Pics of our cruise with Urs and Iris, Turkey and Greece June, 2014

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DSC_1225.JPG (193380 Byte)

The new airport at Izmir in Turkey

DSC_1228.JPG (182837 Byte)

This is the beautiful bagage collection area, but we waited 45 minutes for our bags to turn up!

DSC_1240.JPG (158646 Byte)

Welcome from Iris and Urs

DSC_1248.JPG (268753 Byte)

Welcome drinks

DSC_1260.JPG (214888 Byte)

Evening bar-b-que for German speaking guests at the Setur Marina in Kusadasi

DSC_1267.JPG (193025 Byte)

Urs and Iris

DSC_1270.JPG (228140 Byte)


DSC_1277.JPG (155229 Byte)

The inside of the Volvo D2 motor in Urs's Bavaria 40, after 12 years and 1720 hours. Amazingly clean!

DSC_1284.JPG (157696 Byte)

Elisabeth and Iris

DSC_1287.JPG (188423 Byte)

Setur Marina, Kusadasi

DSC_1293.JPG (181517 Byte)

From a restaurant looking towards the cruise ship wharf.

DSC_1295.JPG (182621 Byte)

One of the beaches in Kusadasi

DSC_1296.JPG (200843 Byte)


DSC_1304.JPG (175296 Byte)

Outdoor gym by the shore in Kusadasi

DSC_1305.JPG (208485 Byte)


DSC_1306.JPG (255490 Byte)


DSC_1307.JPG (194335 Byte)


DSC_1318.JPG (132242 Byte)

A hand full of peace!

DSC_1337.JPG (171889 Byte)

The bus station in Selcuk

DSC_1339.JPG (200273 Byte)

On the bus on the way to visit Sirince

DSC_1341.JPG (195277 Byte)


DSC_1347.JPG (213044 Byte)


DSC_1354.JPG (143656 Byte)


DSC_1358.JPG (195864 Byte)


DSC_1363.JPG (138001 Byte)


DSC_1364.JPG (165372 Byte)

Multi lingual menu.

DSC_1367.JPG (210930 Byte)


DSC_1373.JPG (206748 Byte)


DSC_1376.JPG (216408 Byte)


DSC_1378.JPG (197200 Byte)

Returning to Selcuk

DSC_1381.JPG (223099 Byte)

Looking up to the Castle or Citadel at Selcuk

DSC_1394.JPG (210590 Byte)


DSC_1395.JPG (203484 Byte)

Entrance of the ruins of the Basilica of St John the Evangalist

DSC_1396.JPG (158152 Byte)


DSC_1399.JPG (247568 Byte)


DSC_1406.JPG (295620 Byte)


DSC_1414.JPG (213284 Byte)


DSC_1415.JPG (182230 Byte)


DSC_1416.JPG (168831 Byte)

The tomb of St John

DSC_1422.JPG (189494 Byte)


DSC_1424.JPG (186865 Byte)

Baptismal bath

DSC_1425.JPG (131142 Byte)


DSC_1429.JPG (190453 Byte)

Looking back over the ruins.

DSC_1430.JPG (170887 Byte)

Model of the original church as it was before being destroyed by an earthquake.

DSC_1431.JPG (238072 Byte)


DSC_1432.JPG (235000 Byte)


DSC_1436.JPG (267281 Byte)


DSC_1444.JPG (179564 Byte)

Looking up to the citadel from the Basilica

DSC_1445.JPG (219965 Byte)


DSC_1451.JPG (183759 Byte)

View from near the Citadel

DSC_1460.JPG (182009 Byte)


DSC_1463.JPG (135824 Byte)


DSC_1464.JPG (178659 Byte)


DSC_1465.JPG (191745 Byte)

Water cistern

DSC_1472.JPG (176553 Byte)


DSC_1476.JPG (189106 Byte)

This was originally a church but was converted by the Turks into a water cistern

DSC_1479.JPG (142421 Byte)


DSC_1484.JPG (183726 Byte)


DSC_1499.JPG (196637 Byte)


DSC_1555.JPG (182823 Byte)

Back at Selcuk, I believe these are pigeon houses.

