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Program Sunday, July 2nd

10.00 am: Devenish Summer School, Noel Cassidy talking about some of the renowned early Cassidy poets, including Gilla Mo Duta Ua Caiside and Tomas Ban Ua Caiside

11.00 am: A Powerpoint Presentation by Alf Monaghan titled  "Monastic Ireland - A Gift of the Nile"

1.30 pm Bus and boat trip to Devenish Island. Inauguration of An Caisideach on Devenish Island, an ancient burial ground of our Cassidy Ancestors.

7.30 pm Reception

8.00 pm Clan Gala Dinner

An evening of good company, food, drink and entertainment. "The Byrne Brothers"

  DSC_9836.JPG (112828 Byte)

Noel Cassidy giving his presentation on Sunday morning.

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DSC_9841.JPG (170987 Byte)

DSC_9843.JPG (166392 Byte)

Alf Monaghan then gave an extremely interesting presentation on Ireland's religious past.

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DSC_9847.JPG (198840 Byte)


DSC_9851.JPG (184226 Byte)


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DSC_0079.JPG (122216 Byte)

DSC_0082.JPG (152510 Byte)

After lunch we again boarded our bus and headed for the boat-landing near Devenish Island

DSC_0083.JPG (187655 Byte)

The roads were, as oft in Ireland, very small!

DSC_0085.JPG (190416 Byte)

The road was too small for the bus so we walked the last part.

DSC_0086.JPG (156506 Byte)

Our first view of Devenish Island from the boat-landing.

DSC_0088.JPG (157133 Byte)


DSC_0093.JPG (166241 Byte)

Our ferry boat arriving.

DSC_0094.JPG (173452 Byte)


DSC_0096.JPG (131794 Byte)

Elisabeth had flowers to place on a Cassidy grave.

DSC_0098.JPG (152390 Byte)


DSC_0103.JPG (135672 Byte)


DSC_0106.JPG (203099 Byte)

Nuala is having trouble with her back and requires a walking frame.

DSC_0110.JPG (153351 Byte)


DSC_0112.JPG (161475 Byte)

It was a very special feeling to be on the island where our ancestors had been for so long, so long ago.

DSC_0116.JPG (156586 Byte)

The round tower, which is one of the best preserved in Ireland.

DSC_0119.JPG (137185 Byte)

The remains of St. Mary's priory.

DSC_0141.JPG (150464 Byte)


DSC_0121.JPG (126298 Byte)

Elisabeth at the entrance to the Round Tower.

DSC_0124.JPG (135039 Byte)

Looking out from the door of the round tower.

DSC_0126.JPG (142401 Byte)


DSC_0129.JPG (173405 Byte)


DSC_0130.JPG (126163 Byte)

Some intricate carving on door frame.

DSC_0131.JPG (120097 Byte)


DSC_0132.JPG (137762 Byte)


DSC_0133.JPG (120994 Byte)


DSC_0135.JPG (147518 Byte)


DSC_0136.JPG (120310 Byte)

The very interesting cross dating back to the 15th century.

DSC_0137.JPG (136401 Byte)


DSC_0138.JPG (116393 Byte)


DSC_0144.JPG (155602 Byte)

A view looking down Lower Loch Erne

DSC_0147.JPG (142431 Byte)

Tina Cassidy, behind bars!

DSC_0152.JPG (166163 Byte)


DSC_0153.JPG (113597 Byte)


DSC_0154.JPG (143730 Byte)


DSC_0155.JPG (166687 Byte)

Preparing for the inauguration ceremony.

DSC_0156.JPG (173786 Byte)

Elisabeth with Alf Monaghan and his wife Mary.

DSC_0159.JPG (138830 Byte)

The program for the ceremony.

Link to the contents of the program.

See also the details of the symbolic articles shown below, which are explained in the text of the ceremony

DSC_0235.JPG (235543 Byte)

The "Staff of Hazel" and historical books mentioned as the Symbolic Articles in the Inauguration Ceremony.

The book on the left is the third article and is a book on the history of Devenish Monastic Site, the second book is the second article and is the record of ancient genealogies and pedigrees of Fermanagh families, including Cassidys and the book on the right is the fourth article, is in Gaelic and is a book of The Cassidys and their Poetry.


DSC_0163.JPG (183480 Byte)

Preparing for the ceremony

DSC_0165.JPG (128515 Byte)

Tina Cassidy

DSC_0166.JPG (183287 Byte)

Noel Cassidy and Jaff the Piper

DSC_0170.JPG (179054 Byte)

Oliver, Noel and Jaff the Piper.

DSC_0171.JPG (135313 Byte)

Tony Cassidy from Scotland holding the "Staff of Hazel".

DSC_0173.JPG (133170 Byte)

Nuala with Youth and Wisdom

DSC_0176.JPG (183245 Byte)

Tony presenting the Staff to Nuala

DSC_0177.JPG (140862 Byte)


DSC_0180.JPG (136869 Byte)


DSC_0182.JPG (130421 Byte)

Nuala and Noel

DSC_0184.JPG (194149 Byte)


DSC_0185.JPG (127321 Byte)

Jaff the Piper

DSC_0186.JPG (178534 Byte)

Participants who presented the articles etc.

Left  to Right: Michael Cassidy (USA) representing Wisdom, Tony Cassidy (Scotland) the "Staff of Hazel", Elisabeth Cassidy-Geser (Switzerland), Veronica Williams (Australia) and ? presented the three books, and Katie Cassidy (Liverpool) representing youth.

DSC_0187.JPG (126908 Byte)

Elisabeth Cassidy and Veronica Williams

DSC_0189.JPG (143295 Byte)

Nuala greeting all the clan members.

