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Program,  Saturday, July 1st

10.00 am - 12.30 am, Genealogy... Powerpoint and Screen

Family History and Genealogy with Veronica Williams and Frank Roofe.

Veronica Williams, a member since 2008 presenting her Family History research, then Frank Roofe giving tips on Genealogy research.

1.30 pm - 5.30 pm Bus tour of scenic and historic places of interest including; Enniskillen Castle Museum,

Ardess Famine Graveyard and Cassidy Ancient Rath, guided by Frank Roofe.

8.00 pm: Old fashioned Céili House with three members of the Blackwater Céili Band; 

International story teller, Eamonn Keenan and Jaff the Piper telling many tall Tales from Ireland. Singer Tina Cassidy and our talented visitors.

Fear an Ti, Noel Cassidy.

  DSC_9575.JPG (145320 Byte)

Part of Veronica Williams' presentation.

DSC_9576.JPG (154320 Byte)


DSC_9577.JPG (150817 Byte)

Veronica has now volunteerd to oversee the Clan's DNA Project.

If anyone is interested in having DNA research done, please contact Veronica for information.

Her e-mail address is on the first screen in this album.

DSC_9579.JPG (155644 Byte)

Veronica's presentation was folowed by a very interesting presentation by Frank Roofe.

Frank is a local historian and genealogist and is an Honorary lifetime member of the Cassidy Clan.

He has helped many people with researching their family history.

DSC_9586.JPG (159766 Byte)

One of the good tips Frank gave us was the Irish Genealogy Site.

This is a great help with searching for records.

Irishgenealogy.JPG (65482 Byte)

If you would like a real challenge, try it in Gaeilge!

DSC_9588.JPG (158596 Byte)

Frank was later our tour guide on a bus trip visiting some interesting sites in the area.

DSC_9589.JPG (211157 Byte)

Arriving at Enniskillen Castle, previously owned by the Maguires until the English confiscated it and their lands.

DSC_9594.JPG (178638 Byte)

Enniskillen Castle

DSC_9598.JPG (128698 Byte)


DSC_9600.JPG (168222 Byte)

The weather suddenly worsened, so we moved inside and were able to view the castle from the large windows in the museum.

DSC_9599.JPG (157440 Byte)


DSC_9601.JPG (162549 Byte)

The museum has many interesting exhibits from the surrounding area.

DSC_9602.JPG (243353 Byte)


DSC_9606.JPG (221422 Byte)

A pictoral description of the attack on the castle.

DSC_9607.JPG (157278 Byte)


DSC_9608.JPG (161113 Byte)


DSC_9619.JPG (146875 Byte)


DSC_9620.JPG (164832 Byte)

An arial view of Devenish Island

DSC_9646.JPG (159380 Byte)

These are various information plates in the museum.

DSC_9647.JPG (171804 Byte)


DSC_9681.JPG (186759 Byte)

Part of our tour of the castle with Frank explaining the life of the Maguires.

DSC_9684.JPG (212965 Byte)


DSC_9689.JPG (165048 Byte)


DSC_9694.JPG (189620 Byte)

Our tour then continued and we passed through Bally Cassidy, which is just after the airport heading out of town on the northern shore of Loch Erne.

This is a modern pallet sawmill at Bally Cassidy

DSC_9695a.JPG (214072 Byte)


DSC_9695b.JPG (192915 Byte)

Approaching the bridge at Bally Cassidy with the old post office on the left. This was taken on Thursday with our rolling home parked in the bus stop.

DSC_9695c.JPG (181423 Byte)

The old Bally Cassidy post office as it is today.

DSC_9695d.JPG (66308 Byte)

An older photo with the Post Office sign still mounted.

DSC_9695e.JPG (184546 Byte)

The Bally Cassidy corn mill , built in 1810 on the site of the old mill. At one stage it employed about 100 people.

To the rear of the block, the present owner is building himself a new home. It is on the site of the previous mill building, which was seven stories high.

DSC_9695f.JPG (203978 Byte)

When the water level was higher barges used to come up the stream to load and unload at the mill.

The rings to tie up the boats are still in the walls.

DSC_9695g.JPG (203473 Byte)

Bally Cassidy House, a funeral parlor.

DSC_9696.JPG (177082 Byte)

Travelling to the Ardess Church to view the famine graveyard and some old Cassidy tomb stones.

DSC_9699.JPG (178050 Byte)

Ardess Church

DSC_9700.JPG (186352 Byte)


DSC_9705.JPG (240520 Byte)

Frank again informing us of the past.

