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We had about a month in Ireland in 2017 and toured extensively with the motorhome.

To make it easier to work out where the photos were taken, I will cover our trip from day to day.

I've copied our route from Google Maps and will make a new map for each day.

I'll first upload the maps and as soon as I have time I'll insert the photos.

We travelled via Germany and the North of France to Cherbourg, then took an overnight ferry to Rosslare.

The first map starts from Rosslare.

  Day 1.JPG (87834 Byte)

Day 1    Rosslare to Hook Lighthouse

Day 2.JPG (72790 Byte)

Day 2    Hook Lighthouse to Waterford

Day 3.JPG (64993 Byte)

Day 3  Waterford to The Apple Farm Camp Ground

Day 4.JPG (71999 Byte)

Day 4   The Apple Farm to Callaghan's Caravan Park at Garret's Town.

Day 5.JPG (69353 Byte)

Day 5    Callaghan's Campground to Beech Grove Camping Park

Day 6.JPG (138886 Byte)

Day 6   Pick up hire car from Kerry Airport then Killarney and Muckross House

Day 7a.JPG (81868 Byte)

Day 7 a     Start of tour of Dingle Peninsula

Day 7b.JPG (112348 Byte)

Day 7 b    Tour of Dingle Peninsula

Day 8.JPG (145402 Byte)

Day 8   Tour of the Ring of Kerry

Day 9.JPG (128974 Byte)

Day 9    Bike trip over the Gap of Dunloe with return by boat to Ross Castle.

Day 10.JPG (137202 Byte)

Day 10     Return hire car and continue to Nagles Camping Doolin.

Day 11.JPG (87990 Byte)

Day 11    Walking tour of the Cliffs of Moher

Day 12.JPG (73735 Byte)

Day 12  Boat trip to the Aran Islands then on to Cassidys Pub in Carron

Day 13.JPG (141941 Byte)

Day13   Cassidy's Pub to Galway

Day 14.JPG (157720 Byte)

Day 14     Galway to Clifden

Day 15.JPG (149723 Byte)

Day 15   Clifden to Shannon Bridge

Day 16.JPG (83046 Byte)

Day 16   Shannon Bridge to Dublin

Day 17.JPG (200083 Byte)

Day 17   Dublin to Chestnutt Holiday Park

Day 18.JPG (156955 Byte)

Day 18  Continue via Belfast to Carfunnock Country Park near Lorne

Day 19.JPG (109681 Byte)

Day 19     Continue via the Giant's Causeway to Bushmills

Day 20.JPG (121933 Byte)

Day 20    Bushmills to Derry

Day 21.JPG (175550 Byte)

Day 21   Continue via Donegal to Blaney Caravan Park on Lower Loch Erne

Day 22.JPG (153562 Byte)

Day 22    Tour around Upper Loch Erne to Enniskillen

Day 23    From our arrival at the Killyhevlin Hotel on the 30th June through to the 2nd July, we attended the 2017 Cassidy Clan Rally.

The following days were experienced together with other members of the Cassidy Clan.

For photos of these outings, please go to

Day 24.JPG (148135 Byte)

Day 24 , Saturday 1st July

Day 25.JPG (110205 Byte)

Day 25   Bus and boat trip to Devenish Island

Day 26.JPG (200604 Byte)

  Day 26    From Enniskillen via Armagh to North Beach near Dublin

Day 27.JPG (177066 Byte)

Day 27    From North beach via Kildare to IOAC Camping near Rosslare

Day 28.JPG (189864 Byte)

Day 28  Ferry to Pembroke then cross southern England to camping near Dover.

Next day cross the channel and head home.

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