Southern France and Northern Spain, Spring 2013

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Here is a selection of photos from our holiday in the South of France and Northern Spain in Spring 2013.

As you will notice from the clothes in some of the photos, it was still quite cool.

DSC_8623.JPG (185249 Byte)

Pont-du-Gard, Aqueduct built by the Romans without mortar two thousand years ago.

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DSC_8662.JPG (190533 Byte)


DSC_8669.JPG (198364 Byte)

Roman amphitheater in Nimes

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DSC_8707.JPG (139444 Byte)

This fellow was hung above us in a cafe!

DSC_8731.JPG (139363 Byte)

The only outside parking place I could find in Aix-en-Provence, but with the tree hanging across the entrance we almost couldn't get in.

DSC_8732.JPG (180430 Byte)

Fountain at Aix-en-Provence

DSC_8834.JPG (198570 Byte)


DSC_8835.JPG (224477 Byte)


DSC_8856.JPG (153699 Byte)

Cathedral St. Sauveur, Aix-en-Provence

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DSC_8863.JPG (131747 Byte)


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DSC_8973.JPG (189588 Byte)

In front of one of the gates at Aigues-Mortes

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DSC_8987.JPG (244142 Byte)


DSC_8991a.JPG (203235 Byte)

Notre Dame des Sablons

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Plaque Aigues Mortes.JPG (65939 Byte)


DSC_8999.JPG (134151 Byte)


DSC_9002.JPG (212332 Byte)

Plaza de St Louis

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DSC_9023.JPG (223720 Byte)


DSC_9036.JPG (136545 Byte)

South West gate.

DSC_9038.JPG (172046 Byte)


DSC_9041.JPG (152911 Byte)


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DSC_9043.JPG (126416 Byte)


DSC_9072.JPG (155527 Byte)

Beach at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

DSC_9077.JPG (225198 Byte)

Thatched roofed houses

DSC_9082.JPG (196478 Byte)


DSC_9098.JPG (187819 Byte)

Riding centre

DSC_9099.JPG (215496 Byte)


DSC_9137.JPG (173737 Byte)

Park place for Motorhomes behind the beach near Port Camargue

DSC_9155.JPG (209860 Byte)

Harbour at Sète

DSC_9164.JPG (174434 Byte)

New arrivals

DSC_9170.JPG (147207 Byte)

Look alikes, Susi and Elisabeth

DSC_9190.JPG (177485 Byte)

Fort St Pierre at Sète

DSC_9191.JPG (194137 Byte)

Lighthouse on the hill at Sète

DSC_9225.JPG (171705 Byte)

View of Sète from hill.

DSC_9259.JPG (199393 Byte)

Camira departing Sète harbour

DSC_9282.JPG (211347 Byte)


DSC_9296.JPG (145814 Byte)

St Jean's church, Pézenas

DSC_9297.JPG (216108 Byte)


DSC_9301.JPG (136465 Byte)


DSC_9303.JPG (179009 Byte)


DSC_9311.JPG (167432 Byte)

Inviting restaurants everywhere.

DSC_9312.JPG (133604 Byte)


DSC_9313.JPG (149664 Byte)


DSC_9314.JPG (149002 Byte)


DSC_9316.JPG (205690 Byte)


DSC_9321.JPG (205190 Byte)


DSC_9322.JPG (191377 Byte)

Hotel de Wicque

DSC_9323.JPG (207274 Byte)


DSC_9330.JPG (140585 Byte)


DSC_9346.JPG (185244 Byte)

Part of the old castle wall!

DSC_9348.JPG (228942 Byte)


DSC_9349.JPG (151847 Byte)

The castle was originally a Roman fortress in Julias Cesar's time, around 97 BC

DSC_9352.JPG (192143 Byte)


DSC_9370.JPG (177836 Byte)

Hotel de Lacoste

DSC_9376.JPG (182498 Byte)


DSC_9382.JPG (179590 Byte)


DSC_9397.JPG (140196 Byte)


DSC_9409.JPG (203820 Byte)


DSC_9413.JPG (178801 Byte)

Beach near our campground at Agde

DSC_9416.JPG (181116 Byte)

What is allowed!!