DSC_9708.JPG (192723 Byte)

A Cassidy tombstone

DSC_9712.JPG (203193 Byte)

Ardess Famine Graveyard

DSC_9713.JPG (170744 Byte)

The mass grave used at the time of the famine.

DSC_9717.JPG (193194 Byte)

More Cassidy tombstones.

DSC_9719.JPG (184944 Byte)


DSC_9720.JPG (184649 Byte)


DSC_9723.JPG (187618 Byte)

The chalk was applied by Frank the evening before, to make the text readable.

IHS  Here Lyeth the Body of Bridget Cassidy Wife of Patrick Cassidy who Departed - - - - - 14th of - - -

Unfortunately the date is not legible.

DSC_9730.JPG (179160 Byte)

On the road to the Cassidy Rath

DSC_9731.JPG (159129 Byte)

The turnoff to the Rath

DSC_9732.JPG (196883 Byte)

I almost missed the sign.

DSC_9734.JPG (185768 Byte)

The road got even smaller.

DSC_9738.JPG (193238 Byte)

But we made it, even in the 60 seater bus. This is the path leading through the Cassidy Wood to the Ancient Cassidy Rath.

Coordinates for this spot in case you are trying to find it,    54°27'43.16" N,  7°39'06.28" W

DSC_9740.JPG (200774 Byte)


DSC_9743.JPG (201063 Byte)


DSC_9744.JPG (223674 Byte)

The track and the Rath had been cleaned up for our visit and the wood chip had been laid on the track.

DSC_9745.JPG (218692 Byte)

This is the stile leading through the trench and over the mound to access the Rath. It is deeper than it looks in the photo.

DSC_9747.JPG (183031 Byte)

Elisabeth climbing over.

DSC_9748.JPG (213650 Byte)

Inside the Rath, the mound visible at the rear.

DSC_9749.JPG (195138 Byte)

The relatively flat raised area in the Rath. The Cassidys who lived here many years ago would have built their huts inside this protected area.

DSC_9752.JPG (189406 Byte)


DSC_9758.JPG (201198 Byte)

The clan members inspecting the Rath

DSC_9759a.JPG (178446 Byte)

Here I walked out onto the farmer's field to take a photo of the Rath from there. It just looks like a group of trees.

DSC_9759b Cassidy Rath.JPG (127964 Byte)

The location of the Rath on Google Earth.

Rath 1.JPG (228162 Byte)

The site of the ancient rath is so overgrown that it is difficult to envisage what it was like.

Here is a sketch of a typical rath, smaller than the Cassidy Rath, but of similar style.

Ours would have had room for quite a few more huts and was on a hill.

DSC_9760.JPG (203898 Byte)

Noel explaing the Rath to clan members. Noel helps to keep it clean and accesible.

DSC_9763.JPG (161487 Byte)

A view from the ridge of the rath through one of the few gaps in the trees.

DSC_9764.JPG (210959 Byte)

Noel Cassidy wearing a Cassidy Clan pullover that Nuala knitted for him.

DSC_9769.JPG (183137 Byte)

Elisbeth and I joined Noel in our Aran Pullovers, also in the Cassidy pattern.

Link to Aran Sweater Market:

DSC_9780.JPG (218023 Byte)

Looking from the mound down in to the trench. Oliver Cassidy looking up.

DSC_9781.JPG (194695 Byte)

Oliver and Noel

DSC_9782.JPG (158057 Byte)

Elisabeth about to exit the Rath.

DSC_9784.JPG (148112 Byte)


DSC_9787.JPG (189377 Byte)


DSC_9792.JPG (178004 Byte)

The surrounding area taken from the bus.

DSC_9797.JPG (199641 Byte)

Back at the Killyhevlin Hotel for a rest before dinner.

DSC_9799.JPG (173584 Byte)


DSC_9813.JPG (175173 Byte)

After dinner we had the Céili House in the conference room.

DSC_9817.JPG (123250 Byte)

There were some organised performances, here Eamonn Keenan

DSC_9819.JPG (132433 Byte)


DSC_9820.JPG (169162 Byte)

and Jaff the Piper

DSC_9824.JPG (110577 Byte)

and some impromptu presentations from members. Tina Cassidy

Elisabeth even sang a couple of Swiss folk songs, but I was unfortunately away getting drinks at the time and missed most of it.

DSC_9825.JPG (182594 Byte)


DSC_9830.JPG (183276 Byte)


DSC_9833.JPG (198834 Byte)

Four Cassidy sisters

Imelda Mooney, Tina Cassidy, Nuala Cassidy and Sheelagh Kavanagh.

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