DSC_0190.JPG (177243 Byte)


DSC_0191.JPG (178901 Byte)


DSC_0193.JPG (138731 Byte)

Oliver Cassidy was then awarded the position of An Tanaiste (Deputy Chief)

DSC_0194.JPG (133934 Byte)

The chief and her deputy

DSC_0199.JPG (197809 Byte)

Looking down on the group from the steps of the round tower.

DSC_0200.JPG (118572 Byte)

Nuala and Noel

DSC_0214.JPG (200682 Byte)

The whole group, without me,

DSC_0219.JPG (216117 Byte)

and with me included for once!

DSC_0222.JPG (124921 Byte)

Elisabeth placing flowers on the Cassidy grave.

DSC_0224.JPG (139250 Byte)


DSC_0231.JPG (142525 Byte)

IHS  Patrick Cassidy has three Children Enterd here - - - -

DSC_0236.JPG (161982 Byte)


DSC_0243.JPG (173217 Byte)

An arial view of the island with the sun low, showing the contours of previous buildings and walls.

DSC_0246.JPG (167991 Byte)

An impression of how the early settlement could have been

DSC_0248.JPG (153245 Byte)

and a little later. This seems to be at the time the tower was being rebuilt. The foundation of the original tower is still visible today.

DSC_0242.JPG (187906 Byte)

and as it might have been at its peak.

DSC_0298.JPG (136290 Byte)

The round tower framed by a door of St Mary's priory.

DSC_0302.JPG (126968 Byte)

Photo bombers!

DSC_0310.JPG (133767 Byte)


DSC_0311.JPG (107114 Byte)

The round tower from the priory.

DSC_0314.JPG (182286 Byte)

When the first boat load departed, I took the opportunity to take a few photos with fewer people around.

DSC_0315.JPG (111417 Byte)


DSC_0316.JPG (119919 Byte)


DSC_0317.JPG (170670 Byte)

Elisabeth, Mary and Alf

DSC_0321.JPG (159601 Byte)

This is the foundation of an earlier round tower, not far from the present one.

DSC_0328.JPG (134416 Byte)


DSC_0334.JPG (196023 Byte)

On board the boat for the return trip

DSC_0336.JPG (211285 Byte)

and then on the bus.

We then prepared for the evening festivities.

DSC_0343.JPG (137129 Byte)


DSC_0347.JPG (155926 Byte)


DSC_0355.JPG (136194 Byte)

Elisabeth and Nuala

DSC_0357.JPG (140980 Byte)

Frank with Elisabeth

DSC_0364.JPG (178509 Byte)

Nuala sampling the punch.

DSC_0365.JPG (168134 Byte)


DSC_0366.JPG (177200 Byte)


DSC_0367.JPG (226854 Byte)

Nuala being escorted in by the Byrne brothers

DSC_0369.JPG (212399 Byte)


DSC_0371.JPG (157932 Byte)


DSC_0372.JPG (219542 Byte)


DSC_0373.JPG (207693 Byte)


DSC_0376.JPG (125422 Byte)


DSC_0379.JPG (201216 Byte)


DSC_0383.JPG (170780 Byte)

The whole family!

DSC_0388.JPG (149796 Byte)


DSC_0389.JPG (221203 Byte)

The facilities at the Killyhevlin Hotel were superb.

DSC_0390.JPG (264769 Byte)


DSC_0391.JPG (273046 Byte)


DSC_0393.JPG (218475 Byte)


DSC_0394.JPG (227143 Byte)


DSC_0395.JPG (216803 Byte)


DSC_0396.JPG (200726 Byte)


DSC_0397.JPG (214805 Byte)


DSC_0398.JPG (218503 Byte)


DSC_0399.JPG (240264 Byte)


DSC_0401.JPG (198358 Byte)


DSC_0403.JPG (182524 Byte)


DSC_0404.JPG (120966 Byte)


DSC_0405.JPG (125669 Byte)


DSC_0406.JPG (120708 Byte)


DSC_0407.JPG (135407 Byte)


DSC_0422.JPG (182833 Byte)


DSC_0424.JPG (159394 Byte)


DSC_0425.JPG (178431 Byte)

Later on the action started warming up.

DSC_0426.JPG (179074 Byte)


DSC_0427.JPG (180974 Byte)


DSC_0428.JPG (205088 Byte)


DSC_0430.JPG (178124 Byte)


DSC_0431.JPG (175663 Byte)


DSC_0432.JPG (173143 Byte)


DSC_0433.JPG (151813 Byte)


DSC_0434.JPG (188162 Byte)


DSC_0439.JPG (121542 Byte)


DSC_0442.JPG (203619 Byte)


DSC_0443.JPG (125547 Byte)


DSC_0444.JPG (199881 Byte)


DSC_0445.JPG (172285 Byte)


DSC_0449.JPG (178150 Byte)


DSC_0452.JPG (182076 Byte)

Alf, Mary and Elisabeth

DSC_0469.JPG (129492 Byte)


DSC_0476.JPG (195388 Byte)

Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves.

DSC_0477.JPG (171405 Byte)


DSC_0478.JPG (180567 Byte)


DSC_0480.JPG (174928 Byte)


DSC_0479.JPG (213169 Byte)


DSC_0481.JPG (179723 Byte)


DSC_0485.JPG (198968 Byte)


DSC_0486.JPG (160441 Byte)


DSC_0487.JPG (174406 Byte)


DSC_0489.JPG (128083 Byte)


DSC_0490.JPG (136410 Byte)

Elisabeth with Noel's wife Sandy.

DSC_0493.JPG (192617 Byte)


DSC_0494.JPG (178838 Byte)

Some of us just didn't want it to end. This was taken at two in the morning.

DSC_0495.JPG (193047 Byte)

Tina entertaining us again.

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