DSC_1558.JPG (186639 Byte)

Resort hotel on the road back to Kusadasi

DSC_1561.JPG (181689 Byte)


DSC_1663.JPG (186878 Byte)

Back at the harbour in Kusadasi

DSC_1664.JPG (220398 Byte)

Departing Kusadasi

DSC_1666.JPG (191882 Byte)


DSC_1676.JPG (143200 Byte)


DSC_1678.JPG (169763 Byte)

Coastguard boat, not a very good example!

DSC_1680.JPG (156289 Byte)

Elisabeth on the wheel. The back of the shirt says "Work less"!

DSC_1693.JPG (155833 Byte)

The skipper

DSC_1719.JPG (173685 Byte)

Heading for Chios in Greece.

DSC_1740.JPG (168967 Byte)

Unfinished harbour in Chios. It has been like this for about thirty years.

DSC_1753.JPG (185970 Byte)

Looking down over the harbour, with Turkey in the background.

DSC_1754.JPG (192818 Byte)

Orthodox church.

DSC_1761.JPG (217344 Byte)


DSC_1765.JPG (229657 Byte)


DSC_1767.JPG (182111 Byte)

Samoa in Chios

DSC_1770.JPG (197604 Byte)

A well kept sectret in Chios. A very good restaurant.

DSC_1771.JPG (204992 Byte)


DSC_1778.JPG (190526 Byte)


DSC_1804.JPG (184815 Byte)

The old fortified city at Chios

DSC_1818.JPG (184000 Byte)


DSC_1835.JPG (238388 Byte)


DSC_1843.JPG (156835 Byte)

Another church

DSC_1844.JPG (213305 Byte)

with a beautiful courtyard.

DSC_1846.JPG (144722 Byte)


DSC_1848.JPG (198233 Byte)

Again Greek orthodox.

DSC_1849.JPG (213806 Byte)


DSC_1854.JPG (235493 Byte)


DSC_1872.JPG (175624 Byte)

Back at the old city walls.

DSC_1883.JPG (179154 Byte)

Old wind mills on the shore.

DSC_1888.JPG (164388 Byte)


DSC_1891.JPG (179776 Byte)

Disused mill stones.

DSC_1894.JPG (194215 Byte)

A catamaran,

DSC_1895.JPG (154060 Byte)

with an original propulsion system. The chain is missing at the moment and there is now an outboard motor.

DSC_1898.JPG (245464 Byte)


DSC_1904.JPG (152794 Byte)

Monument near the entrance of the main commercial harbour.

DSC_1905.JPG (176040 Byte)

Commercial harbour.

DSC_1910.JPG (157394 Byte)


DSC_1931.JPG (139284 Byte)

Street scene in Mesta. This is one of the Mastic villages in the south of the island of Chios.

DSC_1937.JPG (137341 Byte)

Orthodox church in Mesta

DSC_1939.JPG (205899 Byte)


DSC_1942.JPG (141687 Byte)


DSC_1946.JPG (143040 Byte)


DSC_1948.JPG (156025 Byte)


DSC_1952.JPG (149768 Byte)

Down town Mesta

DSC_1954.JPG (133816 Byte)

Tunnel like streets.

DSC_1956.JPG (145436 Byte)


DSC_1959.JPG (146744 Byte)


DSC_1960.JPG (141999 Byte)


DSC_1963.JPG (145988 Byte)


DSC_1964.JPG (146679 Byte)

More of Mesta

DSC_1967.JPG (140118 Byte)


DSC_1972.JPG (223686 Byte)

Ice Cream vendor.

DSC_1977.JPG (203173 Byte)

Pirgi, another mastic village.

DSC_1979.JPG (150812 Byte)

Here the houses are plastered, first with a dark mortar, then with a lighter one.

While the mortar is still wet the designs are scratched into the top layer to expose the lower layer.