DSC_9419.JPG (248469 Byte)


DSC_9437.JPG (134566 Byte)

This fellow was trying to hide behind the palm tree.

DSC_9452.JPG (182886 Byte)

Camp place at Agde

DSC_9462.JPG (182066 Byte)

Camping Les Criques, further South on the coast just North of Collioure,

DSC_9464.JPG (212266 Byte)

with fantastic views of the Med.

DSC_9465.JPG (198362 Byte)


DSC_9470.JPG (174021 Byte)

It is terraced so that everyone has the view.

DSC_9517.JPG (213052 Byte)

We made an extended walk along the rugged coast to Collioure

DSC_9535.JPG (183970 Byte)


DSC_9541.JPG (177506 Byte)


DSC_9545.JPG (173973 Byte)


DSC_9546.JPG (150448 Byte)


DSC_9560.JPG (173882 Byte)


DSC_9578.JPG (195144 Byte)


DSC_9579.JPG (185989 Byte)


DSC_9595.JPG (195876 Byte)


DSC_9597.JPG (185466 Byte)


DSC_9598.JPG (170099 Byte)


DSC_9626.JPG (171566 Byte)


DSC_9652.JPG (182400 Byte)

Further South, view towards Cerbère from a lookout beside the road

DSC_9653.JPG (192385 Byte)


DSC_9664.JPG (209457 Byte)

Puerto L'Escala

DSC_9671.JPG (167657 Byte)

L'Escala looking across the bay to Roses

DSC_9688.JPG (185770 Byte)

Cala Montgo

DSC_9692.JPG (124977 Byte)


DSC_9696.JPG (146139 Byte)


DSC_9700.JPG (238369 Byte)

Affordable wine!

DSC_9704.JPG (180455 Byte)

Camping at Montgo

DSC_9712.JPG (200538 Byte)

San Il'dfonso, Arenys

DSC_9713.JPG (206554 Byte)


DSC_9716.JPG (206212 Byte)


DSC_9719.JPG (180233 Byte)

Castell Jalpi

DSC_9721.JPG (182621 Byte)


DSC_9732.JPG (237905 Byte)


DSC_9739.JPG (179631 Byte)


DSC_9787.JPG (207658 Byte)

Down town Arenys de Mar

DSC_9796.JPG (160989 Byte)

Beach at Canet de Mar

DSC_9798.JPG (171129 Byte)


DSC_9829.JPG (178737 Byte)


DSC_9839.JPG (191326 Byte)

Camping at Canet de Mar

DSC_9840.JPG (202391 Byte)

Visit from Maria and Alfredo

DSC_9921.JPG (166653 Byte)

Park place on the home trip

DSC_9926.JPG (178141 Byte)

with a view back towards the Spanish border

DSC_9927.JPG (183669 Byte)

and the snow capped Pyranees in the back ground.

DSC_9941.JPG (185510 Byte)

Gruissan harbour

DSC_9948.JPG (204989 Byte)

With affordable facilities.

DSC_9952.JPG (178512 Byte)

This vehicle is slightly larger than our. I wouldn't like to drive it in Norway!

DSC_9958.JPG (217889 Byte)

Camping at Annecy

DSC_9960.JPG (206547 Byte)

View over the Lake of Annecy from the camp grounds.

DSC_9986.JPG (189226 Byte)

Looking towards the old city.

DSC_9992.JPG (197045 Byte)


DSC_b0002.JPG (161343 Byte)

Church of Saint François de Sales

DSC_9995.JPG (140353 Byte)


DSC_b0013.JPG (188602 Byte)

Passage under the wall

DSC_b0016.JPG (135447 Byte)


DSC_b0018.JPG (139056 Byte)


DSC_b0031.JPG (231734 Byte)

Mouth watering!

DSC_b0054.JPG (141151 Byte)

Venice again!

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