Family Pics 2013

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When can we start opening presents?

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Christmas 2012 wuîth Hugh and Lucy

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Fondue Chinoise

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Lucy and Hugh

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The good aunty.

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Black forest cake at our place with André

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Hugh in luck

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Hugh and Lucy on our balcony in Davos

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Hugh and Lucy after a successful day skiing.

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A sleigh ride in the Sertig Valley, Miriam, André and Elisabeth

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Kerry, Hugh and Lucy

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Raclette with Joruun and Henning in or kitchen.

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Down by the harbour

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The little farmer girl!

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When can I start Opa?

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Big brother helping

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The bugle call at the Lenzburgiade

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The Carmina Quartette playing at the Lenzburgiade

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Final fanfare

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Departing the castle

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Reading Pooh Bear with Oma

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Down at the park in Romanshorn

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Elaine in Davos

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Liam on his bike.

DSC_9637.JPG (133837 Byte)

Elaine the lion tamer.

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Liam at Bad Ragaz

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Elaine singing to Oma

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Exploring in the forest

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The upper Rhein valley in Autumn.

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Elisabeth at the controls.

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Our baby

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A happy Figurehead

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Walking at the zoo at Zurich

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Lunch break.

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Kerry in the Stockholm archipelago

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André and Miriam sailing.

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Miriam with Marseille in the background

Provence_2013_036.JPG (201304 Byte)

Also in Marseille with André

Provence_2013_187.JPG (179948 Byte)


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Davos December 2013

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Can I try too?

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