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Harbours and anchorages

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Mahon from the visitor's pontoon

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Mahon visitor's pontoon.  A dinghy is a must!


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Mahon. View of part of the extensive harbour from the city.


addaya1.jpg (27109 bytes)

Addaya  Marina. The anchorage is off the picture to the right.


3-252-08.jpg (262066 bytes)3-252-07.jpg (279453 bytes)

Two more views of Addaya. The picture to the left shows the entrance from the sea and in the right hand picture the anchorage is in the background with the harbour just visible behind the island in the far right of the picture.


3-252-15.jpg (244629 bytes)

Fornells  harbour. The yachts are further to the right, but there is lots of open anchorage outside in the lagoon.


3-252-25.jpg (255688 bytes)

Cuitadella looking towards the entrance.


3-252-26.jpg (237006 bytes)

Cuitadella from the yacht club


4-546-19.jpg (273333 bytes)

Cala Coves


4-546-23.jpg (849318 bytes)

Cala Morel.   Shallow and rocky to the left of the marker bouys.  Open to wind from the North.


5-878-09.jpg (238361 bytes)

Cala Macarella


Macarelletta.jpg (15686 bytes)

Cala Macarelletta


5-878-12.jpg (228888 bytes)

Entrance to Cala Grao leading off to the left of the photo


 5-878-14.jpg (948981 bytes)

Cala Grao

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