DSC_1983.JPG (161194 Byte)

Most of the designs are quite intricate.

DSC_1984.JPG (136946 Byte)


DSC_1986.JPG (139124 Byte)


DSC_1988.JPG (143276 Byte)

DSC_1991.JPG (143712 Byte)

More of Pirgi

DSC_1997.JPG (162785 Byte)


DSC_1998.JPG (158051 Byte)


DSC_2000.JPG (172869 Byte)


DSC_2006.JPG (210578 Byte)


DSC_2010.JPG (179503 Byte)

One of two churches.

DSC_2014.JPG (151304 Byte)

Here is the other church.

DSC_2017.JPG (158313 Byte)

Entry to the church.

DSC_2019.JPG (152699 Byte)


DSC_2022.JPG (214472 Byte)


DSC_2033.JPG (209046 Byte)

The town square at Pirgi

DSC_2038.JPG (163345 Byte)


DSC_2040.JPG (191163 Byte)

Well used bus ex Southern Germany!

DSC_2041.JPG (176524 Byte)


DSC_2047.JPG (185492 Byte)

These are the mastic trees. The sap is harvested to produce the mastic, which has many uses.

DSC_2051.JPG (200387 Byte)


DSC_2057.JPG (207504 Byte)

A close fit for the large bus in the next tiny town.

DSC_2073.JPG (191652 Byte)

View of a beach from the bus window.

DSC_2097.JPG (179179 Byte)

Back in Chios

DSC_2106.JPG (180951 Byte)


DSC_2136.JPG (188200 Byte)

View taken from "Samoa" as we depart the harbour.

DSC_2144.JPG (188817 Byte)

Looking back towards the harbour where we were.

DSC_2171.JPG (162017 Byte)


DSC_2178.JPG (169901 Byte)

Entering the harbour at Inousses,

DSC_2184.JPG (179744 Byte)

with a mermaid to welcome us.

DSC_2207.JPG (189114 Byte)

Harbour at Inousses

DSC_2209.JPG (142079 Byte)

Statue of a shipping magnate who is a benefactor to the town.

DSC_2211.JPG (175264 Byte)


DSC_2261.JPG (197808 Byte)


DSC_2263.JPG (235049 Byte)


DSC_2265.JPG (243289 Byte)


DSC_2267.JPG (209577 Byte)


DSC_2268.JPG (213263 Byte)


DSC_2270.JPG (165594 Byte)

Another yacht entering the harbour.

DSC_2271.JPG (174950 Byte)

The south coast looking east.

DSC_2272.JPG (239985 Byte)


DSC_2276.JPG (198800 Byte)


DSC_2291.JPG (228339 Byte)

Back in the harbour.

DSC_2293.JPG (181139 Byte)


DSC_2296.JPG (200249 Byte)


DSC_2298.JPG (175456 Byte)

The coast to the west.

DSC_2305.JPG (197793 Byte)


DSC_2312.JPG (187066 Byte)


DSC_2314.JPG (210011 Byte)


DSC_2318.JPG (206352 Byte)


DSC_2323.JPG (260652 Byte)


DSC_2339.JPG (180466 Byte)

Beautiful Bougainvillea

DSC_2340.JPG (240341 Byte)


DSC_2341.JPG (171301 Byte)


DSC_2342.JPG (172009 Byte)

An old windmill converted into a house.

DSC_2343.JPG (174442 Byte)


DSC_2355.JPG (194598 Byte)

Late afternoon in the harbour.

DSC_2359.JPG (202022 Byte)


DSC_2360.JPG (218294 Byte)


DSC_2375.JPG (165528 Byte)


DSC_2379.JPG (190246 Byte)


DSC_2381.JPG (190342 Byte)


DSC_2394.JPG (177403 Byte)

Departing Inousses.

DSC_2411.JPG (208265 Byte)

Heading north towards  Lesvos.

