background.


P1010475.JPG (860892 bytes)

Elisabeth in Cleopatra's pool

Further info:    http://www.archaeology-classic.com/turkey/pamukkale.html


Turkei-04.jpg (945561 bytes)

The crew,  Turkey 04


PA056473.JPG (40088 bytes)

Approaching Iassus,  Guluk Gulf

PA056480.JPG (54518 bytes)

Iassos, Fortress

PA056485.JPG (86699 bytes)

Iassos, city ruins

PA056486.JPG (109998 bytes)


PA056492.JPG (106175 bytes)

Iassos, small amphitheater

PA056496.JPG (93726 bytes)

Small amphitheatre

PA056507.JPG (114603 bytes)


PA056509.JPG (46187 bytes)


PA056510.JPG (69828 bytes)

Detail of carving

PA056516.JPG (61307 bytes)


PA056520.JPG (95057 bytes)

View of harbour from fortress.

PA056527.JPG (43018 bytes)

Lookouts: Elisabeth and Urs.

PA056528.JPG (53254 bytes)

Iassos, Harbour from fortress

Further information on Iassos under http://www.archaeology-classic.com/turkey/Iassos.html


PA066562.JPG (23844 bytes)

Fish farm,  Guluk Gulf

PA066564.JPG (59960 bytes)


PA066573.JPG (73980 bytes)


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PA076592.JPG (25792 bytes)


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