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Harbours and interesting places

Samos Island

P9202181.JPG (938499 bytes)

Anchorage Pythagorion


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Inner Harbour - Pythagorion


P9212224.JPG (1410424 bytes)

Ruins and church


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P9202212.JPG (983985 bytes)


P9202184.JPG (1150681 bytes)

Pythagoras Monument


P9212244.JPG (1190312 bytes)

Harbour front


P9212242.JPG (1339477 bytes)


P9212265.JPG (1164274 bytes)

View of  harbour from hill


P9212261.JPG (1107109 bytes)

View of anchorage from hill


P9222296.JPG (1293645 bytes)

Departing Pythagorion


Dodekanes Islands

P9222312.JPG (967961 bytes)

Passage Arki Island


P9222320.JPG (1094497 bytes)

Passage Arkib Island


P9222332.JPG (1211786 bytes)

Anchorage on Arki Island

Patnos Island

P9232343.JPG (1164434 bytes)

Approaching Patnos


P9232355.JPG (1118371 bytes)

Anchorage Patnos


Patmos-panorama1.jpg (1280577 bytes)

View of Patmos Bay from Monastry, entry to the right, anchorage to the left of middle.


P9232377.JPG (1110943 bytes)

Old Windmills


P9232378.JPG (1043492 bytes)



P9232379.JPG (1289380 bytes)



P9232391.JPG (901345 bytes)



P9232404.JPG (991399 bytes)


P9232406.JPG (839742 bytes)

Monastry of St. John the Theologan


P9232413.JPG (1061381 bytes)

Monastry with village


P9232412.JPG (809281 bytes)

Patmos harbour from monastry


P9232418.JPG (978835 bytes)


P9232421.JPG (1269773 bytes)

Mosaic of St John in the cave of the Apocalypse


P9232426.JPG (1277888 bytes)

Cave with the monastry in the background


P9242441.JPG (1249795 bytes)

Patmos town


P9242442.JPG (736949 bytes)



P9242444.JPG (899108 bytes)


P9242461.JPG (841731 bytes)


P9242457.JPG (1262494 bytes)

West beach


P9242469.JPG (1195907 bytes)

Harbour with tourist ship


P9252477.JPG (1047764 bytes)

Departing Patnos bound for Leros Island


Leros Island

P9252483.JPG (1415965 bytes)

Leros island, O. Partheni, approaching Limeniskos A. Matronas


P9252484.JPG (1183713 bytes)

At anchor, Limeniskos A. Matronas (looking North)


P9252491.JPG (1380876 bytes)

Looking South at sunset


P92624941.JPG (810002 bytes)

East coast of Leros


Agathonisi Island

P9290008.JPG (1229446 bytes)

Approaching Agathonisi


P9290014.JPG (1116459 bytes)

Approaching harbour and anchorage Khorio


P9290016.JPG (1106308 bytes)

At anchor, Khorio


P9290027.JPG (1482527 bytes)

Anchorage, Agathonisi, Khorio


P9290028.JPG (1050624 bytes)

Bay, Agathonisi


P9290041.JPG (1046073 bytes)

from above


P9300047.JPG (1192459 bytes)

Departing Agathonisi

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