DSC_2438.JPG (188910 Byte)


DSC_2456.JPG (204288 Byte)

Entering the passage leading to Gera Bay which seems to be a crater lake.

DSC_2469.JPG (172633 Byte)

Our anchorage in Skala Loutron,

DSC_2481.JPG (180051 Byte)

with beautiful clean warm water.

DSC_2482.JPG (152926 Byte)

Looking towards Loutra from our anchorage.

DSC_2483.JPG (158364 Byte)


DSC_2490.JPG (157413 Byte)


DSC_2493.JPG (162303 Byte)


DSC_2515.JPG (165311 Byte)


DSC_2526.JPG (183250 Byte)

Next morning raising the anchor.

DSC_2538.JPG (189456 Byte)

Buzzed by the customs boat,

DSC_2539.JPG (181400 Byte)

a hard bottom inflatable with two 200 hp Mercury outboards.

DSC_2549.JPG (239158 Byte)

Under way again,

DSC_2597.JPG (228665 Byte)

accompanied by dolphins.

DSC_2603.JPG (191118 Byte)


DSC_2608.JPG (120095 Byte)


DSC_2610.JPG (212485 Byte)


DSC_2615.JPG (184467 Byte)


DSC_2635.JPG (189852 Byte)

Approaching Turkey just west of Ayvalik.

DSC_2648.JPG (194685 Byte)


DSC_2654.JPG (176644 Byte)

An old monastry on Cunda Island

DSC_2673.JPG (175970 Byte)

We spent the last evening on anchor behind this peninsula,

DSC_2674.JPG (154825 Byte)

but didn't go swimming!

DSC_2681.JPG (159547 Byte)

Another sunset

DSC_2682.JPG (168928 Byte)


DSC_2683.JPG (172082 Byte)


DSC_2716.JPG (204453 Byte)

The next morning we motored to the Setur marina at Ayvalik.

DSC_2723.JPG (174315 Byte)

The entrance to the marina.

DSC_2728.JPG (204732 Byte)

Migros Turkey!

DSC_2733.JPG (204929 Byte)

We then took a tour of the old town.This was originally settled by the Greeks but was given to Turkey after the first world war.

DSC_2736.JPG (215126 Byte)

Traditional Turkish charter boat.

DSC_2739.JPG (204675 Byte)

One of Iris' sidelines.

DSC_2740.JPG (198467 Byte)

More tourist boats.

DSC_2754.JPG (206858 Byte)

The old town.

DSC_2755.JPG (166437 Byte)


DSC_2757.JPG (232452 Byte)


DSC_2758.JPG (189243 Byte)


DSC_2765.JPG (209124 Byte)

One horse power.

DSC_2769.JPG (219313 Byte)

One of the local moschees.

DSC_2772.JPG (195093 Byte)


DSC_2773.JPG (147369 Byte)


DSC_2776.JPG (141668 Byte)


DSC_2781.JPG (195008 Byte)

One way of delivering a fridge.

DSC_2790.JPG (181116 Byte)


DSC_2795.JPG (212842 Byte)

These ducks had made themselves at home under a disused truck.

DSC_2796.JPG (205016 Byte)

View from the hill looking down on the marina at the left

DSC_2797.JPG (168060 Byte)

and the entrance to the harbour to the right.

DSC_2810.JPG (203208 Byte)


DSC_2811.JPG (215028 Byte)


DSC_2813.JPG (195587 Byte)

Last evening apero.

DSC_2825.JPG (224243 Byte)


DSC_2827.JPG (220743 Byte)

Choosing our evening meal.

DSC_2835.JPG (209495 Byte)


DSC_2839.JPG (249194 Byte)

Farewell dinner with Urs and Iris.

DSC_2844.JPG (209555 Byte)

Back at the airport at Izmir

DSC_2846.JPG (197101 Byte)

No trouble finding a seat in the waiting room. Note the power points for charging computers of phones etc.

DSC_2848.JPG (160565 Byte)

Take off!

DSC_2853.JPG (179425 Byte)

Looking down on Izmir.

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